Anxiety and pregnancy. Anyone out there with the same problem??

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Im wondering if there are any mums out there that suffer from bad anxiety while pregnant and on medication?

Just want to hear your story so I don't feel so alone?

My anxiety consists of waking up early nervous, heart pulpitations, nausea and vomitting. Of course, being pregnant confuses me as to what is anxiety symptoms and what could very well be MS and hormones.

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    Hi darling.

    I'm a midwife. Can you tell me which medication you're on?

    You are right in thinking that pregnancy causes lots of unpleasant symptoms.

    How many weeks are you?

    I'll get back to you once you've got back to me lol.

    Love Tess xxxxx

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      Hi Tess,

      Thanks for getting back to me. Im on 100mg Zoloft. Im 6+5 days and have my first ultrasound tomorrow.

      They are doing it a bit early because Ive started to spot today. Only when I go to the toilet so its very light and its brownish. I have a bit of cramping at the moment but mild. I don't know what is normal as its my first pregnancy. Im 37 and we have been trying for a while.

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      Please don't think I'm mad, but are your breasts uncomfortable?

      Is the cramping regular or random?

      Zoloft is only recommended during pregnancy if the risks outweigh the benefits, as there are a lot of studies indicating that it can cause withdrawal symptoms in the baby, who will need to be checked on carefully for 48 hours after the birth - but I've delivered lots of babies whose mothers have been on a wide range of medications, and the babies are fine as long as they receive attention and sometimes medication themselves for a few days.


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      Im hoping to come off them if I make the 2nd trimester. Fingers crossed. My breasts are really sore and the cramping over the last 2 weeks was very mild and random. Though, the cramping has been non stop for the last hr, kind of when I started spotting. The cramping is very mild but constant which worries me. I have a feeling I might miscarriage. Just hoping its not ectopic 😔 xxxxxx

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      Lind, I have to be honest.

      You sound like you're having a miscarriage, but the positive thing is that your breasts are still very sore, which means the pregnancy is still there and the baby is alive.

      I had lots of miscarriages myself, and four successful pregnancies.

      When I was expecting the baby who became our daughter, Isobel, I was 34 years old and so used to having miscarriages that when I started spotting I just thought 'here we go again'. I was eight weeks pregnant and we were on holiday with the other kids, so I decided that I couldn't stop nature and tried to enjoy the holiday.

      I don't believe in scans for religious reasons but of course if you think you're having a miscarriage you need one, and I certainly had lots of scans with all the other lost babies.

      When we got back from holiday I had stopped bleeding and had no pain, and my breasts were hurting like mad so I examined myself (DO NOT DO THIS) and found my uterus was equivalent to a nine week pregnancy.

      Didn't have a scan. The pregnancy was soon visible. No more problems at all in that pregnancy, who became Isobel.

      As women age their eggs are more likely to be damaged, but I went on and had another baby when I was 39!

      DON'T LOSE HOPE but the signs of an ectopic pregnancy are severe pain on ONE side of your lower tummy, vaginal bleeding (but not always)

      and this is a medical emergency.

      Since you've been trying so long and had no luck for ages, I would suggest going to A & E, where a scan will be done today. or the ER if you're in the US.

      If the cramps become worse and more painful, go to the hospital anyway. At least then you'll know what you're dealing with, darling.

      If you bleed like a period or have clots, go to hospital.

      Sorry to sound so gloomy but it might be ok.

      The cramps are bothering me.

      Let me know if you have any more questions - anything, okay?

      And get back to me after the scan, whenever it is.

      Praying for you, Lind. And your husband.

      Much love to you.

      Tess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      Thanks Tess. I need to prepare myself for the worst. At least I can get pregnant when we didnt think that was possible. Need to think of the positives in the baby journey. 😊 I'll let you know this afternoon with how I go sweety. Xxoo

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      Thanks hun xx The bleeding has almost stopped and very little cramping now. Got an ultrasound done. We saw a little heartbeat and was measuring 6+2 days. Everything looks good so far.

