Am I doing the right thing?

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Forgive the pun, but am so getting 'cold feet' about forthcoming operation.

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    I can see where you are coming from Heather.  I am due to have a double procedure next month.  Guess we just have to mentally prepare ourselves.  I am sure I would absolutley regret it if I didnt go through with it.  A bit of pain but much gain methinks!!
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      I do hope so!  You are brave, having a double procedure. Good luck with that.  Mine is next month too, 5th December.  A bit close to Christmas isn't it.    

      I'm never a very good patient, my son's nickname for me is 'a gnat on speed'!! xx

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    Well, i will say it is a big deal. For me it is a commitment and inconvenience for about 3 months. If it is your right foot, you may not be able to drive which i am lucky bec it is my left. I am in my 7th week on crutches and its hard on me and my family. Its never the right time to do it... if you are in pain, trouble with finding shoes, hate the way your foot looks do it. I had mixed feelings too and i still do whether this is a good thing because of the effects on my family. Good luck with your decision.
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      Thank you Lauren.  I am finding it hard because I'm not really having that much trouble with it only after exercise, ie: Zumba and when I go for very long walks with my dogs.  The bunion did seem to appear and become apparent very quickly and I'm thinking this is why I was offered an appointment so quickly.  The thought of being off my feet and inactive for such a long period is causing me a lot of worry.  xx
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    Hi Heather out v to me a year to  prepare is hard but v worth it ..My advice  is be ready to just sit n do nothing..get plenty of fluids n snacks ..I j

     Had a bit of nausea from the meds I was on. Be ready to ask family to help I am not one to ask for help but I had bcc to.My crutches threw my hips n back out of whack so I had my share of trips to the chiropractor and I didn't go any where but to dr visits and the restroom..but I did get me a knee scooter at 5 weeks  (dr must prescribe it u might ask about it may be able to get it sooner)I have been non weight being for 8 weeks now but I must say my foot looks n feels good..So far.but just don't over do it it will prevent u from healing properly and stock up on groceries of I can n paper goods .Oh and not too be too personal nut might get some stool softener , gingerale, and maybe some gas relief pill this is all stuf I had to get my daughter to go get for me after hope this helps..good luck and God bless it's all worth it in the end! :-)

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      Thank you Lisa.  That was so kind of you to reply.  I'm hearing a lot about these knee scooters and iwalkers.  I just wonder if I can actually go throught with this op when the bunion really isn't causing me too much harm.  Ho hum, a decision to be made I guess. 
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      Mine wasnt to bad at first..but it worse with time..  I couldn't stand the pain  So my decision wasn't so hard..and for me, it's gonna give me more confidence also I havent wrn flip flops or open toe shoes in like 15 yrs so I'm ready to show my feet of I need to get the other foot done but it's not as bad as the other one c yet but my dr said it c would  probably get worse with . Time also
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      I am 4 weeks post op, right chevron and left side

      bunionecotomy 1st MT and 2nd toe exterior

      tenotomy. Shoes were a nightmare to wear

      especially on my right foot as my big toe was

      pushing my second toe upwards so I was at a

      stage where fit flops were my main shoe and

      who wants to wear them in the depths of winter.

      Walking which I did a lot of was becoming

      painful and felt like I had a lump on the sole of

      my foot. Although my feet have been groaning,

      tingling and felt swollen I can honestly say I've

      not felt pain, they've been uncomfortable at times

      but not painful. I had my op at 9.30am and was

      walking out of the hospital at 12.45pm with the

      aid of crutches and wearing a pair of lovely black


      Personally I'm glad I had both done at the same

      time, one lot of recovery time, one lot meds and

      one lot boredom.

      I do have a hubby and 2 teenage children so am

      not alone and for the first week or so they did the

      evening meals and the packed lunches. I

      continued with the washing and ironing as they

      are working and it just piled up.

      I did a biggish shop the day before my op and

      stocked the fridge and freezer. Leading up to

      your op its a good idea to make double of freezer freindly meals when you cook and portion some up for the freezer so there'll be something to

      have at times of brain freeze.

      I've been up and about for the last week or so,

      doing as much or as little as I can but always

      elevate my feet if I think they need it.

      When I first left hospital I had one foot in a

      plaster cast and the other was bandaged at my

      first check up 2 weeks ago they were changed

      and both are now in casts.

      I saw my feet at dressing change and am, so far,

      pleased with the results, equally pleased that I've

      had it done at a time when recovery will be

      during the winter months, don't think I could be

      out of action during spring/summer.

