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hey i am 23 years.i had anxiety disorders a before.but now i came back to those days.i am realy nervous.i have many signs of anxiety attacks but I prefer dont mention them now even typing those signs make me nervous more.i am realy hopless.i want to meet those who r like me but they could contorl their anxiety.i realy want to know how they did they saved themselves.i will be glad for listening ur solutions.

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    Hi Anahita,

    I've posted this quite a few times with regards to anxiety and it seems to have helped people so feel free to use it if you wish:

    The best thing to do first is become aware of your physiology, or the very real physical symptoms you're experiencing. They are there. It isn't necessarily a symptom of anything else but if you fear it is, you should consult your GP. If you have physical checks and they eliminate the problem (ECG for heart, etc) then you should put it down to anxiety.

    Anxiety comes because your brain is creating a 'fear' in your mind, and as with anything that creates fear, you become anxious.

    The anxiety, usually, starts in your chest, so you begin to breathe faster and your chest becomes tense (as a muscle would if it is being exercised). Your lungs need more oxygen and no greater way of getting oxygen around your body is by blood. Blood gets to your lungs faster when your heart pumps it quicker, so your heart rate increases.

    The lungs are working hard now. They are communicating with your brain asking for more help. Your brain helps by asking your heart for support. So the heart is working harder than it normally would to the point where it needs help from your brain again.

    Your brain can't cope with both having a go at it asking for support - you get symptoms such as perspiration, pains in your chest, tingling in your arms, toes and fingers. So your brain panics and makes mistakes.

    Your brain then tells you to react accordingly – panic.

    The panic says, “focus on your heart; why is it faster? Why are my arms tingling? Why does my chest hurt?”. Your brain says, through duress and under pressure, “I'm having a heart attack; I'm going to die!”

    You're not. Just stop and think before your lungs tell your brain that they need oxygen, fast. Focus on your breathing.

    How to deal with anxiety is subjective and it depends on how disciplined you are in being able to set yourself space and time to be able to perform breathing exercises rather than rely on medication being there for you to help you. 3 things I've found are the most helpful - 1. Guided Meditation, 2. Mindfulness and Awareness, 3. The '7 to 11 Breathing Technique'

    Guided meditation, first of all, is quite structured and disciplined in the sense you have somebody there guiding you through the process of meditation (obviously) and you don't want to disturb others doing it at the same time - but similarly expect others to respect you whilst you do it.

    Mindful and awareness can often come hand in hand with guided meditation. Through mindfulness and awareness, you become aware of where you are and most importantly what your body is physically experiencing. In focusing on these feelings (chest pain, shortness of breath, pins and needles) by breathing them in, in a controlled manner, by breathing them out you are effectively telling your brain and body to breathe these pains out too, and they will eventually go away.

    The 7 to 11 breathing technique is when you breathe into your lungs through your mouth, nose or both, until your lung capacity is completely full - it may even hurt; you may use parts of your lungs you've never used before - and hold your breath for 7 seconds. Following this, you purse your lips as though you were blowing out a candle and gradually exhale until your lungs are empty. You hold this for 11 seconds and don't take another breath.

    Keep doing this for as long as you want. The longer, the better. During the exercise you might experience forms of euphoria; your fingers may tingle, your head may feel slightly dizzy - this is good; this is tension unburdening itself off you; don't worry about it. Instead, focus on it and treat it as a good feeling.

    With all of this, it will not be an immediate cure. Mindfulness and awareness courses, and meditation classes take time to book and when you go to them, both take patience to master. The 7 to 11 breathing technique you can perform whenever you want.

    My advice would be to understand for the first two you won't get anywhere this week but if you take steps now to look into them and how practical it is to do them, by the end of the week you may be on the right track.

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      OMG boing333

      Where have you been all this time , your Info is spot on . That is exactly what I do to myself (well I try) when I have an anxiety attack. It really works , but the thought about (dying ) how do I get that out of my brain . As soon as I get these fast heart beats etc.... I feel there's someone right beside me or black shadows that will kill me etc....  I had an attack last night it lasted 2 hrs from 11-pm to 1am uk time .

      Ummm ..... I have sooo much to ask but not a fast typer , i want to know if I can figure out how these attacks are triggered ?

