advice on controlling anxiety causing physical problems ?

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hello, i've come to gather help and maybe advice on how to control my physical problems caused by anxiety. for the past 7 months, i've been experiencing weird pressure over the heart area and breathing difficulties. before recommending i go to a doctor first, i already have. several times in fact. i've had several visits to check for any heart-related problems, and there has been nothing. i am in perfect health and nor does my family have any history of heart issues. there is nothing wrong with my lungs either. i am currently awaiting the results of a recent blood test that will determine the current state of my thyroid. over all, it's all burned down to just anxiety, there can be nothing else wrong with me, and every visit has ended with "it's just anxiety." so if it really is, is there a way i can control it for the pains to stop? does this strange pressure occur in anyone else too? it gives me frequent panic attacks because i don't know if i can ever cure it or if it'll ever go away. i am in despair, and i need someone's help/advice.

thank you.

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    I get the same things all the time chest pain, arm pain, struggling to breath, dizziness heart palpation the lot just try not to worrie your self keep telling your self everything is ok don't let your mind think it's your heart also try going out for a jog every night or do some sort of exercise really helps might be hard at the start because your always panicking but should get better as time gouse on stay strongsmile

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    Edgar is right. Firstly, anxiety is like a child having a tandtrum. The best thing you can do is ignore it. Think once and only once, it's just my anxiety it'll soon pass and then ignore it and it pass a lot faster then you think. The best thing I have found for beating anxiety is excerise. Mine is basically non existent, I can think clearly, concentrate and feel and act in the exact same ways as I would before I had anxiety as long as i exercise. If i'm lethargic for a few days, the heart palputations, dizziness and all other symptoms come flooding back. Then as soon as I get up and go for a run, to the gym or a long walk. Instant relief. Chances are you've always been an anxious person but your body is just interpretting it differently now. - usually down to the chemical imbalance caused in your brain. If you smoke, quit. If you drink, cut back how much you drink, remove caffeine from your diet, eat less sugar and the gitters, shakeyness, lack of sleep and rushing thoughts just simply fall away over time. I refused medication even after having multiple attacks per day. I stuck with this and took magnesium supplements, a well balanced diet, plenty of exercise and it's almost as if I don't have anxiety anymore. You'll begin to find new confidence from being healthier and look better through training and eating right. There will be times when going outside and moving are the last things you want to do, but as soon as you start moving you'll feel so much better as you'll instantly start to burn off that excess adrenaline. Have faith in your doctors that you're in good health. Give this a month to three months and you'll feel so much better maybe even back to a stage where you feel "normal" It won't be easy but stick with it. 

    *Just a forwarning - the first few times I went for runs, long walks or too the gyms as i was so sensitive to feeling my own heart beat it made me feel sick, like i was going to pass out, i'd feel my heart pace eveytime I stopped. This was mainly down to thinking i had heart problems and I shouldn't strain myself, but i hear it's not too uncommon. If you experience don't be concenred. Stop, relax, close your eyes, don't concentrate on your heart and breathe deeply, in for 5, hold for 5, out for 5. This subsides after just two days for me. Push through it. 

    Hope this helps, this is just based solely on personal experience. For me it's like a game my brain and body play. There's a level of adrenaline. If it gets too high my brain wins and my body reacts in a bad way. If my body works hard, exercises and eats right, then my brain loses and submits to letting me feel normal again. 

    Stay positive and strong and let us know how you get on after a few days! smile 

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      That sounds good advice I go for hour walk each morning and have added a 10-15 minute jog in to that I do just over 4 miles in the hour I walk with the small hog I am 55 not over weight try to be health no meat no butter no crisp biscuit or cakes lots of veg porridge fish 2xweek no smoking and just 4 tiny bottle wine a week some times none / I starts with this pins and needles sensation over last couple days so worry now somethings else wrong I rely am trying you advice is really good I am of work and feel could not ever go back xx
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    It is not normal anxiety. When people say i have anxiety i deal with it. Mhm. It is a panic disorder. Survivor mode on over drive. You have to basically be aware of your thoughts and challenge it as a thought and nothing more. Not ignore it, it wont allow that the subconcious is a wicked strong thing. If it were that easy thered be no issues. It must be acknowledged as a thought. Which it is. Whether is is from the mind or the body. The language of the mind is a thought..the language of the body is a feeling. Trauma of any kind seems to get embedded fast. There are nuerotransmitter..aka connectors that take place and both the mind and body remember them. They create shortcuts which cause rapid panic. So become aware. Acknowledge the the thought, or feeling and rationalize it out do not react to it. We all think we have to believe every thought we have. We dont. Our bodies will validate whatever our minds can think up and then make it feel real or visa versa. Then have the nerve to form a program or short cut.So you have to catch these thoughts before you get to the point of worry. This is anxiety and i do not have to react. I hear your thought and i feel the thoughts but im going to enjoy my day now. Its isnt something science has mastered yet to fix or return our fear center back to its natural state. They will one day thru technology, it wont be from a scientist they just dont understand that much of the brain. They are trying. Needs more funding im sure, but too much bec cause then it becomes a money maker and people tend to enjoy the money more then than cure. Everyone forgets we are mammals, animals in nature and we are set up to stay safe and out of danger. Thats all it really is but n over survivor mode for some odd reason. The brain is an organ like all the others so im guessing it doesnt reset so well if there is a mal function but because we are human we have been gifted hierarcy of thought and somehow i believe the answer lies there and to over ride the mal function or squash it. Some have done this. Mine comes from ailments and then what ifs..and it is annoying. People need to be more compassionate in general and there for each other. Its a strange phenomenon  all together and all animals either go off on their own or tend to  get pushed away the animal with issues. Survival of fittest maybe. To some extent it seems that humans do this too. Saying all that if its mild eat well, exercise, take walks and look for the beauty if nature and life. If its more then that learn cbt so you have the anxiety basics knowledge and skills. 
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    First, there is no such thing as JUST anxiety. Unfortunately, many people in the medical field don't have a clue. I was a counselor for many years, and also had no clue until I got smacked with it myself. It can be hell on steroids. Everyone in this forum knows exactly what you are experiencing.

    Anxiety has your mind going nuts. When we are in panic or acute anxiety, adrenaline pours into the body, and then because we stay anxious the brain and body don't know what to do with it, it runs rampant causing more anxiety.....round and round. The mind is caught in this and eventually affects the body. So, the first thing you want to do is realize this can be handled. If this is really bad go to a doctor for anxiety meds. If your doctor is one of the unbelievers, find another one. Not a big meds fan, but when anxiety is bad, they are needed so your mind can get clear enough to think straight.

    The thing you can start doing while waiting for that medical help is to remember that the terrible thoughts, including: I am sick, my body is in bad shape, I'm worthless, I'm in trouble, etc. are just that...thoughts. Thoughts can't hurt you if you don't let them. So, what I do is say, oh no you don't, you are just a thought, so get lost (or SHUT UP). Then change your focus by doing something physical that you enjoy, walk the dog,, (my dog gets a whole lot of walks), paint if you are artistic, do yoga or tai chi, dance, whatever shifts your focus.

    Also, check google for foods that help/hinder anxiety. A total change after I did this resulted is some change for the better within a couple of days. The no no foods and drinks send my right through the roof within minutes. Get started with this, see how it goes and let us know how you are doing. There are a lot of caring people came to the right place. Good place to come when need a boost, more info., etc. Hang in will be alright. It has already started to shift by you knowing you need help and acting on that knowing by coming here. Sending you a big hug.

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