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Hello, my name is Hayley and am 22. I found this forum and I would really like to share my experience and talk to other people who may be experiencing what I am experiencing. I feel like none of my family really understand how hard it is dealing with this.

I first started stressing over a year ago, I was having dental problems and because going the dentist is my biggest phobia I was really really stressing about it. The fact that the problems I had weren't clearing didn't help either and I found myself obsessing and stressing over it everyday. Getting myself worked up by googling the problems I was having and panicking even more when I read what could eveventyally happen. That's when I think my heart palpitations happened.

I've had palpitations since then I think I can't quite remember when they started but they were definitely as a result. I did go the doctors over this and the doctor said because of my age it was going to more as a result of anxiety then heart problems and told me to stop worrying and keep busy basically.

So I did try and do exactly that but it's actually really hard to just not worry and not stress about things. Keeping busy helps I find but if something is worrying or bothering you it's only going to stay in your mind and won't go away.

Anyway I've recently been going the doctors about this again as I found it's gotten worse.

This summer I experienced what I think was my first panic or anxiety attack and at the time I wasn't particularly worrying about anything, it was so random. Since then they have happened occasionally, the palpitations continue and I often feel like I can't breathe, my heart races and I feel sick.

It really scares me cause I feel like there is something wrong with my heart, like my heart is going to give up and stop or that I'll end up having a heart attack. Even though I have had two ECGs I still believe there is something wrong, everytime I get a palpitation I panic which obviously makes it worse.

Today I suddenly went light headed in tesco and that scared me, I feel so weak and sick I just want to go to sleep. If this is anxiety it's slowly starting to affect me daily and I feel completely helpless.

I just want to talk to people who are experiencing what am feeling, who understand it all really.

Anyone having regular palpitations like me? I got given some beta tablets today to slow my heart rate and to help with them. Has anyone been given something like that by their doctor and did they work?

Would really appreciate talking to others in a similar position about this.

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    Hi Hayley,

    I also suffer with anxiety but for the most part I've learnt how to control it now. I'm 23 so your post really stood out for me as I can really relate! Firstly well done for acknowledging that anxiety is causing these problems and taking the step to look for help.

    Most of us at some point or another will experience anxiety, but some of us are more sensitive, that's you and me! It sounds like your visit to the dentist that time was a trigger, and since then any symptom that reminds you of that first bout of anxiety is causing you immense stress. Health anxiety is what I have, I tend to not be a worrier except when it comes to health related things. So I completely understand that when your dental treatment was taking a while to clear up it was stressing you out. I hope that is sorted now and you can take comfort from that.

    As for your anxiety physical symptoms or sensations, they are just that: anxiety. Your heart palpitations is just adrenaline in your body, and is a natural reaction in 'fight or flight'. Your body thinks there's a danger of sorts when there isn't, so your body naturally pumps adrenaline to deal with the situation. This would be all well and good if we were cavemen being chased by a lion, but we're not, we're in the 21st century and our bodies can sometimes get a little confused! Anxiety can play tricks on us and make us believe that there's something seriously wrong, when in actual fact the circle of worry is bringing on the symptoms in the first place. They can feel distressing, but the key is to acknowledge that they're there and move on. Don't judge them, or try to hard to control them, just breathe through it. In for 4, hold for 8 and out for 8, or whatever sequence works best for you. If you get to the point of panicking try and distract yourself. I play games in my head like listing boys names from A-Z or foods etc. anything that gets your mind onto something else. And all the while practicing your deep breathing.

    Sometimes anxiety can literally drain us of energy, and that might be why you felt light headed in tesco. I've had this happen to me before. Stress is a mean ole thing, but make sure that you are otherwise taking care of yourself. Perhaps you had low blood sugar or were a bit dehydrated - keep snacking throughout the day and drink plenty of water, this helps your body feel better instantly.

    I've never been on beta blockers but if I were to go on any anxiety medication I would choose them. Purely because they act on the physical symptoms to calm your body down, rather than anti depressants which can cause a whole host of nasty side effects. Have you tried CBT? Cognitive behavioural therapy is not as scary as it sounds, but it might be helpful for you to try. It helps you identify your thought patterns with the aim of changing how those thoughts make you react.

    I hope that helps, I really do understand how you feel but I promise, once you understand how to spot symptoms of anxiety you'll be able to better control them.

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    Thank you for your reply. Its nice to know that people with a similar age to me do suffer with this as well. I'm glad to hear that you have learned to control your anxiety, i hope to eventually learn how to control it too but at the moment am finding it too difficult! My doctor has suggested going to see a counsellor and I am in the process of sorting that out, am just waiting for a telephone assessment but even then the wait to actually go and see someone is about 6 weeks I have heard. My doctor thinks that seeing a counsellor would be more effective then medication, but since then i feel that my anxiety has got a bit worse and so she has gave me some medication as well.