      Because I was watching tele last night  xfactor   I was laughing etc ..... But my (stupid , silly ) brain keeps telling my I'm going to die Out of nowhere , I do t know where these thoughts come from ( yes obviously it's something I fear) is that why my brain likes to pick on my weakness ??

      If so why do I block it out ?? 

      My husband works in a restraunt so he comes home late 1- am ish everynight . So I usually tellmy my youngest daughter to sleep with me who's 6 yrs old , then her daddy can pick her up and take her to her bed when he comes home. I do that because I'm soo scared of sleeping by myself  in the bed . 

      I have never been like this ever, I did have a few attacks in March this year and just recent last week and last night ..... There was nothing for a few months I went to the gym regularly and I was ok . 

      Until me and my partner had a row and he wanted to leave , I got really upset and sinece that day I've been having severe chest pains and attacks .... I do feel a lot weaker and completely demotivated and no energy , ....  Last week I went  to A&E coz it was that bad I fainted , my heart felt it was though it was a heart attack I felt dizzy light headed I had a dry mouth ..... They did a ECG and it was all fine , and I started to feel better within 30min of being there In the hospital (I laugh  .....) it seems funny weird And confusing .... Some times I done know weather I'm coming or going ....

      Please can you help me in any way , starting off with the questions I've put above ..... 

      I'm also a very talkative person , and do like to talk a lot a bout my past . But that is where all my hurt is , since 2009 -2013 me and my partner we on and off separated , I found out he was having an affair ...... It tore my world apart ..... I worshiped the ground he walked on ( but he didn't think or feel I did) anyway ....

      Boing333 I know you maybe thinking I'm giving you my life story but I want to help myself but don't know how , I feel I n ex a little bit of professional help .... Doctors don't have time , my mum doesn't understand what I'm saying , my friends don't know how to manage me and hey say all the negative words that then play in my head and throw it off even more than it already is , family think I'm kinda looney ........ Counselling waiting list that I'm on will take. Lifetime ,,,,,,  I'm in my home with my kids and partner I go to the gym when I want /if I feel like it which is hardly , I'm at home 24/7 I don't chat to friends I don't socialise I just go out to asda or town only when the kids need something and my partner is trying to help but even he doesn't know where to start .... 

      I've also  noticed I don't enjoy watching tv or even listening to music like I once did , if I did back then my mind would become jolly and it takes away the burden or past thoughts , but nowadays I've noticed even after watching tv or listening to music I go back to my low sad self straight away .... The happiness or whatever it is doesn't last .... 

      I feel you are more experienced in this field please please pass on as much info on self help as you can 

      Kind regards 


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    Hi Anahita. I also have a anxiety disorder and also panic attack. As I am using medicine for nearly 2years. I started to feel sick, jelly legs, gagging and unwell since 2days. I couldn't sleep and eat properly. I signed up here to talk with people like me. I believe that we can understand each other better than people who have never suffered from this terrible illness. What is your physical symptoms?
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      heya irem sorry I answrd u late.yea sure would be glad to talk to you.well I have lots of symptoms...from head to toe!sometimes I have headache and it countinuse for a somedays,chest pain it is like to I am going to die!insomnia n yea as u said I cant eat any thing.and many other details of symptoms.i tried tell u big ones!how r u now?u told u using medicin?i used medicin too but just for a short time.actualy I prefer natural ways of meditating n other but sometimes even meditaing doesnt work too.
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      Thanks for reply. My GP increased my medicine, it's been 2 weeks. I started to feel better but still have some of the symptoms. gagging and digestion problems. When will medicine starts to work? Thanks 
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      hey irem hope u be great today.for me personaly I think it depends on level of stress.when I was in lower level it workd after a few days but I remember when I was in a high level it didnt work for me but maybe coz I didnt use medicin for long time.i like to rely on myself I know it realy hard but I am trying.whats ur idea about using medicin?u think which on is better I mean for long time using or not using?i scare that if I use medicin that it makes me dependent to them.and u tried any natural ways like meditation or exercising?
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      Hi Anahita, I am feeling better this last 3 days.Anxiety comes to my mind less than last weeks. I guess medicine started to work. I am not negative about medications as it helps to balance our hormones.
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