Anxiety is in overdrive

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So for some unknown reason my anxiety is in overdrive today and I can't handle it. I have had 3 camomile tea's, Passionflower supplements and propranolol and nothing is calming me.

I am dizzy, shakey, tense, getting confused etc. I am fighting the urge to get upset or run out of work. I am hypersensitive to everything. I work in a busy warehouse, so the lights, siren's, noise, busy environment is very disorienting and I am generally just scatty and all over the place.

Currently sat in my car trying to calm down, I know it's just Anxiety but after months of these physical sensations I am getting so down and exhausted. I know my job, I know the people, I am safe in my office, I know the environment and people know what i am struggling with / supoort me, so why am I freaking out so much! Propranolol hasn't helped today either.

I hate this, starting to think I need to try medication seriously after avoiding antidepressants for a long time..

I just want to sleep but can't sad

I feel for anyone going through this, I really do.

Suppose I just wanted to rant more than anything. Has anyone got any motivational success stories to lighten the mood?



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    Hey Tom!

    I too am having a terrible anxiety day. Convinced myself I have HIV again, super fun. 

    You have to remember anxiety is just as physical as it is mental and your body will feel exhausted and under the weather. Don't let that be a trigger to worry. 

    I really hope your day starts to get better and you are able to calm down. Just think you have worked through your anxiety before and you'll do it again. There is an end to feeling like this and you will get there. 

    Good luck, pal 


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    Tom I think theanxiety is interfering with your sleep. When this haopens it disturbs other body functions.

    ​I have a link to coping mechanisms but on here not allowed to send them.

    I googled anger management. Please do not be offended as I waas looking for a friend and the link had lots of references to GAD.

    ​There are lots of useful practical tips such as avoiding caffeine and energy drinks.Relaxation techniques, exercise to stimulate the endorphins and produce natural sleeep. Drinking plenty of water etc, etc.

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    If you're not sleeping well, maybe that is contributing to your heightened anxiety.. I know when I dont get enough sleep, I'm guaranteed for a bad 2 days of anxiety to follow. Mix that with the setting in your work and it's no wonder why you're feeling so uptight! I know you say you're used to your work and everything, but sometimes anxiety doesn't understand that and it can still make you feel your symptoms.

    Maybe try some meditation music when you get home? I'm still horrible at understanding how to meditate, but laying in a dark room listening to the music itself is enough to calm me enough to make it tolerable.

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    Yes last year I was like you if not worse , I couldn't work at all.

    I couldn't concerntrate at all especially on a one to one conversation with Somome. I had a training session last year for a new job as I tried to get in to work again, it was in a room with four other woman and the person training us, I don't know why, but I got the most awful panic attack I could feel I was loosing control , I ran out and locked my self in the toilet and called my best friend, I was shaking so much and crying. She calmed me down slightly told me to tell them I wasn't feeling well and to go home. The woman was waiting out side the toilet when I came out and she just hugged me I cried more . I was just honest with her and told her I had a panick attack was going through depression and I needed to go, she was so nice and said she's been there her self. Anyway lots of these things happened over the next month , then it led to a deep clinical depression I was suicidal 😢.

    Eventually went on AD and it did get a whole lot worse for 10 days.

    But guess what now I'm better , back to me again thanks to my dr my meds sertraline, and God.

    I'm still on the meds but I'm me again. Well 99% lol

    Get the meds, get CBT therapy and do meditation. Nothing lasts for ever. You WILL BE OK I PROMISE YOU XXXX

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      Thank you for your reply Lattifa. It sounds like a dreadful experience and I am glad you have come out stronger for it.

      The panic attacks are horrible, I had one in front of my colleagues that I have worked with for 8 years, it left them stunned to say the least. They didn't know what to do and I couldn't control the shake's! No idea where it came from.

      The doctor has suggested Sertraline, I was a bit apprehensive about trying it as I tried Fluoxetine and ended up having a month off work due to side effects. I have the tablets, just holding back starting. I keep kidding myself that i don't need them.

      How have you found Sertraline? I know I need something to calm my body!

      Thank you

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      Hay Thomas ,

      I was sooo scared to take the sertraline too.

      The reason being is that it was another AD that made me ill in the first place.

      Basically over a year ago now I went to the dr as I was feeling a bit down and wanting to sleep an awful lot.

