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Hi I don't no if I'm just suffering from health anxiety again but I feel like I'm having all the symptoms of luekemia and I'm very scared and as you do I have obviously been searching on the Internet. Luekemia symptoms are bruising, red spots on skin, bone pain, fatigue, fever, weight loss and swollen lymph nodes. I have recently found a lump that moves around very easily near my armpit. I've also noticed a couple of bruises on my legs which I can't remember doing anything to get them. For the past few weeks I have had tiny aches in my body they are not painful and last up to a few seconds/2 minutes I don't feel anything at night. I also noticed the lump a few weeks ago and it hasn't changed its still the same size. I also have red spots on my legs which fade when pressures applied and are starting to fade a little. I know this is in the anxiety forum but maybe people might know thank you need answers 

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    Hi Daniella, 

    If you really believe you have cancer, you should speak to your GP, no one here is qualified to offer you medical advice or diagnosis in that area. As you have health anxiety, it's probably more likely to be anxiety. Do you actually have a fever or do you just feel a bit hot? What is your temperature?  How much weight have you lost and over how long? How are you sure you have swollen lymph nodes? If you do have an actual fever and swollen lymph nodes, cancer is a big leap to take- it would be more likely to assume that you have an infection.  Perhaps you have one or two actual symptoms (which could literally be anything/nothing) and the rest are symptoms of anxiety or are exacerbated by anxiety. Have you had treatment (CBT, hypnotherapy or medication) for anxiety? If not, one of those treatments could be very effective for you. 

    Try not to google things, it'll just stress you out! 

    I hope you feel better soon! smile 

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    Hi daniella,

    Have you had blood test done, that would detect anything.Aches and pain can be anxiety it can be shown in all different ways.

    I don't know how old you are but I get bruises in all sorts of places but probably mine is age and never remember hitting myself.

    get the lump checked it is probably nothing just a gland but will put your mind at ease spots will come when you are down and don't go on Dr Google  because you will have every sympton and illness there is and imagination will run away with you,I know I have done it,it's hard buttery to resist.

    Sorry can not help further but keep posting on here always somebody will answer you

    Take Care

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    So sorry you are having all the things you say you are having.  All those certainly could and should send one into anxiety and panic.

    I am male, but know something about lumps, especially under and near the arm pits.  Have you been to see a doctor?  And if not, why not?  While you may be seeking reassurance from the world wide public, that would be fine.  But, lumps, bumps, and those that move especially under, near the arm pit and or on breasts, should certainly be checked out by a qualified physician.

    The longer you may go without seeing a qualified doctor, specializing in cancer, the more your anxiety is going to grow.  That is understandable, so how long are you going to wait to see a doctor?  My advice is not for long.  Some cancers grow very rapidly, and even a week or a month could be devastating to you.

    When did you recognize these lumps, and at what time of the month (cycle)?  At the certain time of a woman's cycle, they may have lumps in and near the arm pits, on their breasts, etc.  Some women, not all!  And not all the times of their cycle.  People are different, and their bodies are different than others.

    So, I would go and have your body checked out, just to settle your nerves, anxieties, and understand all the doctor tells you.  You do not desire, I'm sure, to leave their office not fully understanding what seems to be taking place within your body.

    Good luck, Daniella, and I hope all lumps, bumps and bruises are benign, and will disappear at the end of your cycle.

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      Hi thanks for all replies no I have not yet been to my doctor and Joan I am 19 year old I say I'm healthy but Id say I'm overweight I'm like 13st and I do eat junk food. And I don't really have a fever amy and my temperature isn't high it's just normal. I often get chills but I've always been like that I'd say. 

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    Relax! I read on this site that we are on, that breast lumps in young adults are very normal.

    We all have a few bruises and red spots. You aren't covered in them...

    If you were told that you have a 1 in 1 million chance at your age of having a serious illness, woudl you stop worrying? You probably have a much higher chance of the roof caving in, or an elephant breaking free from it's pen in a zoo and trampling you to death. I'm sure you don't spend time worrying about those things. I am sure you are okay...but see your doctor if you continue to worry. He may aspirate the lump just to put your mind at ease.

    The worst thing about worrying is that you feel helpless; like you've lost control. The best thing to do is to take control of your health and of your life. Often worries about other things; school, work, family or BF issues come out in worrying about one's health. So tidy up your life. Eat well (6 - 10 vegetables and fruits per day). I suggest starting every day on the right foot; in your blender combine strawberries, melon,...even spinach, celery, an protein powder, probiotics and almond milk...better than cow's.

    Drink plenty of water, keep regular, eat less bread and fewer sweets, NO stimulants such as coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks which just ramp up the anxiety and avoid stressful people/situations. Get involved in things; a gym, a hiking meetup in your area, learn a language, volunteer, take up a hobby (art, photography, Scottish dancing?...). 

    If you don't start to notice a difference in your anxiety level, you may need to be on anti-depressants for a while. But DO give lifestyle changes a try...and you might integrate them into your permanent health plan. Good luck!


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    It's best to get tests for these issues. I am not a doc.. Cancer is not anything to post phone test or trivialize. PLZ see UR doc. Thanks. Take care.. Waiting is only building more anxiety...
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