anxiety/stress induced IBS + hemmorhoid?

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i posted something earlier similar to this in a different forum

but, um

lately, at least for the past couple of weeks--my stomach and abdominal has been annoyingly crampy, noisy/gurgling, etc. i've suffered from constipation even back from when i was 3 or 4 years old (im 16 now), and it's been persistent and an ongoing struggle. i was diagnosed with acid reflux around 5 or 6, but that comes and goes.

the past year or so i've been under IMMENSE anxiety + stress caused by homelife + personal issues, and cannot get out of it. my symptoms can be as mild as a muscle cramp to neck/chest tightness, chest fullness, STABBING chest pains, to almost fainting! and of course, constipation.

a bit tmi here, but uh, if i manage to go at ALL during the week without laxatives on a regular basis (which i know i shouldnt do...but im so desperate...) i have to strain a LOT and i've ended up with chest pains from that as well, and i can be in the bathroom for up to 1hr & 30 mins at a time give or take.

just the other night i felt a lump near my bum, and, well, further inspection shows the lump is about the size of my fingertip and the redness around it is quite big for the size of the lump. it seems theres a smaller lump near it too but im not sure.

answers from the other forum say it might be a hemmorhoid, but as i haven't gone to the bathroom i can't confirm any blood or anything either. it's definitely sore to sit on, but google searches say hemmorhoids are like blue or purple..? not this reddish-pinkish color.

i've been to the doctor's office for multiple reasons this year, everything from aches to cardiac to cancer, and all is clear in that respect, and they narrow it down to anxiety. just the other night there was a huge blowup i was involved in, and with father's day coming up i'm more prone to breakdowns than usual, even if i go into crying spells on a daily basis.

i also am aware i do not lead a healthy diet, and my anxiety puts me through spells of eating excessively to not eating at all, and i'm also BARELY active, which i know i need to fix.

is it possible this severe amount of stress + anxiety could cause/lead to these issues? how do i fix this? i can't risk going to the doctor again without getting yelled at for it, so please, if there's something i can do at home, please tell me.

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    You have very clearly outlined exactly what your problem is. Reread what you wrote. Very bright for a 16 year old. So clearly emotions play a role and issues at home, but some isnt in your control. So know thats temporary you will grow up and can surround yourself with more loving people. The love you need to feel good inside. Not everyone is capable of that for whatever reasons they have going on in their lives. And always know one can only teach the love that they know. They cant provide you the love they dont know themselves. Im not being mean saying that i dont want u to  harbor resentment towards them later in your life.  But you can and will find all the love from the people you choose to have around you  when you are older. So stop letting that fester in you. Secondly, you need movement, start walking every day. Your body cant function properly with lack of movement. Drink more water, add olive oil to your diet and fiber foods. Dont play with your body like that. Eat as balanced as you can. You can try soaking your bum a few times a day. Warm clean fresh water is good enough. Keep the area very clean. I noted that in another site, i think this one, but thats fine. Next chance you get at the doctor tell them about your bum and have they look at it. I dont know your home  life, but it sounds stressful for you, im so sorry please still love yourself anyway. Maybe when you mums in a decent mood you can let her know you want to go to the doctor to fix your bum as the bump hurts. I hope she listens. Say it kindly.  The body does and can heal love with or with out a doctor if you have no other option. Follow the above noted. It is best to see a doctor and it would save you a lot of worry and pain. Im sorry  For you. You very well know whats going in your world and your body so that part is good. I would risk getting yelled at if it got me to the doctor. The yelling you are hearing is their issues, their frustrations, their fears not yours. Do you understand that? Its too bad your 16 and still have to rely in them so they need to do what they have to do as your parents. So  let them yell if it works. How sad thats what you need to do to get yourself some help. Again thats not on you, thats on them .Are you in therapy otherwise? You cant scream and yell anxiety out of a person. If you are thats great. If you arent and they wont bring you go online and watch utube videos on anxiety and breathing exercises. Belly Breathing and also cbt. Cognitive behavioral therapy. Love yourself okay. You are worth it i promise and i dont even know you. You need self love here. I dont know if you understand that. I hope all goes well. And in case no one has told you

    ..anxiety or not you are a very bright person. Reread your own discussion because it answers all your questions okay.

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    Do you have IBS? It sounds like it. I know anxiety can cause minor constipation, but not an every time thing.. Have you tried stool softeners? More vegetable/fruit diet? More excersising? More fiber? All of these are needed for a healthy bowel movement along with also increasing your mood and making you less anxious. If your body is healthy and feeling good, it makes it harder for the anxiety.. Being in the bathroom for almost two hours definitely isn't normal.. Increase the fiber in your diet asap. I used to be like this when my IBS acted up when I was younger and I remember how bad it hurt.. Also when you're in there, drink a hot cup of water, as hot as you can stand it. It'll help slowly.
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    Are you sure that this lump is right by your anus? If it's red and painful and on the vulval area it could be a Bartholin's Cyst, which is not dangerous but needs checking, so do make an appointment with your GP to get a diagnosis.

    You're constipated because you eat an unhealthy diet. You need lots of fibre and fluids. And increase your exercise - that always helps with constipation.

    If it IS a Bartholin's Cyst you will need medical treatment. I must say that it sounds like haemorrhoids, but you need an appointment at the doctor's to find out what this is.


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