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I am a 50 year old female, non smoker always ate healthy and watch my weight. I had endoscopy last Autumn following diagnosis for slow colon transit. Informed I had GERD & Barretts Osephagus. Then 6 weeks later I started losing my voice, lost a stone in weight could barely eat. Constant feeling my throat is being throttled, sore throat, burping, food stuck in my throat & chest, horrid taste, hoarse voice, chest and back pain on left side. Dry cough and waking at night choking. My life is a misery, I feel ill all of the time. I can't even get up and go to work so off sick at mo. Seen lots of doctors and specialists . Now on cocktail of medication and having endless tests in a London Hospital await results of mamometry 24 hour test. Seeing a regular speech therapist and dietican. Please someone tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am getting worse instead of better.

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    I'm sorry to hear bout your condition. I can really apply any help.. to be honest I'm not sure what is even going on with me. I'm still going threw my test for it I'm haveing a barrium swallow in about a week.. I'm haveing slight chest pain feeling of food going slowly down into my sthomach. I have had anpill stuck in my esphogoues awhile back and I feel your pain... That stuff is no joke at all. After I eat i get an irrational pain in my chest but nothing bad at all. I heard barrest is bad but not as bad as it can be.. I'm not sure I'm sure other people will chime in with more info for you.. all I can say is diet is a big one. That u need to change start eating better and maybe soft foods for awhile.. if u can try to stay off google cuz that will do no good for anyone or anything and will drive aniexty even worse. Like everyone will tell you that specially if you have aniexty I know u can pull threw to better days good luck..

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      Hi Samuel, thank you for the info. Yes me too on soft diet only. I can't eat bread, hard foods or any meat now as it gets stuck in my osephagus. Prior to Xmas I could not even eat at all. All I want is some quality of life. I struggle going out as my voice is hoarse and I miss my speech. People think I have a virus cold or flu and make comments. So I'm losing my confidence. Wish you luck with all your tests and hope they can resolve things 4 you. Good luck.

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    Yes mine is not that bad... Who cares what other think it will all get better and when it does get better u will be alot healthier for all the life style u have done in your changes.. will all be a good change for the rest of your life.. better then all your friends eating good food and liveing large will be the best outcome u will receive in all this just be happy u cuaght it in time before nothing major came out.. have a good one
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    I have tired endless meds and remedies but nothing seems to work..every day I have a burning throat...the only thing that helps is chewing very depressed lady...
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    So this one isn’t easy for me, because I’m having a similar situation. What I say to you I’m telling myself right now. BecUse I need to hear it. I need to remind myself if it. I just hope you find that it’s helpful. 

    Ultimately, you have a choice:  hope or despair. You must hold on to hope, no matter how faint, no matter how small. Because despair will lead to very dark places. 

    I’ve had GERD/GORD for 10 years, probably longer. I’m 38 right now, so do the math. Last year, it suddenly got much worse. I eventually had a battery of tests which showed Esophageal dysmotity (in my case a weak esophagus due to GERD), a very weak LES (3.5mmHg; anything bellow 5 is super weak, and below 7 is below normal), and ultra-short segment Barrett’s (irregular z-line with goblet cells). I went in hoping I hadn’t developed Barrett’s and that I could get surgery to stop the reflux. I was told in no uncertain terms that I have barret’s, I’m not a candidate for any surgery, and that my only hope is to be on meds with the hope that it won’t be the rest of my life. 

    I was on Raboprazole 20mg 2x/day until recently, when it stopped working. 

    I’m now on Omeprazole 40mg 2x/day, carafate suspension 4x/day, Gaviscon advance after meals, budesonide 2x/day for eosinophilic esophagitis, and I also take DGL. At a friend’s recommendation I stated taking mastic gum, but that gave me heartburn. 

    Here’s the twisted part: according to most tests, I don’t have much reflux and my acid levels are, off medicine, 1/4 of most people’s. And yet, this. 

    The first thing I learned is that there are good days. There can be good days. But you have to be extra careful about food and activity. Gone are the days when I could eat whatever I want. Now, I hardly eat outside. When I do, it is only I specific places, and my options are very limited. 

    But the limits make me feel better. They make me feel human. (A particularly fragile human, but human nevertheless.) They stop the constant barrage of pain, the daily feeling like my throat is burning, like my chest is being burned and punched from the inside. 

    More importantly, those days that come thanks to discipline—and they will come—also give me hope that it’s not all pain. Because on days when it is all pain, on days when I eat a food that I didn’t know I couldn’t t eat until just then, my thoughts quickly become quite dark. After all, if all you have to look forward to is pain and never being able to enjoy standard human activities like eating and sleeping...well, despair can get dark. Pain does that. 

    I’ve lost 50lbs in the 8 months, mostly through not being able to consume more than 1500 calories a day. (Fatty foods are a big no-no for me, and sugary foods make me feel awful.) But to counter that, I’ve started changing the quality of my food. 

    I’m mostly vegetarian now. I do enjoy eggs and in very rare occasions, some meats. Eggs + pan-grilled kale is good. You can use an egg substitute, but I try to get at least 1 real egg a few times a week. 

    I drink a lot of smoothies. Invest in a good blender, like a Vitamix or Ninja blender. I suggest finding a good protein isolate (pea protein + rice protein will give you a full amino profile), and playing around with different recipes. I usually do protein mix, almond milk (10oz), spinach (1cup), carrots, and berries. But remember to keep drinks small: 12-16oz at a time, tops. The blender will make more. Save it for later. Consider also adding a good meal replacement powder. 

    I eat 4-6 small meals a day. I try to graze, but it’s hard with the medicines.  

    I don’t eat within 5 hours of going to bed. 

    Meditate. It’s hard, but it’s necessary. That might not be sitting cross legged in the lotus position, but maybe even just having a good, solid prayer. Whatever calms you mind. This will help. 

    Following that, I’ve been lucky to be able to experience a few good days. They’re becoming more frequent, but they’re still hard to come by. And I don’t always follow that advice. But still, every day in every way, I’m getting better and better. And you should tell yourself that, frequently. 

    But you must have hope. Find it sewhere, anywhere. Find every silver lining you can. For example, you’re women of the lucky ones.  They found your Barrett’s. That means they can track it. That means of something DOES develop, th catch it early. So be reatefuk, and again, look for all the silver linkngs. Because with constant pain—and the knowledge that the pain might bring you one day closer to an even worse fate—it’s not long before solutions that weren’t attractive before start becoming attractive. 

    Hope is king. Fill your mind with it. And when things get dark and annoying, let yourself feel what you feel, but also force yourself to remember to look for any hope you can get. Count your victories. Count your blessings.   But more importantly, hope.  

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    If your GERD got worse after the medication then try cutting back on the medicine, I found out for myself that when I took more my symptoms got worse
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    i was very recently diagnosed with what used to be known as Nutcracker esophagus,  specialist recommended i take Nortriptyline along with omeprazole, has taken from 17 november for this recommendation to actually get to my drs, wether it will help i dont know, i can sympathise with what you are going through, at my worse i felt like i had had my back battered and i had a fire from my throat to my stomach, its a trial to eat out but i refuse to give in, i gave up one job i had been doing for 16 years as it was a stress i didnt need took on another job that only i do along with my other main job, i now have more free time which in turn allows me to eat regular, some foods are a nightmare to eat but i always make sure i have a drink nearby, i tried silicol gel, licorice and slippery elm, all were short term relief, i hope you get answers soon has taken me nearly a year after a dr took me off my long term use of omeprazole. 1 month later i had issues that the medication must have been helping 



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