All over itchiness and skin issues.

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I am nearly 3 years postmenopause and 52 years old. I know there is something seriously wrong with me but I don't know what it is and how to get help to treat it. I have chronic dry mouth where I get crusties at the corner of my mouth regularly. I am forever checking and clearing them off. (I know gross). I have had off and on itchy skin and especially scalp but it has become worse. It's not severe gouge my skin itching, it's just moves. I itch a place on my arm, shoulder, thigh, scalp, back, butt cheek, calf, feet, etc. I lightly scratch or rub and it moves to a different location. It's my face and neck and even my vaginal area, the creases between my thighs hands.

I don't have a rash that itches, it isn't red. It just moves through my whole body and driving me insane. I have had some itchiness for awhile but for whatever reason it has ramped up in the past week and it's making me crazy.

I also have terrible skin. A lump on my lower side of my right leg is varicose. I have spider veins all over. Carbuncle like bumps on my thighs and elsewhere that my doctor says is part of aging and not to worry. How can I not worry and feel depressed.

There is no end. I seem to either always have a vaginal yeast infection or BV. My blood sugar is fine. I take meds to control my blood pressure.

To top that off I noticed that the right side of my face and neck are larger than the left. Has it always been this way and has weight gain made it more pronounced? My gland on the right side of my neck between my ear and chin I can feel it. It was achy and I went to see my NP and she felt for my thyroid and said it felt fine and that those glands (my enlarged one ) are called shotty glands. She says it happens to try and fight off infection and she felt it was nothing to worry about.

Worry? Understatement of the year for me. Autoimmune issues? Lymphoma?

I have chronic health anxiety, but I also know there is something wrong with me too and I can't find medical personnel to really help me. The medical is seriously lacking in my area. My really great young Dr. quite her practice for whatever reason. Leaving me in the lurch. So I have been seeing her nurse practitioner and though I like her. I feel like I am forever making an appt and feeling like a hypochondriac because my issues aren't resolving and it's always something else.

Now I have this weird chronic itchiness. I have arthritis, and crappy skin.

I don't feel I can get any medical help. It is depressing that I have to start all over and find a new Doctor and try and bring them up to date with all that is me and all my medical issues.

This all over itchiness is driving me insane. I don't want to mask it, I want to know why it's happening. This is only the itching icing on the crappy symptom cake that is me. Some symptoms are chronic (long lasting or recurring) and worrying. Some are shorter term.

I am sorry for the lengthy whining rant.

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    I am post meno and I have the sever itching as well , in my face , head, back, legs and arms BUT the worst is my head and back! I have a metal big kitchen spoon I keep by my bed and use whatever I can during the day! It itching is insane, but I have it and so does my other friend in meno. I get the dry mouth to where it feels like cotton! and tons of other stuff, stiffness in finger, panic.anxiety threw the rough, brain fog! INSOMNIA! Internal shakes and SO MUCH MORE! I am even dealing with hives that come out of nowhere they come on the side of my face, my neck, my chest! CONSTIPATION is also my enemy especially when you have to live with diverticulsis! Still having crying spells too! And I am post meno 3 years!

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    hi ladies - i actually appreciated hearing your complaints - i am 8 years post menopause, but only started getting horrific symptoms like 3 years ago - i like both of you am at my wits end - i feel horrible! Everyday there seems to be something new - i too have the crazy itchy scalp & my hair is falling out & so brittle - i can literally put oil on my skin & it is still dry as a bone - i have aged overnight & now i have heart palpitations all the time - the only dr i havent been to is an endocrinologist, so i am going to go to her even though my extended thyroid panel checks out - i can barely walk my knees are so sore and my ligaments, tendons & muscles so sore & my legs feel puffy - i have had every symptom going & it isnt letting up - i have horrible anxiety & doing simple chores exhaust me -i am a shell of myself & my family doesnt even believe me anymore, most days i just cry & pray things will get better, but they never do - why is this happening?

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    I SO hear you about family they write us off as crazy! Of course they are not at this stage of life and they have NO ideal so go figure! Wasn't for God and the support He sends my way I would have caved in along long long time ago! I mean these symptoms are tormenting and horribly frightening and you just don't know what to do what to let pass and if to run to ER or if you will even make it there! NOW with coronavirus they don't even want you to come to ER or doctors office or hospital! AND if you do will you risk dying anyways with the cornavIRUS BECAUSE I am now 63 years old! WHat TO DO IS JUST AS FRIGHTENING and dealing with the tormenting symptoms!

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      I feel exactly the same way. My first appt with my NP was on zoom from home. I actually liked that. The second appt I went in, masked, which worked out because masks were required. My temp was taken immediately upon entering the lobby. I sat in the exam room masked (required). Nothing was really done for me. I was supposed to have blood work done at the beginning of the outbreak, but I didn't because I didn't want to go into any medical place. I cancelled my mammogram appt. I cancelled my appt for my arthritis check up. I was supposed to get an EKG and a holter monitor for skipping heartbeats a few months ago. This was at my areas hospital outpatient. They called and rescheduled and I then called and rescheduled. I have weird chest feelings but lately no skipping.

      I sit in a car my legs swell. I have to prop my feet up at home to keep my legs from swelling. I am not retaining water. My right calf is bigger than my left. Ugh. I have horrible circulation. I look more towards 70 than I do 52. It is so much worse now than perimeno was and that time was horrible.

      It is always something with me. Now I have this right cheekbone issue. I don't know if it is tooth related or something else. I hate to go to be seen for anything right now. But I have got try and get this taken care of.

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    hi Carol - ok, so i am 63 also - i actually am happy to hear you are the same age as me & are experiencing symptoms still - everytime i say to my FEMALE dr that i think my issues are hormone related she blows me off & says "You are too old to be experiencing hormone issues" you are way past menopause - its so frustrating! i just want to know some answers - Nobody i know has ever experienced these issues! I feel like i am slowly losing my mind, even my friends dont want to hear about it! ugh!

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      Well you are NOT Debra, it's the others people ignorance that doesn't know or feel what you and we are going through! After "TRUE" post meno it takes another 3 years for your body to adjust surviving and living with extreme low hormones! Let me add this 12 months without a period and you are then menopause is a joke! I went over two years without a period and my blood work showed I was just still PREMENO and I was 59 at that time and was in premeno for another 2 years lol NOW the :"TRUE" post meno is kicking in NOW at 63!

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    I have all that you listed in addition to internal tremor, dizziness, nervousness & dry eyes. I have been hoping for someone who will understand what I am going through & come to my rescue. I am so tired of seeing countless of docs & specialists but none could address my issues. Is menopause so horrid, so evil that it can ruin someone's life? i am post 2 years menopause & still could not live a normal life without worrying what's dreadful coming up next.

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