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Hi there am 29 and never done anything like this before. Here goes ave always suffered from panic attacks since being 11 and always been able to deal with it sometimes better than others but the last month or so has been horrible can't cope at all and it's turning me into a maniac to the point where ave been to the hospital 4 times and doctors countless times thinking there is something wrong with my heart had a few ecg print outs done and they say there all fine but my heart never seems to beat funny when they check witch makes me think there is something wrong with it and there just not catching it. I was lay in my bed till 3/4am with my heart pounding out my chest last night even going to the toilet feels like ave ran a mile and all they say is its anxiety doctor gave me cit to start a few weeks ago and am scared to take them because of the side affects a can't go on like this anymore ave not seen my 11 month old son properly in weeks because my fear of dying I think I have health anxiety and panic disorder

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    Hi Christopher, yes it definately sounds like you have health anxiety.  I did myself a few months ago so know how bad it feel and how convinced you can be that something is wrong, but believe me it is the anxiety and it is just letting your mind run away with you.
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      Thanks for the reply ended up in a&e last night doctor had a long chat with me and told me my heart sounds fine just getting freaked out with the flutter feeling I have turned into a nutter in the space of a month how did you get over it

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      I started taking 20 mg of Citalopram at the end of December 2016 and although initially my anxieties seemed to worsen, they then gradually started to ease until all the symptoms that I thought were health issues disappeared.  My heart raced, i got pains in my abdomen, tight chest, thought I may have lung cancer, bowel cancer etc. They are all anxiety related and I feel in good health now and nothing is wrong with me just high anxiety and don't be hard on yourself you are not a nutter you are just stressed which has caused anxiety.  I'm into my 5th month of 20 mg of Citalopram now and still not completely back to the chilled out person I used to be but can see the gradual improvement so have high hopes I will get back to my old self again.

      Good luck.

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    Hi Christophe,

    I suffered similar health anxiety to you. First panic attack I ever had I thought I was having a stroke. That was about 10 years ago. But this is just an outlet for the generalised anxiety disorder that I have and OCD (constant negative thoughts not behaviours). I battled without medication for years and then just couldnt cope. I was sick with a virus every two weeks or so for about two years because the stress was actually lowering my immune system. I was so reluctant to go on medication as I wanted to feel strong and competenet but I got to breaking point and the medication has helped so much. I was on 20mg for two months then upped to 30mg about two weeks ago. There are side effects, no denying that. But now the fog is clearing a bit I can see just how bad things really were.. I can see how much strain I was putting on my relationships (family, friends, partner). It makes me wish I had started years ago. CBT/therapy just wasnt enough for me, and I know i'm not a weak failure I just have a diagnosed health problem and I've seeked appropriate treatment for it. I can be myself again. 

    Specifically in terms of the health anxiety it doesnt stop the bad thoughts coming but it helps you realise they are not rational and you can just say I'm not going to go down that path and move on. I can't speak for what you're going through but when I would have anxiety before it would amaze me what my brain could make my body do from anxiety. There were so many times I said "this time its real.. this time my chest hurts and my head is spinning and I can't breathe.. this can't be anxiety this has to be real" but every time I'd eventually calm down and I'd be fine. Your mind is an incredibly powerful thing.

    You have to decide what is the best decision for you. I would not recommend going to your doctor for medication I would see a licensed reliable therapist/counsellor who you are comfortable with and can help decide with you if medication is the best course of action. I saw my therapist for about a year before I decided medication was the way to go. She is an absolute rock and I still see her every 4 to 6 weeks to stay on track and make goals and achieve them!

    Good luck. It will get better!  

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    Hi Christopher 

    Sorry to hear how bad you are feeling at the moment I know I have been there many times over the years agoraphobia anxiety attacks cant go out cant stand in a queue in a shop my now x husband telling me to "Pull myself together or I will end up in the nut house" that scared me even more than the panic attacks ! However several years ago my doctor put me on Citalopram 20mg yes it takes some weeks to work but I am able to cope again now go into town on the bus, go to the dentist on my own ,wait in queues ect. or and I do not have any side affects at all never have 

    I do feel you should take the Citalopram dont be scared there are so many people friends ect who are on them I was very surprised people who you would think could cope with anything remember too there are many famous people who have anxiety attacks Robbie Williams is one I was very surprised about !

    When you take the Citaopram they will take at least a few weeks before you start feeling better so please do not give up just remember we have all been at the stage where you are at the moment but it will eventually give you your life back 

    Dont give up on them if after a couple of months you do not feel there is any improvement and I would be surprised if there wasnt then I would go back to your doctor as he may need to give you a slightly higher dose to start with 

    Well I do hope it goes well for you and please let us know how you are getting on and remember always you are not alone in this I know it feels as if are the only one feeling this bad but I promise you you are not I hope I have helped a little


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