Anxiety but I'm just 20!!!!

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After my relationship with an emotionally abusive guy ( which I ended cuz I got my first panic a

ttack cuz of him) I've been having burning sensation in my chest.

My heart has short stabbing pains. It really freaks me out sad

I feel tired all the time.

What sucks is that even after what he did I cant get him OFF my mind and now I'm constantly worried about my heart.

I have heartache all the time. I am scared about dyin and stuff.

I've also lost so much weight.

Even a sudden brake in the car makes me freak out and the same stabbing pains.

I'm soooo scared right now.

I still haven't got my ECG I'm afraid.

I'm feeling so alone and im just cryin so much right now my heart is aching and I'm gettin palpations. sad

I googled things up and it showed up so many negative scary things.

I am now afraid of going to sleep thinking what if something happens or my heart gives up?!

Please tell me I'm not the only one.

I needed to be me again

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    Hi Tiffany! 

    So sorry you're feeling so awful. You are not alone. don't be afraid.

    Your symptoms are classic significant anxiety. If you read the posts on here you will see that most of the symptoms you describe are, or have been, felt by most on here

    you're doing the right thing coming on here. 


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    Meant to add - sending you a (((((( BIG HUG)))))) and to tell you things WILL get better. 

    Have you been in touch with your doctor? Do you have a friend you can confide in? 

    Best wishes

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    I have extreme anxiety and I'm only 17. I know what your going threw, your not alone
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      Thanks for replying its good ro know gurls my age are going through it too. I was okay a few weeks back after my therapy. 

      But after thinking so much about him and googling things up im back to square 1 

      I read that people suffer from something like " broken heart syndrome" and die cuz of it too. 

      Now im all worked up! I dunno what to do! 

      Im sooooooooooo scared. 

      I have my ECG appointment on Monday and I am so scared to even go to sleep. 



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      I cant contact him. I know I'd fall into a panic attack. 

      I ended things with him like 3-4 months ago. 

      Its like I cant live with..or without him 

      I try to divert my mind but its not helping. 

      I constantly feel the need to have him around me. I keep replayin the good memories we had (he hardly gave me any tho) Even tho he was a complete ------- I cant stop loving and NEEDING him. 

      I'm struggling so much I cant function.  

      It's draining me out. 

      Im always tired and stressed. 

      And im worried about my health too. 

      Just last night I cried for 2 hours straight sad

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      Awww sad  

      You need to be selfish and think about yourself for a minute. I know it's not easy getting over someone especially when their in your mind 24/7. But you should try doing things to get your mind off of him like going out with friends going for a run whatever just something that occupies your mind. We except the love we think we deserve but know your worth. He's not worth all this added stress and anxiety especially if this is effecting your health. Your very pretty I'm sure you can find someone way better that will treat you good also. Hope this helps 

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    Hi Tiffany. There is no such thing as 'broken heart syndrome' and you certainly won't die from it. You are experiencing classic anxiety symptoms which feels horrible and you are sure you are about to die but NOBODY HAS EVER DIED FROM ANXIETY!  It just feels  very, very uncomfortable and your thoughts become a rush of panic. You are definately not the only one. There are thousands of people in the UK feeling exactly the same as you right this minute and there are about 3 million worldwide. It is actually quite common after a particularly stressful or traumatic time. Your nerves need a rest. You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you. Your body is just having a totally natural response to stress. You worrying about it will only increase the anxiety but you will still be ok. It cannot harm you. Your heart is the strongest muscle in the body and is designed to withstand massive palpitations. I repeat, there is nothing wrong with you (no matter what your thoughts say). You will come to no harm and you will not die. Horrible experience though, I know. It seems very real at the time. Sending you courage and a big hug.
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    Hi Tiffany,

    I'm 20 too and i know exactly what your going through. I find that it comes in bouts for me, some weeks will be better than others. I've had anxiety for about 2 years and improved loads, now I feel like im nearly at the point of being able to manage it effectivley. Forget about your ex, from what I can see your a lovely looking girl, im sure you wont find it difficult to find someone much better. Try doing some mindfulness meditation, good luck x


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      Thanks alot Jamie smile yes it does come in bouts for me too; some days are better some are horrendous but I'm not able to be conpletely bqck to normal Im feeling much lighter and better today tho, hope it lasts xxx

      I just wanna get out of this mess I've got myself into asap. 

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    Hi. Tiffany...sorry things are so scary for you...What you describe sounds like anxiety symptoms, brought on by stress and tension re your relationship problems etc..I have been there also , on and off since I was in my teens, and again recently when I was betrayed by someone...

     I was recommended books by. Dr Claire Weekes....they Are wonderful, and so reassuring... She explains why you are getting the symptoms you are...and helps take all the fear away. She also tells you how to get well again...this is what I did, and I became well...whenever I feel a bit anxious, I read one of her books, and feel immediately reassured again... The one I bought first was SELF HELP FOR YOUR is easy and straightforward to read too...

    it is natural to think about someone! even when you have finished with them, but if he wasn't good for you and caused you to panic, you are better off without him...Things will get easier in time with these feelings...

    I hope this helps you...and to let you know you are not wishes, .....

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      Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate the fact that u took out time and effort to respond to me. 

      Yes, I think I will be able to handle this now. 

      Initially,  I was taken aback because things just came crashing down for turbulent relationship and the abuse I was going through really hurt me deeply and thats how I got anxiety. 

      Im trying to be as strong as I can. 

      I went for my ECG and ECHO tests and THANK GOD!  I am SOOOO damnRELIEVED, They all came back normal.

      But yeah idk why im still so tired,uninterested and feeling low..Kind of like; detached from reality. Idk I feel im goin nuts I keep thinking sooo much. Gah! >.< 

      i guess this too shall pass soon. 

      *fingers crossed* 

        i="" guess="" this="" too="" shall="" pass="" soon. ="" *fingers="" crossed* ="">

      i guess this too shall pass soon. 

      *fingers crossed* 


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