    I also feel like am suffering from health anxiety, even though I do worry about non-health related things, the majority of the time it is due to me worrying about my health. I always assume the worst! I am happy to say that the dental problems i was having have finally cleared up but now its been replaced by me worrying about my heart. There is no end! I should really think of palpitations as being just adrenaline in my body like you say, even after reading that heart palpitations are usually harmless i still find them terrifying.

    I still haven't found any techniques to help calm me down when am suffering from palpitations or other symptoms, i have recently tried breathing exercises which haven't worked too well yet but am willing to keep trying! I think because i let panic take over i tend to give up quickly. I like your idea of playing games in your head to distract yourself, I never even thought of doing that, i will give that a try!

    Yeah i do need to make sure am looking after myself as well. I think because for ages I was only suffering fro m heart palpitations and then to start getting all new symptoms as it got worse, i found scary.

    I have heard about CBT, i got told that I could do it online or something? I should have really mentioned it to my doctor but it is something that I am willing to look into!

    Thank you for your comments, it really did help, its nice to be able to talk to someone who actually understands this! I'm going to continue doing breathing exercises and am going to try playing games in my head to keep me distracted, i think thats a great idea. Hopefully the medication I got given will also help too.

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      Hey, i am 22 and also suffer regular heart palpations as well as chest pain. I get some pretty bad panic attacks too. I'm always afraid something is wrong with my heart and even worry that i may get a heart attack. You are not alone though plenty of people our age suffer the same types of things. 
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    Hey Hayley smile

    Ive been on Beta Blockers for a year now and I actually think theyre really good! When I got anxious I would have heart palpitations, sweat, shake, my face would go red, id feel sick and Id hyperventilate. But the Beta Blockers completely got rid of those physical effects so I did feel a lot better. The only tiny down fall is that because they take your adrenaline you can feel a little tired at times but I personally thought it was worth it. I mean after a year Ive only just found them less effective bit thats because I now have depression too so I am taking them a long with Diazapam.But I would definitley try giving them a go smile Hope it helps you xxx

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    Hi Haley,

    I was happy to find you on here because I am going through very similar issues. I am a 21 year old female. I was wondering how you

    are doing? I saw that you posted this back in November. What happened in my case I started the birth control pill back in September and I began to get some pretty crazy symptoms. I got freaked out by dizzy spells, chest pains, foggy head feeling, etc. First, I thought I had breast cancer because I found a lump on my breast. It ended up that it wasn't but I totally freaked out. Then I had an ocular migraine for the first time and my eyes went completely blurry and that freaked me out. My dr. then took me immediately off of the birth control pill but my doctor freaked me out by telling me that I am at higher risk for heart attack/stroke because of being on the pill and getting such bad side effects. I am already an anxious person but I never had any type of physical symptoms/ panic attacks in my life. I was able to really control myself and I was pretty confident and happy.

    At the same time during all this my boyfriend was going through big financial problems and was constantly looking at me for help. I am in college so I obviously don't have much to offer for his financial burdens but to be a good listener. But I also had to move back home from college to live with my parents because the school became too expensive. Sooo…after being at school for 3 years I am now living back at home with my parents who are NOT supportive of my boyfriend and are completely overprotective. THEN….I started having chest pains and I went to my doctor, got an ECG that was normal, but this still didn't help put my mind at ease because I was getting chest pains, palpitations, and dizziness while I exercised. I was just like floored by all this. So i continued to worry about my heart. I thought too that i was going to have a heart attack. Things got worse. I started getting numbness in my neck and left arm and I totally freaked out AGAIN. I did the same exact thing as you did, I googled my symptoms and looked at the rarest possibilities of death, etc. I couldn't help myself. and every time I did this I would work myself up. Each night, I would go to sleep worried that I wasn't going to wake up. I had broken sleep, would wake up in the middle of the night with numb arms. I was like sooo certain that something was wrong with me. I was getting blurred vision, sensitivity to bright lights, headaches too. So I saw my doctor and other doctors in my primary cares office probably 30 times in a time frame of 3-4 months. My symptoms were true, but they thought I was crazy. I had sooo much blood work done, many EKGS, and lots of reassurance that I was OKAY. But I wasn't convinced. So I saw TWO cardiologists who both said I am FINE. Oh btw….this may maybe help you. The cardiologist looked at me like I was crazy and said that the only people around our age that has had a heart attack is from the use of