      The GP (not my normal GP/OB) wanted to put me on antibiotics in case of an infection??? She sent the urine test away but Im not keen taking antibiotics willy nilly! I thought I would wait to get results back before popping pills. What do you think?

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    Hey lind45511

    I'm not pregant, never have been but I know for a fact if I was I'd be anxious over EVERYTHING! smile Someone told me when your anxious it means you care about the situation you're faced or you care about that person your anxious over, and you want whats best for the situation/person. Just being told that imediatley relaxed me and put everything inperspective. I have never met a mum to be who said she wasn't worried about anything at's a life changing event for all involved!  Having exisitng health conditions can add to the worry too. Just keep communicating your thoughts and feelings...get help and support if you need it and most importantly take time out for yourself - have as many pamper days as you want! Hope this helps you in some way smile 

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    And any other questions about pregnancy will be welcomed by me, if you have any!

    Love Tess xx

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      Hey Tess,

      Its been some time since I've been on this forum. I have been doing well, pregnancy symptoms started getting better at 11 weeks and the anxiety started easing. Im at 12 weeks today.

      I went off my anti-depressants at 5 weeks and went cold turkey. Not the best decision but worth it after 2 weeks of bad withdrawals :-)

      So all in all I have been doing well except for 2 things I would love your advice on?

      I have had really bad headaches at around 5pm every day for the last 2 weeks. I dont take anything but its very painful until I go to bed. I wake up fine in the morning. Is this normal? Maybe Im dehydrated as I think Im only drinking a 750ml bottle of water a day?

      Also, this is a really strange one. In the last 5 days I have been geeting this dry / tight feeling in my feet. Its extremely irritating and no matter how much moisturiser I use, the feeling is always there. Expecially when Im lying down, I don't noticed it that much when Im walking around. Im waking up all throughout the night because of this feeling so Im getting little sleep. Its starting to play on my mind and feel its triggering my anxiety off. Today I feel my anxiety building up with heart pulpatations and constant feeling of needing to move my feet and legs. Sometimes they twitch but not often. Any ideas? I dont want this to start feeding my anxiety, I believe its much worse because Im focusing on it.

      Would love your advice hun xo

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      HI Lind,

      Very happy to hear from you.

      Both the headaches and the tight feet are normal in pregnancy.

      The headaches should soon stop. You can take plain tylenol if you need to. I remember having some bad headaches round the time you are.

      The feet thing will drive you mad. There is nothing you can do about it, so don't waste money on expensive moisturiser. Buy some support stockings instead (YUK but you're pregnant - you have to let fashion go sometimes.)

      Don't allow these things to bring your anxiety back. Your mind is messing with you!

      You won't have time to be anxious once the baby arrives. Wait and see..............

      If your ankles swell a lot and your headaches continue, ask your OB what pain killer is recommended other than tylenol. You may get prescribed something stronger.

      But my guess is that both these symptoms will disappear over the next month. Well, the feet thing won't disappear - you'll just get used to it.

      love Tess xxxxxxxx

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      You always make me feel better hun. You're so right and I need to stop worrying so much about these things. The odd things will raise its ugly head throughout this pregnancy and need to be strong and ride them out. I will get used to the feet and the headaches aren't debilitating, I can still function. If that changes I think I will have to bite the bullet and take something OB recommends :-)

      I have my 12 week scan on Friday, who knows if thats triggering the anxiety also. I might be a little nervous about it, actually I think I am.

      Thank you for being supportive Tess, I really appreciate it.

      I hope you're doing well too sweety xo

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      Everything went well Tess. It was waving at us, it was really funny. Don't get chromosomes results back till Wednesday but she said everything looks normal at the ultrasounds. Fingers crossed.

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      That's great!

      My first (that went to term) looked like she was eating a bag of crisps when I borrowed the Scanner and did an Ultrasound on myself.

      The advantages of being a midwife, eh?


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