Anxiety - Huge fear of stomach flu

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So, for a while now I have been getting nausea with my anxiety/panic it's just one of those symptoms, but now I'm terrified because I have a huge fear of throwing up/stomach bugs and my aunt seems to have one because she's been sick all day and I was around her and ofcourse I've been having anxiety over the thought of catching it and now extremely nauseated... does anyone else go through this? I know it seems crazy. 😦

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    hi worries...I have nausea almost 24/7! of course I've always had a "queezy stomach" (can't STAND rollercoasters and such)!

    nevertheless, I am nauseated almost always.

    doctor prescibes me Zofran which I take as needed.

    I'm quite sure anxiety plays a huge part as hang in there!

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    i have a fear of catching the norovirus to. i dread the winter at times because i know my kids are going to pick it up in nursery and school and bring it back to the house. when they come down with it i know its a matter of time before i get it because ive been handling them before they start symptoms while they are contiguous.

    i used to where gloves and a mask while handling them while they were showing symptoms and use lots of hand sanitizer. these efforts always proved ineffective when i learned its normally always passsed to you while the infected person is not showing symptoms. so i always come down with it.

    its just one of those things that if your going to catch your going to catch it😣

    anyway if you do pick it up it wont kill you. just keep hydrated untill it passes and dont stray far from a toilet🤣

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    I'm also nauseous in waves almost every single day now..i also have never vomited. Just waves of it on and off, I drink ginger ale, and sniff peppermint oil or nibble a candy cane. I dont know if it works really lol, but sometimes it seems it does. Better when I eat or totally distracted by other things, and at night most of the time. Hard to believe its anxiety. Hugs

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    i too get nauseous almost all.the time. my doc prescribes me zofran which thankfully mostly works!

    the other thing I indulge myself in is peppermint stick ice cream (not mint chip!)....

    also, mint tea! experiment!

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    Hi hgj

    I have been having daily nausea/stomach pains and also have a huge fear of throwing up so every twinge and sensation sends me into a panic. I thought I was the only one with this phobia until I came on this forum and an emetephobia forum. It helps me to not feel so alone because when I look around it seems like everyone else is sailing through life yet this phobia and panic overtakes my every waking minute.

    I would recommend seeing a therapist to discuss your fears. I am currently seeing one and though it's too soon to see any difference, I'm hopeful that it will help. I also regularly take gaviscon and rennie to try and settle my stomach, drink ginger and chamomile tea and try to eat small but regular meals eventhough the idea of food can terrify me.

    I hope you feel better soon and know that it's not crazy. This phobia is actually quite common and can be treated along with anxiety and panic disorders.

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    Im glad im not alone with this. Severe phobia of throwing up since I was young but it got worse when my chornic nausea got worse when i was 10, it sorta led to a bad anxiety disorder from then on and i even stopped going to school because of it, i would even wear gloves even in my own home before touching food. not fun. It still is a part of my life and it still flares up and whenever I am around someone then hear of them coming down sick the next day, I cant help but freak out and make myself feel sickk-its an inivoluntary reaction. I think emetophobia is a more common condition than we think, and it definitly dosent make you weird. I do wish people would look for the cause of their nausea and try to treat it a little more naturally instead of popping pills their doctor gives them automatically, diet change can be a huge help. God bless

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