Anxiety or something else?

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Everyone I speak to says I'm suffering from simply anxiety. I keep telling myself that too but I can't convince myself as easily with all the symptoms I put up with. I thought the second/dozenth opinion would be better from people who've suffered it too. So, list time

+ The main one is tricky to describe. My heart beat seems louder/harder, Im very very aware of it, especially at night. Keeps me awake.

+ At the same time as above or on its on, I feel like the centre ofmy chest is vibrating. I feel it all through my torso. Again, worse at night. My favourite though is when Im eating breakfast, I cant even descibe this one, its like a deeper tremor with every bite

+ Very very tender and painful breasts 24/7 for months - Im female.

+ More internalised chest and back pain sometimes. I thought the worst of course, blood tests and ecg say my hearts healthy.

+ Sensitive tickly throat with a strange airy feeling in chest. occasional coughs

+ I have trluble getting to and staying asleep. It was getting better but last night, woke up with the shaking and heart thumping out of chest feeling.

+ Only recently got my appetite back. Think I had acid reflux or stomach acid, after a long spell of it.

Recently got off beta blockers (2 months ago) since they gave me panic attacks, chest pain, zero appetite. I really think this put me on the downward path to how i feel now.

Now until I got these symptoms I was fine. I wasnt feeling depressed for once. If this is only anxiety or anxiety plus something, I dont know for sure what set it off. Now though, Im scared to death about my health. That I won't get better or I'll die suddenly.

Ive taken anti depressants in the past and they only made me very ill, so Ive refused them. Ive been to counselling many times. I think my body has gotten used to kalms or nytol, theyve gone from sometimes helping to never.

I also have family drama in the back of my mind. Again at the time this kicked off, things were uneventful but not fine i guess. Now, its now helping.

Ok I blabbed as usual, sorry. Anyone have any insight please, and thanks.

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    I swear to you that these are typical symptoms of anxiety and nothing to worry about. 

    If you had a recent physical and the doctor's ruled out anything serious, then don't worry about the symptoms. 

    What I mean is that it's a cycle that amplifies the symptoms. You feel anxious, you have physical symptoms, you have physical symptoms, you get more anxious, and eventually it leads to severe anxiety and panic attacks. There are many techniques for this. I use anything from mediation to ASMR (when it's time to sleep)

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      Yeah, when Im feeling just ok and my mind is being rational (ish, I never am fully lol), I know and tellin myself it can help. But the symptoms come back and my usual paranoia takes over. So many docs, nurses, paramedics etc tell me Im fine. They cant all be wrong.

      Anxiety isnt rational though. My heads a mess. I feel like ive tried everything but getting off my lazy bum and exercising. Prefefably in a way id enjoy, but that seems like a pipe dream

      What is asmr? I feel sleeping/night time is my biggest problem

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    deffo anxierty,i used proponol only 10 mg and when you need them ,worked a treat,not been on them for 7 months ,maybe they would help you
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      Propananol was the pill that made me ill in the first place. Panic attacks, racing heart, insomnia, appetite gone. took me a while to get past the withdrawals. Cured my migraine but id rather have them.

      They did put me on 80, then 160, modified release though. The last person i saw hinted it was too high. Still, scared of them.

      But thanks smile

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      i used to dread nightimes,id be paranoid all night and wouldent get much sleep,exersise,and healthy eating works also sex is a great stress release,as it releases endorphins and serotona its a all round good anti depressent
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      Yes, the 80mg modified release. I told the doc that while they were making my constant migraine go away, I was sleeping less, having nightmares/terrors etc.. but he upped the dose since he wasn't satisified that the migraine had gone completely. I was happy with the occasional headache, and more concerned with the side effects but nm.

      Never want to see that guy again.

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      While I was struggling to get my appetite back, my diet was pretty much cereal and vegetables,with the occasional chicken slices sandwich which would take an hour to finish. I can't say I felt better or worse then, but my energy levels were in the single digits and I wasn't pleasant to be around (though I'm naturally not, I'm just good at pretending to be :P ).

      I have thought a lot about finding a type of excercise I'd enjoy, what with me never being particularly athletic or interested in sports. I like swimming but can't seem to fit it into my schedule, the timetables for the local pool are terrible if you work 9-5's. I thought about a bike but the stationary one in my living room already gathers dust. Yoga actually stressed me out further as I couldn't keep up with the later bits of a beginners video. mehmeh excuses all round. I'll pass on the last one.

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      lol,you need to do somthing,if you dont then you will sink into a deeper state,you need to get out and about,even if you cant be bothered,when i was at my lowest i had to drag myself out and i hated it,but eventualy it began to feel as less of a strain and thats when things get better as you want to eat because you feel better in yourself,get a dog?
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