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For a few months I have had anxiety over my health. Constantly thinking I have a serious illness. I'm constantly checking my body for all types of symptoms and it seems as if a new symptom crops up everyday. Saw the Dr. He said I was fine. Still didn't believe it. I Google every symptom and have been convinced I have a multitude of illnesses. Been very concerned that I'm going to have a pulmonary embolism, heart attack, I have DVT, etc. Didn't realize how much this has started to take over my life until a couple days ago I went to ER because I thought I had a rupturing aortic aneurysm in my abdomen. Was confirmed once again that I was fine. I had indigestion. My husband thinks I'm nuts. But my fears seem so real. Never been one to worry about my health until a few months ago when I started getting intermittent chest pains. At this point I'm starting to think I'm going crazy. I have aches and pains all over my whole body. I'm afraid to go to sleep at night because I think I won't wake up. Need a way to break out of this. It seems to be taking over my life.

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    I''m the same way I have a constant fear of everything that can possibly go wrong and when I find out one things okay it's just a matter of time I find something else to worry about and everything I find out or read like side effects in my mind I make myself get them then I confuse myself thinking is this real or what because my anxiety gets to me so bad I can just think about something hurting then it does like last week I thought I had brain cancer then the week before I thought I was going blind just got it in my head went to the dr said I was fine and now I think I got this bug eating netti pot disease from using well water in it I went to the dr she said don't worry about it and so has people I've asked now I'm assuming I'm going to die in a matter of days no matter what I get told and when this phase passes if it does then it will be something else honestly anxiety is one of the scariest things I feel like there's no end and the people I talk to about this stuff just look at me like I'm insane i feel that the drs get tired of my constant returns there just like don't think about it but people will never understand until they get the feelings themselves but I'm learning that you can't live like this i mean it puts such a toll on the body and I'm learning that life's short you can't really see the beauty in it if we are constantly worrying about dying but I'm the same way I can't stop the thoughts but I've noticed talking helps and also never ever Google anything about health it will always pick the worst scenarios possible
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    You may find it benificial to read my thread: 'Labelled, categorized, and discriminated against as suffering with health anxiety?' they had me questioning my sanity at one point as over a several week period I'd constantly see emergency service vehicles: ambulances, paramedic, and doctors on a daily basis just going about my casual business feeling taunted and constantly reminded of my vascular & circulatory health concerns which for the most part feel generalist physcians clinically assess & clinically dismiss my health concerns trivalizing my symptoms in the process with unsupported/undisclosed clinical opinions which I feel is anxiety inducing as they command complete and absolute trust so assuming you're being subjected to similiar treatment I don't think your ongoing health concerns are irrational.. Generalist physcians fail to acknowledge the complexity of clinically diagnosing patients as often symptoms are non-specific and are often subtle, vague, broad, overlapping and indistinguishable to be able to identify the causality relying soley on low cost options such as clinical assessment yet referrals to specialists to receive medical assessment are costly and comes out of the pratice surgeries allotted budget so is a clear conflict of interest and typically the NHS do not rely on medical assessment to diagnose patients unless it's a probable diagnosis (confirmation) your health concerns seem confined to vascular & circulatory health same as mine which anxiety is a natural response to prolong uncertainty and potentially life changing medical conditions..

    I found it benificial to research how primary and secondary care is comissioned, financed, delivered, and regulated as well as the challenges they face through browsing GP publication boards, My vascular & circulatory health concerns started when I had persistent chest pains which initially attributed to gastroesophageal reflux disease at start of 2014 but acid refluxing has since subsided despite failing to make necessary dietary & lifestyle changes but just illustrates complexity of clinically diagnosing as I don't know if my symptoms are Vascular & Circulatory or Gastrointestinal & Digestive as several organs are located in chest area so symptoms could be anything so I wouldn't rule out physilogical causes without thorough medical assessment

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    Firstly Tara, Google carries a lot of information, in fact too much information, and  the problem is that not all of it is applicable to everyone. A lot of the information has been put there by doctors and researchers, but we have to be very careful indeed that we do not believe that the information it carries is all true for everybody.

    It is because we are all different that we have our own doctor whose job it is to diagnose our particular problem and then treat it.

    In your case your doctor has said that you are fine, so the main issue is that your hypochondriasis will not permit you to believe what has been said, so you keep imagining that more and more things are wrong with you, when the simple truth is that you are fine.

    The problem with this attitude is that it can cause anxiety to rear it's ugly head, and that in itself can and often does make things a lot worse.

    So the question is, what do you think it will take for you to actually convince yourself that you are a perfectly healthy human being?


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    I thank you all so much for your responses. Coming on here and reading other people are having these same issues is really helpful. It certainly makes me feel better I'm not alone in these feelings I'm having. Its so frustrating for me when my husband just dismisses my concerns. It makes me feel even worse. Not only do I not feel well then I start to feel as if I'm going crazy. Ive been so fatigued these last few months I'm hoping to turn things around soon. My GP had brought up medication for my anxiety and maybe its time for me to discuss that with him as I've dismissed it in the past.
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