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I had my left knee reolaced in august and my right needs dine to and will. Be getting done this year sometime. I had both hips reolaced at the start of last year as l sufffer from OA. But just recently l have been having terrible pain in my ankles especially the leg l have had both hip and knee reolaced. Is this normal or am l getting OA in my anckles to. I have also noticed l an getting more back pain. Its really hard fir me to walk at the moment a lot harder than it was a month or 2 after knee replacement. Has anyone else experienced this? Should l be going to see my gp about. Could the cold weather be making it worse as l stay in scotland and its always cold. Am worried my life is just going to get harder as time passes which it is just now. Its my birthday this minth aand am 44 but my bidy feel 74. I have had to give up full time work and ny sleep pattern is still all over the place. I sleep on the couch half the night most nights fir past year. I think i soon will have to give up working completly. I have lost the persin l was abd l don't think she will ever be back now. Have a pip assesment next week which by reading about it seems terrifing it took me so long to do the form and gather ás much information as l could and by reading other peoples experiences l have ni chance and l will just cry in the assesment as l will be so worked up. And if they say no l will be devastated as l out so much time and effort into it. I will appeal but see what hapoens. This is my life now its nit great being in constant pain and miserable and feel si bad fir my husband as its affected his life so much to l simetimes think he would be better off without me. This certainly was not what l exoected my life to be at 43.

Any help about my ankles would be great.


Laura x

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    Oh Laura. You sound so sad, my heart goes out to you.

    I don't know if your ankle pain is associated with your previous ops, could be?? I'm sure someone on here will be able to give more advice on that.

    Get yourself to your gp & start making waves! You need to have evidence from your doctor for PIP for your assessment. You need your concerns & pain on record. When is your assessment? Can you speak to your consultants secretary & maybe get a letter from him/her as to your condition & pain etc. You need to come out fighting!

    Try not to worry too much, what will be will be! I know it's easy for me to say, but really worrying doesn't solve anything.

    Please look after yourself & get back on here with your troubles. I know it's a cliche but a problem shared is a problem halved. You may be depressed which makes it hard for you to even think about sorting things out. Have a look back at Chico Marx's writings, he speaks sense!

    Good luck for everything to come, I will be thinking of you. I am sending a huge hug.

    Keep in touch

    All the very best




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    Hey Laura,

    What can I say. I don't know.

    If you were here I would just hug you. I'm sure your husband will be there for you.

    Like Marilyn said try not worry as difficult as that may be.

    Push hard, do whatever it takes to make sure you get what you need, this is your right. Take no nonsense from anyone, set a goal for PIP and go after it like a dog with a bone; Focus; push; shout; write; email; get political help; push; push; push and persevere. When you feel worn out, rest, the go again and again and again. No one wants this more than you so no one will push harder than you.

    You can do it. You will.

    Hopefully Chico and OFG can offer some more technical expertise.

    You can get back on track, deep down you know it, and we know it. Fast forward to when you're posting about your self made success. Think about it, visualise it and go for it.

    Wish I could help more,

    Take care,


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    Thanks to you both for repying. I just feel my knee op has not been as sucessful as both my hips and 6 months on l am still having trouble with it

    Its actually putting .me off getting other knee done.

    And as for going for pip l will try my hardest as l beilieve l deserve it but l know by reading and speakng to other people l have slim to no chance because l am trying to work a couple of days at a huge cost as l have lost more tgan half my wage and end agony after it. But it dies say you can still apply if you are working. At least l am trying to do 2 days and nit giving up which l will need to do at some point. Well l suppose l can only try. Its mentally affected me more than anything as well as physically as l feel useless. I feel like my husband is my carer as he spends most of his time looking after me when needed.

    Thanks guys x

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    Hi Laura, are you claiming PIP on the mobility section?( I don't know your medical

    History). If so you just need to prove you cannot walk a specified distance

    With or without walking aids or that you cannot walk the distance in a

    Reasonable length of time.

    You will need to furnish proof of your condition, ie letter from consultant.

    Other than that, get yourself to your GP & get on record your pain, your ankle etc

    So if DWP contact your surgery it will be on your medical records. If you have a

    Letter from your consultant stating your problems with the TKR, your ankle

    You MAY not have to go to assessment. So photocopy any letters from consultant

    That are good evidence of your inability to walk far& send with form. Also

    Try to get letter from GP to send in as well. Keep photocopies of everything

    You send in.

    I also work part time & get PIP, due to mobility.

    The form's a wee bit like 'war& peace'.

    Good luck! If you need any help just get in touch. (Don't suppose I can though)

    All the very best



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      Hi marilyn

      I go for my assesment on wednesday. Already done the form and provided loads of evidence including a letter from my surgeon and gp also sent xrays and wrote a 7 page letter on how its affected my life. That was about 2 months ago l sent it and got my app for my assesment in last week. Am slightly nervous. My husband is coming with me. He also wrote a statement on how much it had affected me as a person and both our lifes. And about us both going part time so when l am not at work he is at home with me incase l need help. He cooks and helps me get dressed in the mornings. I am not completly helpless l have good days that l am ok to do things on my own. I do manage to work although l only sit at a computer and have specially adapted workstation. So far l have only managed 2 days a week since l returned to work in november.

      Hopefully fingers crossed l get a ok assesor and l will manage to put over how much its affected my life. And if she is fair she will see l am entitled to it after what l have and go through.

      Thanks hun

      Laura x

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      Hi Laura,

      I shall be thinking of you Wednesday, I hope it goes in your favour.

      It should do as you quite obviously deserve it.

      Good luck, let us know how you get on.

      All the best.



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    Well thsts the ass

    esment done. Ir was very scary and the day it was scheduled for had to be the worst day for snow in scotland so far this year.

    The woman seemed nice and sympathetic. She ran through a lot of questions mainly to do with how much it had impacted my life and a lot about the pain. She asked a lot about what l.could and could not do. If course l.was so worked up.l cried a lot and my husband had to speak fir me. She asked him a few questions too. I told her truthfully that l.had lost the person l.used to be and though this is my life now and its only going to get worse after l.het my other knee done. She clearly could see how depressed l.was and anxious but you never know how its went. She also asked me some memory questions to which l was not great at as l.could not concentrate. So we will just need to wait and see. I have asked for a copy of my report to be sent to. me. they said it would be with me next week possibly. But it can take up to 6 weeks for the desition.

    My god its a hard process to go through if you were not actually a genuine person like s lot of us. I was ready for giving up at the form stage but l kept going as l.have lost half my wage and am suffering and know eventually l will have to give up work completely. I have worked full time since l left school and at 43 years old l feel. my life is over and that this is it. I am holding on to that last grasp of normality by working a couple of days. But it kills me after it.

    Anyway just wanted to keep you updated. We will see what happens. Its a waiting game now.

    Laura x

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      Hi Laura, you must be so relieved that the assessment is over. I hope they sort it soon for you so you aren't in limbo too long!

      Now you can focus on getting well.

      Good luck with everything.

      Let us know how the PIP goes.

      All the very best



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