Am I Pregnant? Extremely Stressed and Scared

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So, I only had unprotected sex once and that was not even a week after my period ended. I know that I never know when I'm ovulating and that sperm can last for up to a week in the uterus. I didn't worry about it until just today. The guy I had sex with pulled out a short while before he was going to orgasm (and I am aware that that can still make me pregnant due to pre-ejaculation and such). I didn't think about me being pregnant until today and I looked up a whole bunch of stuff and turns out I had unprotected sex on one of my most fertile days.

I am having cramps and such, which is normal as I'm close to my period date, which I'm not too worried about and I'm having some smelly discharge which is also normal around my period time but I am still very concerned as I did read on the Internet that even if you do have your period you could still be pregnant. Please, I need to know if all of the things I listed are true and I need to know the chances of me being pregnant because I'm 16 and I have some VERY strict parents and I can't try explaining that I'm pregnant to them or they wouldn't be very happy with me. And abortion is NOT an option for me if I am pregnant because that (IMO) is wrong. But I just don't want to be pregnant.

I also understand that stress like the type I'm under right now today can cause my period to possibly be later than usual, so I'm prepared for that.

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    I did more research and I found that cramps usually signify ovulation which means an egg is released. As far as I understood ovulation is when you're ready to be impregnated (in my words cuz I couldn't find a better way to put it). So, I am not quite as worried as I had sex over 2 - 2 1/2 weeks ago. But I still would like to know if there is a minor risk.

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      There is always a risk, albeit a small one, of pregnancy occurring with unprotected sex.

      No-one can definitively say you are or are not pregnant on here only that there would be a small risk of pregnancy.

      To be sure early you'll need a pregnancy test kit. If you want to know that will give you your answer and hopefully put your mind at rest.

      If it turns out you're not then you will have learnt a valuable lesson....unprotected sex can lead to a huge amount of worry let alone pregnancy.

      For your own sake, especially given your thoughts on abortion, make sure you use a condom every time or go on the pill but even then use a condom to protect from STD's.

      Hope all works out well for you

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      Where can I buy one? Considering I'm 16 I don't know if I have to be a certain age or how pricey they are... and how long it's been since I've had sex as well. Will I get exact results with the amount of time that's passed or should I wait a bit?

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      Hi Kayzee

      I don't know what country you are in but in the UK, for example, you can buy pregnancy testing kits at supermarkets such as Sainsbury or Tesco or from a pharmacy store

      Sainsbury own brand costs £3.50 for two or the big brand ClearBlue is £13.00 for two

      You don't have to be a certain age to buy these kits, just put them in the basket and go to the checkout and pay. Don't worry about being embarrassed or anyhting else as it is such a common item to buy these days that the cashier won't even blink when they are scanned - if you are in UK & are going to self conscious then in the supermarket you can always use the self checkout tills.

      As for how long between sex and the test....

      Sainsbury say:

      "Test up to 4 days before your period is due. One step, easy to read results. Over 99% accurate*"

      and ClearBlue say:

      "The only test that tells you how many weeks. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Weels Indicator accurately measures your pregnancy hormone level, telling you in words if you 'Pregnant' and also how many weeks. Contains 2 tests."

      Obviously there is a difference in price between the two but in part that's because one is own brand and one is big brand and in part becuase the ClearBlue gives more info - I have no idea if one is better than the other for testing but as the own brand does come with two you could always do one test and then follow it up with another at some point.

      The test is the only definitive way to say if you are pregnant or not (or visiting a GP / Dr) - it would be impossible for anyone to say yes you are or no you're not due to so many many different variables.

      Given your fear about parents finding out I'd suggest, perhaps, doing the test when out and not at home. I suggest this only because if someone notices packaging in the bin it could lead to questions you don't want to answer.

      If you have a friend yopu can really rely on or the boy you had sex with then I'd also suggest they be with you when you do the test....if it is negative then someone to share your relief but if it is positive (and remember the risk is only small so don't get overly worried that it will be positive) you will have someone for support.

      Hope thgis was helpful and I really hope all works out well for you.

      take care

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      If you are worried about price, look for any nearby sexual health clinics. They usually have free pregnancy tests and can help with contraception smile

      I've also recently had a scare accompanied by a false positive (this was a digital test, it can happen very rarely, so get a few just to be sure) however I was scanned and found not to be pregnant. 

      If you have to do a test at home, go out afterwards and put it in a public bin. (as gross as that sounds!)

      If you get a positive, please visit a gp to decide what you want to do. Remember, it is your body.

      I hope everything turns out fine x

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    It sounds like you have done your research which is great. The odds are small if he pulled out before he started ejaculating. There can be some sperm in pre-ejaculate but it mostly happens when the man has not urinated since the last time he ejaculated (so if he  ejaculated outside of you and then you started having intercourse the risk would be much higher). I agree with other's you can get a pregnancy test at the store or through the internet for a very reasonable price and from now on hopefully you will use a condom and another form of birth control if possible so this doesn' t happen again (and you don't get an STD that you have to deal with and most likely tell your parents about).

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    So if you know all this stuff why are you having unprotected sex? I don't care if you do or don't like it or if he does or does not like it it is the best option for young people to have protected sex and less they are ready to have a family and don't have to explain these things to their parents! Simple as that. I'm 53 I've been sexually active since I was 15 I understand your plight. I wasn't told anything about the right thing to do because nobody cared. But if your parents care enough about you to make it such a big deal about sex at a young age why don't you at least try to honor some of it by wearing a condom? Not trying to act like your parent just want you to know so many things could happen to you. Some things you can't scrub off why chance it I got pregnant at 15 and had to have an abortion. You don't want to go through that. Because later you're going to want that child and you're going to be curious about a few hurt that baby before it died

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    I'm less scared now but I'm concerned because I just got some pink discharge. I had my period on the 18th of September and tomorrow is the 18th of October. I did research again and if I have my period tomorrow then it's a normal period but I also read that pink discharge can mean I'm pregnant.

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