      I thought the de would tell me I need vitamins or just give me general advice, I've been anemic in the past so thought iron tablets?!

      Well... she gave me citalopram 20mg ...ruined my life to say the least, I've never taken AD in my life befor, but I thought I would give it a go.

      I only took one dose and, I had the most awful reaction , after 4 hours I was going crazy, came over all hot sweaty went green, vomited had the runs, major panick attack , out of body experience its was soooo scary my daughter called an ambulance , I went to hospital, after a few tests I was told I had a bad reaction and it was a panick attack and would wear offf over 48 hrs.

      Well NO it didn't it got worse and worse I tried all I could to over come it, I was having panick attack 24/7 couldn't eat couldn't sleep couldn't stay home. Then deep depression set in , heavy cloud over my head, intrusive thoughts , I actually thought I was going mental and loosing the plot. After a month I went to my dr, a different one, she said I needed AD I was so scared I said no I can't you don't understand this is why I'm like this. Dr said we will give you somthing different and it's more dangerous not to have anything than to try this. It was sertraline 50mg.

      I was way too scared, my husband at the time took one first to try make me feel better. He said he just felt heavy and tired. So with the help of my best friend I took only a quarter of the pill, for a few days, I felt a bit out of it, a bit spacy. Then I took half for a week, again spacey and couldn't sleep, clenching my jaw, see I've never taken drugs so I didn't like the feeling some people say they feel high and like they are on drugs. Me personally didn't like it but I stuck at it. Then when I started taking the whole 50mg, the anxiety got worse I would wake up in the morning after maybe 2 hours sleep in a complete mess crying shaking suicidal, I went to dr almost every day , saying I can't do it I'm not normal I need to go to a mental hospital.

      She assured me to stick with it. I did, but it was hell, I even went to a&e saying I wanted to die!! Very sad indeed and awful for my kids.

      Again they assured me the first 10 days on AD are the worst then it will get better. I lost a lot of weight and looked awful. I couldn't function.

      Anyway after 4 1/2 weeks I was feeling so much better 🙂. Still had a long way to go and by this stage other side affect came in, night sweats, headaches , the feeling of I can feel I'm on medication, dry mouth.

      But I really didn't care about this I was feeling generally better in my self, I could sleep I started to eat. It took 6months to feel back to me 99.9%.

      I've put on a lot of weight now , but I'm well not crazy anymore lol. I must say I prayed a lot and was close to my faith that helped me sooo much. I'm good now I drink I have fun I sleep I work I'm really good thank god.

      So please please take the meds it will get worse before better. But nothing much worse than what you are going through now Hun.

      You will get better take the meds and be strong , and I promise u will be well again very soon. Make sure to pray have some therapy too.

      I am here if you need me throu out the time you are taking it, we all are. Your not alone.

      Big hugs to you xx

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      I have just started medication for severe anxiety. I have multiple attacks a day, and constantly feel dizy, feel like im shutting down , faint and dying. Did this happen to you? My ears are echoey, and im so scared that something is going to happen to me. Im on my 12th day of meds. I heard it gets worse before it gets better. Was this the case for you? Please help, Im so scared right now :'(

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      Oh my dear grace,

      Please try not to panick by telling your self this is the meds and its healing you. In order to get to that better place your going to have to be really strong Hun, and you are , as you ARE surviving this already and you are fighting it by taking the meds and coming on here for advice.

      Yes my ears were very very sensitive , I could hear THE electricity in the plug sockets when they were switched on, I could hear my earring clinking as I walked, my ears being echoey was rather disturbing at times , because I biggest health anxiety fear was schizophrenia, and I thought I was hearing things. Please please continue let's see how you are in another week or even less.

      Big hugs darling zx

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      I am very happy for you that you are feeling so much better. I am on day 9 of citalopram. I haven't reacted to it like you did, that must have been so scary. And you're brave to try something else after that. I don't think I would be that brave. Took a lot just to take these meds. Can't wait to get to where you are!


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      I promise you will get there, I wasn't brave I was so ill that I knew it wasn't gonna make me worse that I already was so I went for it, had to or I would end up killing my self 😟 And it worked thank god. Everyone on here has supported me and this dorum was the best help ever, and that's why I'm still on the forum as I want to help others who feel

      Like I did.


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