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I am new to this forum. Normally I wouldn't be on a forum but I really do not know what to do with myself. I have and I am still suffering from general anxiety. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression recently and I have had a bad year. I have lost many friends because of my depression. I just graduated from school and I have taking a year off. I have this last month experience physical symptoms and I have every night panic attacks. I have had thoughts about suicide. I don't know what to do. Do any of you have some advice what I can do ?

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    I was just ready to run out when I saw your post. Before I go, I want you to know you are not alone. Suicide is a permanant solution to a temporary problem. I am sure you will be getting replies soon. Must go now. Will check here when I return. A big grandma hug to you, Hanna.
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    Well Hanna, suicide is never an answer. Yes, panic attacks are bad but it will never stay this way. I'm still currently dealing with my symptoms of panic attacks. I've already had 5 in the past 3 months and they leave me bedridden. The most recent one has really affected my body greatly by giving me these physical symptoms that feel deadly. I understand entirely when you say you need advice. You're not alone. Everyone here in this chat experiences the same thing in slightly different ways. Don't be afraid of them. One of the things I'm still trying to learn is to not let everything worry me and stress me out. It's difficult but as time passes, it's becoming slightly easier to realize that each day. Even if my chest hurts and my stomach feels upset and I have head pains and even random twitches and other pains in my body, I know it's not a true symptom. It's just in my head. The brain is a strong muscle. If it has the power to move you, it has the power to give you symptoms. The main thing is that your body needs rest from all of the adrenaline. Your body is probably on overload and it doesn't know what to do with those overwhelming feelings and adrenaline.

    Like I told someone else, anxiety is like a cup placed on a table in a kitchen. That cup is your body and mind and the teapot is life. That teapot will pour water in your cup. Water is your anxiety. If you keep pouring the water into the cup, eventually, the water will spill over. At that moment is when you have panic attacks. The only way for your body to recover is to stop pouring the water into the cup. Eventually, the water will slowly begin to evaporate and your body can have room for normal anxiety again to live your life. Yes, evaporation is slow but with time and even from some motivation from you, the water can evaporate more quickly.

    Don't let these things get you down. You have strength. smile

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    Hi Hanna,

    I'm Chrissy, and I am struggling with Anxiety and severe panic attacks too. I have panic attacks all day long. sad Nighttime is the only time I get relief (when I sleep) IF I sleep that is. However, I am a fighter, and you are too. We all are, and that's why we are here on this forum seeking advice and guidance. Know that you are not alone. We are here to help each other because we understand each other. I am very sorry to hear about what you are going through, but please have hope and faith that it will get better. The friends you lost are not good friends if they are not around in your time of need. Please remember that. I have found that when I am feeling my worst, I can get on this chat/forum and chat with others and it truly helps me. It will help you too. 


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    Call your doctor immediately. You need to be on meds right away, and I promise you will get better. Panic attacks are so terrible. Please do this,so you can feel better.
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    Firstly, you have acknowledged that you are feeling low and having suicidal thoughts, this is a step that many mis or deny, so kudos to you mama for seeking help!

    You need to get in contact with a counsellor or a gp in your location so that they can assess why you are feeling so and how you can get through it. I am a Pharmacist, but I dont know your history or whether you are on any medications, if you have any allergies or other conditions etc. but there is a lot of conventional (prescribed) and natural therapies out there that could help you.

    St Johns wort is a natural remedy for depression and has been found to be as effective as some antidepressants, so you might want to research that and discuss with your dr to see if it would be worth you starting that before they opt for prescribing meds.

    I really hope you feel better. Try thinking of all the positive things in your llife, no matter how small they may seem. Detach yourself from all the negativity in your life, even if for a short time.

    Take each day as it comes, recognise when you start feeling depressed and what triggers it and try to distract your mind away from that consciously.

    Suicide or thoughts of harming yourself is going to provide you with absolutely no relief... you have no idea what beautiful moments life has in store for you, just deal with a day at a time, and get help immediately. Search for depression helpline in google and call them so you can have someone to just listen to you and keep you on track.

    Best of luck mama, keep your head up. If you need any more help, message me (I'm new here, not sure if you can do this)...

    keep in mind, that with every affliction, there is ease... your ease is coming, surely.

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    first please go and see a doctor tell them how you feel and get the right medical help they may offer you antidepressants which is what you could do with but it is your body and no one can tell you what to do, but they can help enormously they usually take anything up to six weeks to kick in generally around the four weeks you should start to see some benefits also  cbt councilling is really beneficial. if you take the antidepressants they will make things worse before they get better but ride with it what it is, is the serotonin   cells (the feel good cells) in our brain aren't functioning properly so the antidepressants renew and make new cells to bring back the feel good feeling. with suicide, some people want to die for a short time just to get rid of the problems you are far to precious for that my lovely. your GP will figure out the best treatment and the best people to see to get the best help for you. this is an excellent forum to be on and you will get lots of support. I have been on it three months now and with my GPS help and my CBT councillor,

    I am in a far better place than i was back then. yes I still have minor blips but i control them I have suffered depression and anxiety most of my life but this was the worse period I had ever had. I know it will always be there but now I can control it rather than it control me . keep coming on here my love there are so many wonderful people who will support you and seek the help from your doc. it takes time but you will get through it 

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