Alcohol Addiction + scared of what i've become

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sad it's been confirmed today i am an alcoholic.33 years old and told i can never drink again,i feel like i'm grieving for my best and only true friend.But i hate myself for letting it get to this,i grew up with an alcoholic parent,and hated them for what they did then and are still doing now.SO WHY the hell have i done the same thing?i'm confused and scared,do i ignore everyone and carry on the way i have been,drinking 2/3 bottles of wine a night,hideing everything from my husband,kids and job.Or do i stop.i can't breath and i feel so alone.H E L P

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    I am a alkie and what is worse I am gonna get the "Shut out from my place" my landlord is Teetotal and keeps a strict regime.

    He threatened me with eviction,fortunatly I know all the Laws on tenacy so he aint got a leg to stand on.I wake up in a daze surroundd by empty cans /bottles and Mickies shoe,Michalla,Mickie is 19 and a Lush I just love her company.

    Amazing I can type this,got to scam some Diazepam to get me out of this nightmare....!

    My entire life revolves arround booze,if I carry on I will end up being a subway Bum!.

    I gotta stay sober today as the DWP are requesting a interview re; work and I need a drink !!!!!!!!.

    Oh hell got a hangover so bad I got to quit,my ex-wife is tolerant to my drinking,thak god she lives in Nottingham,I hate myself like this--I need a shave/shower get to a ATM & next to the ATM is a OFFLICENCE,got to quit or the booze will quit me.Sorry about my grammar in this post.

    I am well educated but stupid to be a slave to to make that ATM.

    sorry I am being hedonistic but I can see/feel for you on 3 bottles of Wine a day---how do we get like this.

    Thank you for reading this,even the batteries on my toothbrush need recharging,I am losing the plot for what=Booze,got to make that shower.

    Again thang you for reading this.

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    You put it great,,"my best friend the bottle",that is how I see my life.I don't let that impostor hate enter my life but it is forgone conclusion if your parents drank to excess you have learned this from them.

    Going to the ATM then town to face the wrath of the DWP,gotta have just a drink before I go.

    Take care all and good wishes Mike.

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      hi joshua99,have you gone to your doctor or any other help centre if you admit your problem to these people there is so much help out there(if you want it and mean it)going out and scamming pills is not the answer it is also illegal. get out there and shout from the rooftops.I NEED HELP WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME. you might be pleasently surprised i wish you good luck ,but remember a lot of luck can be made by you
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      Thank you for thr reply,yeah my Doctor knows my dilemma,I will put the bite on him for some Diazepam---he will be script me some as I have tried before.

      Meanwhile I am gonna rip a can open and make a "Lost Weekend"!

      I find it extreamly difficult to quit the booze.

      My ex-wife maybe the solution to my problems,I am still in love with her.

      Again I reiterate Thank you for the reply.



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    Hi just read your cry for HELP! Ive also drank for a very long time and have just decided enough is enough, fortunatley ive not been told i have to STOP drinking! i also have children and a partner. Now the question your asking is should you carry on being a liar to your family? Well no one can really answer that but what i can say is do you really want to keep telling lies and hiding from the people that care and love you the most? Im on my 3rd and most horrid day of withdrawl and its very hard as i know ive been here a few times before BUT this time ive told people around me that i want to do this for myself first as i just cannot go on like this anymore i will either have no one left in my life or the worst! Now i went to see my good old DOCTOR yesterday for some support through this, my partner came with me as she knows how much i really want to do this! Honest it was the worst thing i could have done, i felt so let down at how little he could do for me and how uniterested he was at me plea# but the best thing was "after having a little bubble" anger at how i wanted to do this even more to prove to my self and my familey I# CAN do this! there are some good support groups out there and thankfully i spoke to one today who are really interested in helping you and pointing you in the right direction. I have tried AA totally not for me but as i have found out helps others! do your research, talk to your familey and if you have any friends left tell them BUT keep away from those "FRIENDS"! that want just 1 drink to talk about it!!! the more people you tell the easier you'l find it.... ~GOOD LUCK and keep ya chin up !-).


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      Gary ,thanks for the reply,I found AA U/S rapping on about the Bible,I don't need this .

      I never let that impostor ANGER enter my life.

      I don't get it I went to Uni at Oxford.

      I have not eaten for two days,I feel ill & sick of drinking,yeah I can scam some downers/I can do this as you stated,but two ex-wifes plus Mickie on the go,(Mickie aka Michala) is 19 and sweetens my night !,I need her solace

      I am tired of booze and what it's making me,I a have morals and ethics which I stick by.

      Thank you and good luck to you 

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    As this post is over a year old, nothing I say matters but I'll post anyway.  Mass consumption over an extended period must NOT be simply "cold turkeyed".  Taper (slowly reduce consumption) or receive diazepam/lorazepam as they interact with the GABA receptors the same way alcohol does and it will minimize the physical ramifications of alcohol withdrawal; having suffered seizures from withdrawal in the past, you do not want to go through that as it may kill you via heart attack/stroke/respitatory failure.  Not gonna be easy and hope that this reaches you in better healthsmile
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    Hello, this a very critical situation but I think you should decrease your habit of drinking slowly. Do not cut it down all of sudden. Rather than drinking and hideing, sharing will help you more. Don't make your children feel what you used to feel. I hope you understand. smile
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    I am currently going through my own Divorce with alcohol, am I can completely relate to your premise of having a friend. When I was told that my liver was damaged (slightly), I decided I was going to give up the alc. The moment I made this decision I realised that I’d be losing a part of myself. And although this part of myself was rude, arrogant and self-involved, this entity that is essentially part of my consciousness had a purpose, he/she/it had a role which is why I’ve enabled it. I haven’t gotton there yet, but I do see my task as coming to terms with this part of my consciousness regardless of the pain it will entail, and it will entail.

    The issue I have is similar to your own in which I hate the way I’ve been raised. It’s like I’ve been given no tools whatsoever to deal with this s**t. My Nan and granddad were alcoholics but fortunately my dad wasn’t (still a mean **** though), however, just as my nan and g-dad didn’t have the tools in order to deal with their under lying emotion, and dealt with that by drinking, my dad never had anything to offer in the way of dealing with anger and frustrational emotions, I reverted to alcohol, and alcohol became a friend.

    I personally feel that if I can deal with my underlying emotions of anger and frustration that my divorce from alc will be a happy one from both sides. Any thoughts?

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