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      Thank you very much for your reply.  Your procedure sounded quite involved.  Encouraging to hear you were still able to do the washing and ironing, its the domestic duties that have worried me a lot.  Christmas is another worry, although I know my husband will cope well and my wonderful daughter in law will help too.    I've got my pre op tomorrow, so may feel more positive after that.  Its so good to hear of other peoples experiences.  I guess I've just got to accept its a long recovery.

      Many thanks again.  Will keep you posted.  Well done on your recovery. x

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    I don't know your age and circumstances, but I am in my 50's, retired and have grown up children living away from home. My husband has been very supportive after my operation too. This being the case, I have been able to recover at my leisure from my double bunion procedure. I must add that I was a bit apprehensive when I was put forward to have them done at the same time, but to be honest I think it was the best thing for me as I was fortunate that although my bunions were quite severe, the procedure was quite straightforward in that I didn't need to have my second toes shortened. I am nearly eight weeks post op and I have had manageable pain and not too much swelling, mainly due to taking regular painkiller and other medication given to me at the hospital and keeping my feet raised. Also, getting about in two special shoes is quite easy once you get used to them and I only use the crutches when out of the house.

    I would certainly recommend having it done, especially if you are experiencing constant bunion pain and balance problems.

    Good luck if you go ahead with it.

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      Thank you Kathryn for your nice reply.  It has encouraged me a bit.  I'm worrying about it being so close to Christmas.  I guess there is never a 'right' time.  My Consultant will only do one foot at a time, a nuisance really as I'd like to kill two birds with one stone.

      Glad you are getting on well with your recovery.  You sound like you have a lot of support around you and a good positive attitude.  I'll keep you posted. Many thanks again for your reply. x

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    Hi heather

    I dint know yr personal circumstances but I had one done 20 yrs ago with great success and never regretted it. I am 4 weeks into my r foot done. Had alot of work done all but one toe operated on. I am very pleased with result so far I have posted pics on another thread akin with a very good link which advises on post op recovery from national orthopedic society.

    I have read up a lot as I am also a nurse. One thing I would say is find out exactly which procedure they are doing and get appropriate post op advice for your case. I felt the post op advice I received was not very comprehensive and that gives u anxiety.

    Be realistic in yr cosmetic expectations an remember that it takes 6 to 12 weeks to fully heal from the surgery and up to a year for everything to settle down properly. During the recovery period you can expect hard skin in yr feet to improve as you the surgery evens out pressures in your foot. Are you having other toes done? They can get very swollen following surgery but this settles down.

    At 4 weeks I am doing all housework but using online shopping. Doing stairs very well no crutches indoors but using them when I go out. I live alone. I manage the train and tube but i am very used to crutches as I unfortunately had two lots of knee surgery last 5 yrs. Now fully recovered. I work full time but nit back yet mostly cos of pin in my toe and cos am still in open toed surgical shoe. I am a very active 61 going on First week is the worst I did not like the side effects of tramadol so got off that quickly and used naproxen and paracetamol and soon felt better. Hit a snag last week as my back started to hurt due to inactivity and lying in awkward position. Fine this week. I did some stretching.

    Elevate elevate elevate in first two weeks but walk in shoe as recommends by yr surgical team usually 15 mins in every hour. This pays massive dividends in the speed of yr recovery. Also take medical advice on taking maybe a multivitamin as yr appetite is off for a week or two.

    Good luck with yr decision.

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      Hello Sheila

      Thank you so much for your kind reply, it really did help. I'm

      having a scarf skins osteotomy with bunionectomy & soft tissue stabilisationstabilisation. Its just the big toe (thumb

      toe as my Japanese daughter in law calls it :-D )Apologies if

      this message i all over the place. I'm doing it on my Hudl

      which is a law unto itself!

      I'm off for my pre op assessment now. I'll reply properly to

      you this evening. Thank you very much again. Good to hear

      your recovery is coming along well.

      Heather xxx

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      Wow that is great. I'll be thinking of you. you will be well on the road to recovery by Xmas now .

      I was due to have my op before Xmas but discussed in work with my commitments and had it brought forward to October so like you I did not have time to think. So glad I did now.

      I had a spinal anaesthetic similar to epidural except effect wears off sooner was nervous abt that but it was actually fine. I had foot block on my first foot and that was fine too.

      Be well prepared at home with food shopping and some help if you can for first few days so you can rest up x

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