    Cocaine. Other than that, heart symptoms don't just develop. He said like the chances of that happening is like .0000000001%. Sorry if this is boring but I feel like venting now lol. Next, I went to see a Neurologist for my numbness. The neurologist did an easy quick evaluation of me and said YOU ARE FINE. But I wasn't confined once again so she ordered me a brain MRI. My brain MRI was completely normal. So I was happy to hear this and I said OKAY at least there isn't something really wrong with me. I gave it some time, but still couldn't exercise as I usually did because I'd feel like I was going to black out, and I had labored breathing a lot and chest pains. I finally went on vacation to Florida at the end of december. I thought that this would be good for me to relax. Guess I was wrong because I had 2 full blown panic attacks while I was there and one landed me in the ER. I have never had a panic attack in my life but both times I really thought I was going to die. I was like..this is the end. and I told my boyfriend I loved him and I was so scared. During dinner I felt my left arm was numb and I totally panicked. My legs then went numb and I couldn't walk. My vision dimmed and I felt like I was losing consciousness. My heart felt like it had a life of its own and it was POUNDING very fast. I went to the ER and they said it was a panic attack. The next day I had a day long panic attack. My whole body was numb and I felt like I had brain damage. I literally thought it was a nightmare. It was disgusting and I was disgusted with myself.

    Fast forward a month later I have had a couple more panic attacks since but I now know what it is and I have llearnxed to deal with it. I am trying to recover. I am still not 100% convinced that nothing else is wrong with me which is affecting my recovery. I believe once I am fully convinced that I am okay I will get over this whole anxiety thing. I hope. I want to feel myself again. It's been so long…since September. 5 months of a nightmare and it sucks. I have felt worse since the panic attacks. I always feel like I am going to lose consciousness and I still get numbness. I am embarrassed to go to any more doctors. Plus its costing me a fortune!! Each day is a struggle for me and I just need to get through it day by day. I am still worried that something wrong. But I try to stay positive. Its hard, but I try. It would be good to have someone to talk to. Maybe you can let me know how you've been since your posting. Thanks haley and good luck.

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      Hi Natalie,

      I thought I would write to you as I have been through and am still going through similar symptoms.

      I had what apparently was my first panic attack last April and have suffered with many symptoms since.  I have been to hospital with palpitations/skipped beats on a few occasions and now I constantly feel light headed, aches in chest, stomach issues and am constantly scared the Doctors have missed something.

      I feel for anyone going through this, it completely destroys your life.  I have gone from a strong independent person to know being scared of being on my own.  I just wish I had the answers.  I am going to a Chiropractor today to look at my neck and back as I have tension and knots to see if this may be causing these symptoms.  I just wish I could go back to the person I was.

      I hope you make a full recovery and send you my best wishes xx


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      Hello Natalie😊

      How are you doing? I see you suff from anxiety also? I suff from anxiety also and it's scaring me when I feel like this.  Sometimes I feel like I'm going to die from this. I sometimes feel my heart running fast. Right now I feel like a big knot in my stomache. When I breathe I feel like something is there. It really bothers me.

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      Hi Natalie😊

      I been dealing with my anxiety since October 2014. I been going to the ER about this situation.  The did a EKG on me, they said that my test came back fine. I guess I keep thinking about the anxiety coming back. That's probably triggering it. I try to keep Faith. I try to PRAY to GOD for everything. 

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      Hi Natalie,

      I am 26, Male.

      For the past 7 months have been going through the same things you are, word for word. My trigger was also health related, obsession over a disease. Since then gradually I started experiencing different symptoms. The first was dizziness/lightheadedness that I have almost all the time.

      Since then, I too was to many doctors: Primary doctor (blood test, allergy test), ENT doctor, 2 Cardiologists (blood test, ECG, echo, 24/7 holster monitor, stress test), Neurologist (who was the one to suggest that I have anxiety). None of them found any physical issue.

      I had my first panic attack around 3 months ago. I was falling asleep, then got startled by something, all of a sudden my dizziness became worse and heart pump at 135 (measured it). It was terrifying. Called ambulance. They suggested it was anxiety.

      Since 2 months ago, I have chest pains (more like pressure, tenderness, pricking sensations, dull pain), mostly in the middle and left. These were ruled out by cardiologist after a bunch of tests.

      I am starting to learn to control panic, but the chest pains really get to me. Nice to see that I'm not alone.

      I was wondering what do the chest pains you experience feel like?

      Peace of mind to everyone :-)

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      I've been suffering from anxiety for 6 years and I still can't seem to control it. It's very difficut when you're constantly worried about what's going to happen and focused on your thoughts s. There are times when I keep having the same thought over and over again and I sometimes tell myself oh you've been having the same thoughts for years you shouldn't be Afraid of them those thoughts, but there are times when I got those thoughts I start having panic attacks you get what I'm saying. And If you're curious about the thoughts, well I mostly be having thoughts about my breathing and whenever I do I always focus on the way I breathe and I start asking myself questions . I have medications to treat my anxiety, had them for six years but I feel like sometimes the medications don't work since I still get panic attacks or it's probably because there's something that's triggering those panic attacks and the medication has nothing to do with it.

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    hi natalie,

    How are you doing? I'm sorry to hear that you're going through all of this. I've been experiencing anxiety attacks recently and it can be very crippling, but we have to keep looking forward. I'd really love to hear how you're doing.

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