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I'm new to the anxiety game

Started about 3 months ago or so. I went to Vegas early July, had the trip planned since last July. As the trip approached I got kinda worried because I didn't know how it would go because of my new anxiety

Part of me didn't wanna go. I went and had a blast. Had some moments of anxiety but nothing major. Recently I've been getting headaches and dizziness common anxiety symptoms I know but never experienced them bf. I'm still able 2 work

I work in a kitchen at an outdoor Centre. It's just annoying and if it gets 2 bad I just sit down. I hope those symptoms headaches and dizziness are just from anxiety. I've had blood tests done and nothing came up. Went for a chest X ray and levels were normal

I had a heart monitor on me for 24 hours haven't got the results but it's been over a month and if there was anything wrong you think I would a heard about it. Last week I went for a carding ram off my heart. Blood pressure was high but not ridiculous high. I get nervous when I go to hospitals doctors etc so hopefully that's just it. I'm going for a stress test on my heart tommoro. My doc just wants 2 rule out any heart issue's. I'm 5 ft 10 210 lbs or so so I'm not some 300 pound guy to give you perspective..

Anyways hopefully this is all just anxiety

I was given pills bf Vegas but didn't take any cause you can't while drinking alcohol. I haven't taken any yet because I'm worried about side effects and not a big pill guy.

New 2 this forum but interested to hear other ppl stories and if you guys are having similar symptoms...

Take care all

*update* I had my stress test done on my heart... they take your blood pressure when you get there, it was high but that's normal for me because I do get anxious in stressful situations like no one likes going for those kinda tests or doctors or hospitals etc. During the test they monitor you and my blood pressure was fine and after the test it was fine. I was feeling a bit dizzy during the test but that's the kinda feeling I have been having so. It wasn't there throughout the whole test so. I mae it 8 mins 3 levels. Most ppl avg between 6 and 10 mins so I was avg.Takes 2 weeks to get the test back and I will then make an appointment 2 see my doc. She will have all my tests results by then. She didn't seem to concerned like nothing was out of order if u will but she's not a doctor so.

Not worried about my heart think the dizziness and headaches are all do 2 anxiety that's what I believe and I think that's what my doctor thought but we will see what the doc says.

Thanks guys

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    Could anything in the kitchen be affecting you. Heat. Aromas. Clean up fumes. Do you clean up with gloves on. Do you cook with or use herbs .
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      G.90572, I like the way you think. Sometimes there is a simple explanation of what has us feeling this way. It's not always so serious.

      Mackie, I would say it's anxiety. Stress test is a big test and if they didn't find anything then you are fine. I'm getting mine done next week. So we will see how that goes. Good luck smile

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      Nope I would say no, I use gloves to serve and clean. I also get dizzy and headaches outside of the kitchen. It's not 24 hours a day just I dunno throughout the day...

      Hopefully it's just anxiety and nothing else. If it's anxiety I can try and deal with it but will see when I go back 2 the doc...

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      Hopefully all goes well with Urs. I lasted 8 mins. 6-10mins is avg. 30mins is how long the test goes but no one has done it. Your walking up hill and sh*t. They monitor you the whole time so.

      Is your doc just trying to rule out heart issue's as well?

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    Hi, well done for making Vegas and not letting it ur anxiety stop u!!

    I to have the dizziness, lightheadedness, jelly legs, shakes, thumping heart etc etc

    It does sound like anxiety.

    Just think of everything u have had done all the tests and they're all clear so then just concentrate on the anxiety side. When the dizziness comes a few really deep breaths may help.

    If ur ok to keep working keep going, don't let it get to u and just constantly remind urself ur ok.

    U sound as though anxiety has grabbed u but ur managing to break away which is amazing, don't let it take hold

    Sending hugs xxx

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      Thanks, I mean I had it planned since last July like all payed for and that and I was going with a buddy so. There were minor anxiety issues but for the most part I was fine. Alcohol helps as sad as that sound but it does sedate you. The night bf I left I had chest pains when I was sleeping but was prolly just worried about Vegas and that. Leading up 2 Vegas I was really thinking about it and debating weather or not 2 go but glad I did.

      I haven't heard anything results wise from my tests but what I was told is no news is good news. I am managing the anxiety the best I can. I need to work so I can't take time off work. Just a struggle but I get through it

      Just so weird like this started coming on in April but apperently that's anxiety for you. Like I played hockey all winter and I played ball in summers just not this summer different reasons anxiety being one of them...

      Anyways I'm dealing with the best I can. No pills or nothing yet hopefully it gets better soon!!

      Thanks everyone

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