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I've been coming here so frequently perhaps searching for someone who is like me and understands me. I feel like it is so hard to find someone you can connect with wholly in this universe . I don't think I can remember the last time I was happy within myself . My life sucks and I'm simply unhappy . I'm 21 and have my bedroom to live for . I have a boyfriend who doesn't even understand and whom I love but feel doesn't love me as much back . I just feel like I'm never good enough . I can't explain it I just feel like no body gets me and I'm different to everybody else and I can't be around people . My anxiety and fear doing normal day things scares me and I can no longer tell if I'm the wrong one in a situation or if it's the other person . The thing is I read so many success stories about Prozac and people turning their lives around . I can say I don't think that will ever happen to me . My relationships , friendships etc are terrible , I can't work or socialise and I may aswell be a dog . Ruff ......

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    I get it Spice. How long have you been on Prozac? I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now also. I'm thankful I found this message board. I don't feel so alone when I can here other people's stories. 

    Have you got anyone you trust that you can talk too? I see a therapist once a week and he is a help. Our thoughts get so messed up in our heads that we need someone we can trust to help sort them out. It's impossible for anyone who has never suffered depression and anxiety to understand the hell we go through minute by minute. Let's face it we have a hard enough time delving through this hell on our own. 

    Keep typing girl. You are not alone.


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    I can tell that you are suffering and want to give you some hope. First, don't let your relationship with anyone determine who you are. And, don't be defined by Prozac or any other drug. Make YOUR SEKF WORTH! Make it about you, your desires, hopes and dreams...... I am 60 years old and have dealt with mental illness all of my life.

    Some things I have learned to help make it better: 1. GET OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM! Staying isolated and removed from society only makes mental illness feel worse.

    2. Get the right diagnosis for your illness and FIND A GROUP TREATMENT SETTING so you have a place to go and share where others are experiencing similar issues. This can be so helpful.

    3. Find a way to volunteer. If you are feeling useful to others, you are less likely to concentrate on yourself and your own issues.

    4. If you don't have or don't believe in a higher power, now is the time to find one!

    If you were to simply do #1-#4 above you will be too busy to dwell on the negative in your life. You will meet others that do understand you and have similar issues. Volunteering helps a person realize that they do have something to offer others (even if it is reading books to children one day a week at the library). And, belief in a power higher than yourself can give you hope for the future.

    You can do this. Look yourself in the mirror and find your positive and say that out loud. You have to do this. Everyone has good traits and value and having people in your life (boyfriends, etc) that dont understand is like setting yourself up for failure. Don't count on someone else to define your worth, CREATE YOUR WORTH!

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    Your so young with your whole life ahead of you, don't over think things Hun, the person who is important here is you, you realised you needed help and you sort it give yourself a pat on the back that is a massive step to helping yourself, healing takes time and some of us kick back faster than others you need to find your motivation to be happy and a changed you, for me it was my hubby and kids, I'd lived for 10 years going through the motions and not really living and enjoying life I'm 4 weeks in and I've had a glimpse of the old me on few days I hold on to that feeling and I know I can only get better and stronger, good luck Hun take life by the balls make mistakes but live your life to the fullest everyday is a day closer to happiness x

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    I think it's good to keep coming on here I've been on and off of this site since January trying to figure out what's wrong with me and find people going thru the same things. You need to have a place where u can just let out what you are feeling. I promise I get what you're going through I too feel like nobody understands and nobody ever will so why even bother trying to explain... just know you are not alone and one day it will all be revealed (I truly hope) why we have to suffer on the way we do. Keep reminding yourself this is to be expected when starting on a new medication and sometimes you can't trust exactly what you're feeling because it's the effects of the meds. If you still feel the same in 2-3 months time it's something you should definitely work on. What I am currentky trying to do is just get thru day by day. Don't think about next week or next month etc. the time is now set goals for yourself each day as little as they can be for you to get through the day. Remind yourself a day is just 24 hours. Always remember to be kind to yourself and do not overstep your boundaries and what you think you can do. We can't control anything in this world except ourselves. As one of my psychs told me if we keep the negative thinking about an outcome subconsciously we will aim for it to come true. The medication will hopefully work. Time is one hell of a thing. If by the time where it is expected to work and it isn't go back to your doc and share your concerns. It's your body. You are in control. I forget that I am in control of my body and mind sometimes. My mind took over to the point I had disasociative seizures. Not something anyone wants to go thru. I was sure sick of psychs telling me to practice mindfulness but it is something that is helpful to do and I hope that you try it. Look on YouTube they have many videos that you can practice 20 mins a day and get used to doing it. Live in the now. Find a way to make your boyfriend understand. If he loves you enough he will try to and will. The outcome from how that situation goes will be your answer.


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