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I am 6 days in to having my op I am still in a bit of pain and I can't hill walk on it yet did any one else have the same I am getting a lot of pins and needles as well any help most welcome meny thank Tina

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    Hi tina, any operation takes a while to recover from and 6 days is too soon to expect to be out of pain. Especially when bone has been operated on.

    Did the hospital give you any guidelines to how long your recovery would be?

    Pins and needles are usually associated with irritated nerves, they've been disturbed by the op and will need quite a long time to settle down.

    Do you have suitable pain medication? If not I'd go and see your gp and get some. Also don't wear anything on your foot that hurts it, give it time to heal.

    Try and be patient as it takes a few weeks to really settle down. I've had both my feet operated on and they took different lengths of time to recover.

    Once the wound has healed,baby oil gently massaged in will help keep the scar area soft and stop it from being too tight.

    I'm sure you'll feel better soon. Fanny Jane.

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    Hi Tina I sorry to hear your in pain,me too ive only had my OP 6 days ago and im still in pain although not as much as just after i had the Op,im on Dihydrocodeine 30 mg and take 2 every 6 hours but trying to cut down to 1 every 6 hours as i feel the medication is making me feel yucky and have no appetite so want to get back to normal and start eating again.Hope you are ok hun did you have bone surgery as well as your bunion removed?its painful but just think of the wonderful results and how nice your feet will be and best wishes Bev xxx
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    Hi I have quite a bad, painful bunion on my left foot, and have been to the docs to see about having it operated on, and just had another appointment to look at my xrays. My bunion is congenital, and I have really odd shaped feet, so the doctor said, as my toes all lean over and my bones are naturally bent, for all the bunion is quite bad, there isnt much room to move the toe back over, as the other toe is so close. They can remove the bump and move the toe slighty, and also maybe shorten my metatarsal as its unusually long, but I now have to make a decision on whether to get surgery or not as the doctor said its a tough one for her to advise one way or another. Its never going to get better, so options are either live with the pain, or have the operation with the risks involved, and the chance the bunion will re occur anyway.

    At the moment, I can hardly get any of my shoes on, even ugg boots hurt after a while, and I get pain from wearing flat shoes and wellies. I could wait and see if it gets worse and the doctor said if its gets worse, its an easier decision to make, but I am not sure how long I can put up with the pain in my foot.

    I am 32, and fairly active. Can anyone who has had the surgery give me an opinion on whether its worth the risk? Is the pain and discomfort going to be worth it, or am I best living with it, and thinking again if it does get much worse! And how much benefit will I get? Am I going to be able to wear my pretty shoes again? I am not bothered so much about the look of my feet, they have always been ugly, and I can live with that, its just a comfort issue.

    A very confused bunion sufferer smile

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    Hi BeccaC,

    I was like you ive had the bunion since I was a teen and have always had pain and also have found it hard to get shoes that dont hurt,I live in ugg boots but I agree with you that after a while they hurt too,the only things that dont hurt surprisingly are slippers but can you really wear slippers outside well I dont think so somehow but I wish lol.I am now 43 and decided to get the op as my left bunion caused my toes to move outwards and my big toe was practically going over the next toe.My husband has private medical insurance and i got the op done through that.I had my bunion removed,a wedge of bone cut out of the big toe to straighten it and what they actually do is over straighten the toe as it always moves back slightly anyway,so when it does move back its perfectly straight.I admit it was very painful for the first week and its now 2 weeks today since I had the op and I only take 1 painkiller before bed as its easier to sleep not for the pain but more for the discomfort really.I would say get the op and make sure they straighten your toe as your toes will be more comfortable afterwards,there are many kinds of surgery available but make sure you do some research and have the op thats best for your feet hun.Go for it as its not just beneficial for you but will change your life when you are able to have a pain free foot and wear nice shoes.I have never been able to wear heels and cant wait to now.I have always had pain even sometimes in winter I had infections in my bunion,living in scotland it cant be take my advice and get the op the sooner the are in plaster for 2 weeks and have to completely rest all that time with your foot raised above the heart,then after 2 weeks you have the cast removed and only then will you know if you need another cast and are able to walk on your foot or it may be that you need another 4 weeks in all at most 6/8 weeks,keep me posted and I will update you on my recovery as I am due to get my cast removed tomorrow.Good luck Bev xxx

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    Hi Bev

    Thanks for the advice - it sounds like its quite a big op, and I think the time off work is something thats also worrying me. But I reckon I will need them doing eventually so probably best to get it over with. Do you know when you might be able to drive?

    Did you just have one foot done, or both? I was told I only need one foot doing, the other foot doesnt give me any trouble really.

    Hope everything goes OK when you get your cast off.


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    Hi Becca,

    I only had my left foot done as the other doesnt bother me either.ive been told I wont be able to drive until jan sometime.I work in a job thats a seasonal temp position so have taken winter off to get this done,im lucky as my hubby has a good job.So I carefully worked out my best time to have it done.But stuck in the house for the past 2 weeks and to rely on neighburs for shopping,post office etc has been difficult as my hubby works away.he is home today for 15 days so thank goodness.I would get it done ASAP as the longer you leave it the worse your foot will get hun.Think after you need a special insole and have to be careful what shoes you wear.Trainers is recommended for around 10 months or so and you have to wear them when out walking.But each person is different especially with recovery so thats why you can ever compare someone elses to your own.Im looking forward to wearing nice sandals and things on holidays im not so bad about wearing bug heels as ive never really wore them anyway ive always had to get wider fitting shoes that are very expensive and look old fashioned,im young for my age and dont want fuddy duddy shoes,so fashion is important and your younger then me so you will obviously be the same as me.Dont put it off get it done soon you wont regret it xxx

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