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Anyone else's anxiety the first thing they think about in the morning and last thing at night to the point where your mind just won't let you forget it and makes things a million times more heightened??

I have had every test under the sun and still they say it's anxiety and still I'm not convinced! Currently for the last 4 months I have felt constantly and I mean constantly dizzy to the point I just don't want to go out anywhere, I have seen ent had a head ct and nothing all is fine they just don't know what is going on, I feel a complete and utter mess I've been to the docs a million times already and had bloods, ecg, scan on my heart, scan on my neck etc etc yes I have anxiety but only because of the way I feel not the other way round, I do take meds to but not sure these are helping or making me feel this way, I feel like I'm stuck on a merrygoround x

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    I'm totally there with you!! Few years a go I had anxiety around my heart and head. After about a year it seemed to go better on it own once I started something new and was busy. It even got to the point of being that bad, I was shaking uncontrabley every night and couldn't even see as my eye sight was affected. It was there from the moment I started wakib up everyday to the moment I fell asleep.

    My new anxoety is to do with my belly though and I'm adiment my anxiety is from a problem with my stomach not anxoety causing stomach problems. This time I had a panic attack and it was awful! I feel no joy at the minute in amything in constantly feeling fear. And my mind is constant 'what ifs' in terrified of dieing. Literally thinking about that alone is enough to cause an attack.

    I've not brought my anxoety up with the doctor lately because I don't want him to pin it all on that as I'm adiment my anxoety is caused by a problem not my anxoety causing my problem!

    My upper belly is constantly tense And I mean constantly almost like when your cold and you tense your torso. Round the ribs and below them. my digestion is weird. I have a constant sick feeling in my stomach aswel. I've had a scan on my belly and nothing wrong. I'm seeing doctor again today!

    Hope you feel better soon this is been going on for months too

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      Sorry to hear your having such trouble I do feel for you. I feel to scared to rest that's why I'm either in gym or out with the kids even to keep active. It's starting to effect work as well. But like I said I've been good for past months but last night was a whole new ball game.
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      Hello Georgina,

      I also have really bad anxiety and I just wanted to tell you that I also have stomach problems.

      They are much better now, because I am going to therapy and she's helping me solve the problem, but I totally know what you are going through.

      I feel nauseous but I never actually get sick, my upper stomach is as hard as a rock because it is so tense! 

      My advice to you is to just accept the fact that it is anxiety, and that it's not some sickness that is going to kill you, because it's really not...

      I know it's the worst feeling in the world... But it really does pass...

      Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! 

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    It's as if your blood pressure is dropping that's when I get dizzy and my hands go cold. Is it normal for your heart to jump about the way it does? Then I think am I going crazy. It's horrible and people around me don't understand and all I get told is to man up.
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    Hey Emma,

    what I get, is I feel dizzy, my hands start to spazm, and I have to move. I can not stay put, as I feel if I stay sitting I'm gonna explode.

    Anxiety is not being nervous, it does NOT mean that it's all in your head and you're imagining it.

    What it means is, due to some reason, you have mis chemical alignment in your brain (as us all here), which causes unexplained thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, AND dizziness.

    Have you noticed that this dizziness won't make you fall down? Or faint? Even if it does, so what? Your body will take over.

    The meds that we take, Anti depressants, re allign the chemicals in the brain and makes everything get back to normal.

    Right now, all that is happening is that your nerves system is sending out the wrong signals. With the meds, you just bring it back to normal.

    Try it!!! You will not regret it I promise you, atleast see a Therpaist for the fun of it, you've tried everything, what do you have to lose?

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    Thanks for your replies, I just feel like I'm going crazy, I took a fall last week whilst walking home with my kids which prompted my second ct scan this year, I feel like I'm being pulled to the right all the time but I'm told by 2 ent specialists it's not my ears, it's not my brain could it be my neck? I have no idea all I know is anxiety didn't exist until I started to feel poorly, I have got some therapy booked in for 2nd week in Feb to see if that helps! I think yes I do have health anxiety but only because this feeling won't leave me alone, I could be doing nothing and then bang it hits me like a tonne of bricks!!! I get a lot of heart pulpertations and hot sweats but I know my heart is fine so that doesn't bother me so much it's just the constant dizziness and heavy head feeling.

    The meds I take are 50mg of sertraline and 20mg propanranol, then I take narproxin for the pressure in the back of my head to relax my muscles...!

    I just can't see a way out, I've tried physio, accupuncture, massage, Aqua aerobics, online self help programs, books etc etc which is why I don't think it's anxiety but an underlying illness x

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      Once you have your therapy, you will see after a while how much it helps!

      Trust me, I know that heavy head feeling.

      Let me explain how anxiety works:

      For example, your heart palpitations, for you, your braij did not associate them with the anxiety for some reason, since you KNOW it's fine (which it is), but associated the dizziness with it. For other people such as myself before I started therapy, my brain associated my heart.

      I did every test on this planet :D, I was even going to travel abroad to find a solution, then gave in and saw a therapist.

      I have muscle spasms in my abdomen area that a lot of times cut my breathing and makes me dizzy while I'm standing. Now, that is there, but it's just a muscle spasm.

      Anxiety will make things SO MUCH worse just by thinking about it. Once you start treating your anxiety, you'll see that the symptoms you're having, whether muscle or anything else, are there but you would most of the time forget about them and go on with a lovely life!!!

      Whenever you need help, just post here or PM me biggrin)!

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    You have no idea how similiar I feel. I dread waking up knowing the anxiety will still be there. Its a pain that is so physical as it is emotional.... I once went to the ER  because I was shaking so much and had chest constriction. It felt so good to be curled up in the ER holding area and feeling like someone else was taking care of me, and not me taking care of everything. Soemtimes its just too much. Theygave me some zanax and now im on setraline. I know that I dont think I will ever complteley be over the axiety I will just have to learn how to handle it better. I work full time in a hospital so keeping it under control is very necessary.

    Do you ever look at people who dont seem to be anxious about things and wonder how amazing life must be for them? dont! We all have our problems I promise you 

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      Im alwatys worried about everyone else and take the worlds problems on myself. I have to learn to care about myself and sometimes put myslef first but for some reason I dont know how. Its strange how it felt so good just be be in someones care, it was kinda scary. I am a strong person , at least I thought I was. 
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