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Afternoon ladies, 

for the last couple of days along with the creepy Crawley itching

comes along the tiredness so much so that come the afternoon I'm completely knackeded

i believe B12 takes a few weeks to enter into your body I really want somthing instantly???

anyone have any ideas?

what do you use when you get a whack of this withe sleepiness?

I cannot believe how the symptoms come on so quickly and with me it's been everyday for weeks now!!.

i know there isnt a lot we can do about it it's our body's adjusting... But bloody heck we get some battering...

so have you any idea's ladies as to what I can take... Tried the bananas even had Red bull???

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    Hi Shelly,

    B12 should help, I've been taking it a few years now but forgot it a few times and took it in the evening and I've found that it makes my difficulty getting to sleep impossible so it is doing something.

    I'd suggest taking it an hour or so before you expect to feel the crash.

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      Hi Zigangle,

      There are different variety's of the B12 what is best? 

      There are one's what can dissolve in water what I have tried and don't like?

      do they work? Do they take a while before they start to work? When I was at Holland and Barrett some of the B12 what I read!!

      what r the best brand do u know? Was going to try months ago BUT decided against it at the time!!... I get 8 plus hours BUT come the afternoon I'm bloody knackered, and snappy as f..k. And I take Sertline to for my mood swing's I just feel all over the place at the moment.

      so much so that I was in bed at 8pm as I was that tired!!!!!!

      knocked me sideways been this tired??

      have you any advice please?


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      Hi Shelly,

      I did a lot of research on it a few years ago as I was deficient. I needed injections for a while. These are cyanocobalamin (containing cyanide) they are not really very good for you and can be carcinogenic, so I only had them long enough to bring my levels up.

      So there are two types and it's the same with the supplements.

      Cyanocobalamin which also needs to be converted by your body, and methycobalmin which is the good one and is what your body requires.

      Then there is the fact that going through the digestive process much is lost, some people have (I think it's intrinsic factor) or lack of it which means they cannot get any via the oral route.

      So, make sure it's methycobalmin and either use lozenges which you dissolve under your tongue (you can also get drops and powder you put under your tongue in the same way).

      I would recommend either a once a week patch (I think it's 5000mg) or 1000mg sublingual lozenges one (I have taken more as it's water soluble and any excess comes out in your urine) a day.

      If you have a lot don't be alarmed if your wee turns bright yellow.

      My homeopath also advised me to take vitamin C as that helps with absorption.

      Hope this helps and that it helps your energy levels. My daughter was feeling tired last week and I gave her one she did she felt more energetic for 4 to 5 hours afterwards.

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      Hi Ziganggie, 

      how are these purchased then?

      could I get them over the counter at a chemist health store?

      i live in the UK.......

      they do sound good BUT not heard of these??.

      i also take vitamin D off the doctor as I was low.....

      thanks for the information hope I can get this?.

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      If I say where my post will get moderated but just I hope it helps to say I've got them two places (patches and sublingual types) from probably the 2 most well known two online shops.
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    Its so hard when the tiredness kicks in. I get this in work after lunch especially if i have carbs so i obviously eat lighter foods now and take a short walk in the fresh air if i can to try and wake up a bit.

    Crumbs though its so difficult as most times I could snuggle down for a good old nap ... But might not ho down well in the office.!

    I hope your itchy creepy crawly eases soon love xxx

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      Hi Louise, 

      thanks the itchy crawly skin has calmed down abit now.......".

      just this tiredness.

      i drink plenty of water....always watch what I eat as I suffer with acid reflux which has become much worse since entering the peri!!!!!!!

      having a family of 5 and work isn't much chance of quite time or a nap!!!!

      thanks for replying though...x

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      If you are taking proton pump inhibitors for your reflux they alter absorption of b12 and calcium. So be aware of that. I get b12 injections. B12 sub lingual which is under the tongue dissolves the b12 that starts with an M not the C one under tongue. The uk acceptable levels are really low so if you have had a b12 blood test the levels should be 400-600 before you wont feel so tired and it will help with brain fog, tired, weird skin stuff and ripping feeling under feet..if yiu have that. B12 wont absorb by a swallow tablet or any drink its sub lingual, by injection, by perscribed nasal spray.
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      I know Lisa,

      The doctor stopped my injections when my levels reached 350. They were 150 when I started them. I do take methycobalmin sublingual also use high dose 5000mg patches

      But it doesn't seem to increase my levels although they don't drop any more.

      If you are in Japan they consider 500 to be low so yeah I think as high as you can get it. I think the injections are cyanocobalamin so not really very good for you.

      I was taking a proton pump inhibitor, I found that actually 2 x ginger capsules before meals and ginger tea worked better for the acid reflux.

      The b12 works I forgot a few times and took it late it kept me very awake.

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