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OmFG( sorry always wanted to write that)!!!!1

I have antabuse in its packet. its not coming out the pckt for a few days yet. Side effects look vicious-really I disagree with the prescribing of this pill. if alcohol is available in supermarkets and corner shops-why is this pill available to me? And, why if it says you have personality disorder ( not to take it) why have I got it? Okay, stupido me, I know the answer to that-im doing it again -excuses excuses excuses!!!!

Im going to abstain form alcohol for a few nights-get right into my studying so by the tie I take it I want even be thinking about it ( yah right!) When youve 2 lovely children and all you can think about is how Im going to get my escape-relax -feel ok again and drink ( i guess I know Ive a problem, and its nothing compared to what Ive seen lately-just dont want to become that though, and if to get into this state is this easy then why would I want to get any worse?

Anyways, I just wondered if its still ok to take citalopram with this..and is that an upper with a downer-hmmm, dont know? Anywaone kmow?

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    hi badgirl hope you are ok do you drink a lot while you take citalopran i do still doesnt affect im now on 50mgs of cholmiprannie still feel the same i reckon these docs are aving a laugh on us patients 60mgs of cit plus zoppiclone i thought i would be spaced out by now no such luck take mate keep your chin up ///////////////////
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    I have these pills-been staring at them- ranting to myself Just do it-take one! I cant-Im scared! Would it be really unreasinable to see my docotr and suprevise it-just as I am so scared? I hate what ive become-and I want it to end-I have moments of wow! Im okay , amazing, other of 2-not that pretty, not that brilliant-nut still managing my personality, and still being here. Ive work tomorrow-I dont want to go-but then |m thinking I NEED TO! Im paranoid there- ( I think I only got the job because of y GP- is this possible?) Further to that, I think Im only on my degree because of the doctors-am I just being paranoid?

    Ive started writing notes for my second batch of coursework- i really like my degree ( msc) I get it0 I like it because thats how I think - I work- I dont accept things for face value-but im shuddered at ny history in that place, and it sends vibes of fears down my spine. Then I feel guilty as I should be at home still nurturing my children1 But also , I am going to have to get another job to pay for it.Id be better of working full time. I am amazed by the devasting stories I hear from other students and it sort of shakes me- to a point of I have no problems-bear with me here. i obviously cant disclose confidential inromation-but its suicide, murder and ore suicide to gang men hunting down another( You dont thin kit exists but it goes on) and its extremly scary! And, these psycholgists that are sent out on field work- are only half trained- then you have the argunment of compassionate leave etc- thats the thing-I have to harden up before doing such work-but its my mission!

    anyways, stil notaking antabuse-Im just terifeid of it- ( you would be too if you knew your grandad died with drinking alcohlol and taking this drug) Im just not ready-or no- its not im not ready-I wish I could be self disciplined without it-and I fear others judgement with regard to alcohol. I fear peolple think its my way of enjoyment-( It is sometimes0) but most the times its to gain thoughtfulness, confidence and create a numb barrier between those that say things without thinking what they really mean, and those that lash out and hurt. its my anaesthetic! I could do with a genral over the next few days! Sorry for the ranr, but it makes me better just to try and write it.! take care all of you-and no one knows whats going to happen- you never know you could win the lottery or the gvt oculd decide I deserve payment for living as a dyspraxic all my life and coping with it well, or I might even get a flat tomorrow-bidding day ( doubt it-so far its been extremly dissapointing) anyway, night night( dont lwt the bugs bite) I never thought therd be so much meaning n that!!!! Take care everyone-and I think If it werent for citalopram- weel who knows!!!

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    Hey , well. i know this isnt this most mature decision ive ever mad-but I cant do it!!! majorily-no one has ever considered the tie or place-or if they have they really do not understand!

    Im goin cold trukey with alcohol, citalopram and antabuse. i dont agree with this situation-and what when I GET UPSET-I face the white tunnel-and he doesnt care enough if it gets that bad. I know as at christmas time, id prepared a meal then went to the lou only to hyerventilate, get dizzie and puke. H e wil only intice me to drink-he knows only to well how to upest me, He knows hes got power over me. I want to quir everything-before I take any ajor decisoions abot takinga drug that could make me majorally sick-or hsould I just take it and become ill? No offence-Ive had tons of help tons of it- the problem is though-they are not me-generally on cit I can keep upbeat -but I dont like how my boobs have grown or how my mum stabbed my flabbie belly!

    Also Ive so much studying to do- i just want to get on with that without added pressure-I am what I am and maybe just maybe I should accept it.

    I know this sounds demented-but I balme my last bout of paic attacks on the baclofen I was taking_ I dont care what a doctor has to say about it. but when I weigh it up-thats what happened, I hold my head squint to focus.Ive bad vision in one of my eyes, and so short sighted in the other one-im not allowed drive ( thats a disability isnt it?) According to medics its not-but its bloody depressing when you watch not that I am narcissistic) but when you just plain and simply want to be safe! i cant do this! I really cant-I knew when Iasked forhelp I wasnt me-but I was pushed into it-Im not doing it-im not- I really dont want to!

    I spoke to my gp about going on this- and he said that it told him a heap of things abot me- but hmm- Im not so sure it does and its not like I have convenience to counselling when required-or if anyone will no when Iam upset. this drug prescribed should only be administerd in an institution- this drugSHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TO ANYONE SLIGHTLY MANIC OR DEPRESSED!! I actually feel really stronly about pharmaceuticals companies prescribing this!! Its a decacades old drug Ive spoken to a few recovering alcoholics-it wasnt the drug that got them better- it was usually the circumstances that followed-plus the drug itself made them ill very ill. Sorry, but this isnt right!

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    IM SO ANGRY!!!!! Im so angry I cant speak to people, Im so angry that the only way to deal with it is cry. I want to tell the worl to FO!!!!! I am not normally like this-but ive been trapped!

    I hate the government, doctors lawyers, mps the lot of them not to mention bloody crap schoolteachers that I dont know how they slip through the system. I hat eit al It all feels like secretly theyve all been on his side. Hes so manipulative...and I dont care. and I cant stand that Ive to jump at everyone else bckon call, that im supposed to drop everything because someone has made up some other rule along the way. All I can think about right now is topping myself. all i can think is that im not coping and I cant ! I cant do any thing. I have this switch, where I just fall asleep-its a bit like running away-I dont know how Ive done it... I forgot to take my pill thism orning-but I dont want it-its making me fat and tired and yes it stops my temper-but how long for???? Im always going to be angry at being a doormat at the rest-so whats the point. yes, for and if theres anyone out there, im just writing it down. I wnat do anything about-thats until I get arrested y the police-which I widh theyd hurry up-Im starting to think a prison sentence is the only way out /next to proper shooting myself. Sorry.

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