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Hi everyone , I'm 22 and suffer very badly from anxiety and depression, I constantly think there is something wrong with me . What are everyone's symptoms with anxiety? I've got it so bad I can't watch programmes such as holby city or casualty ! It's ruining my life! I'm currently on mirtazapine to help me with my anxiety. I've been doctors today as I thought I had a urine infection but test said I was fine, but I'm convinced I'm ill, someone please tell me there like it too, I feel like a freak sad

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    i feel like this often, ud be amazed at the things i imagine must be wrong with me at times! for info, anx can cause a feeling just like a urine infection, the urge to go all the time etc - i know as ive just been through it. anxiety and health anxiety are closely links, sometimes they bleed into each other. try and keep yourself calm and youll notice the health issue lessen
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    I started off experiencing dizziness and blurred vision

    This seemed to set my health related anxiety off!

    It's now expanded to heart palpiltations, chest pains, shortness of breath, tinnitus, dizziness, double vision, a feeling as though somebody is putting pressure on my throat, waking up in the night panicking that my legs and arms have gone numb, loss of dexerity in my fingers, my arms heavy and numb during the daytime too recently!

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    I keep having stomach pains , they get worse when I'm worrying but if I'm doing something keeping myself busy I don't get them , I hate feeling like this it's making me so depressed! 
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    hi yazmin i have copied and pasted this from something else i wrote cause im at work, and i dont have time to write anything im really sorry i just dont want you to feel alone so i thought itd be good for you to hear now rather than wait for me to post a perosnal reply 

    you are not alone, i suffer with health anxiety too! 

    It started with double vision, dizziness

    and because i over reacted thinking the worst (ie, brain tumour or MS) it extended to tinnitus, weak heavy arms, breathlessness, chest pains, palpiltations, i wake in the night startled afraid that my limbs have gone numb.

    anxiety is a terrible thing to have as it comes with so many physical symptoms that also could be so many sinster things, but try not to worry yourself, your mind is so powerful that it can so easily create / make these symptoms worse which in turn will make your anxiety worse. it can be a vicious circle thats hard to break!

    For me at the moment, i am trying to accept that my symptoms are anxiety and that they are not real, (which is the hardest part!!!!) once i can accept that they are not real symptoms and i am not dying then hopefully they should dissappear as i know i am creating them.

    For example, if i go to the doctors with palpiltations and they keep asking me 'do you have chest pains, and i dont, to me it is obvious that chest pains would be bad, then a few days later subconciously i develop chest pains too!

    my mind hears awful life threatening symtpoms and mimicks them! i feel very silly as i am a smart person but i am letting the subconscious part of my brain control me! 

    anxiety is a mental illness with physical symptoms!

    i hope this helps you feel reassured!

    ps. since i have accepted that my symptoms arent anything sinster to do with my health, i have gotten my symptoms less, which in turn has reassured me, hopefully i can create my own vicious circle of no symptoms and reassurance :D 

    if i can do it so can you, its hard but its worth it, and its worth doing so as soon as possible  [smile]

    have a happy healthy day xxx

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    Thank you Courtney , it's nice to know I'm not alone and I'm not crazy! It makes me feel so down I just wished I didn't suffer with anxiety it's driving me mad x
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      I didnt think normal people suffered with it before to be honest, and everyone is so ashamed to talk about it, but the more honest ive been about it the more normal people (by normal i mean not mental lol) have also said that they suffer with it.

      i feel your pain as its started to ruin my life. im going on holiday next week, and im terrified of the flight and terrified of being there, away from any medical help and hospitals.. feels so pathetic even to say when im not having a panicky episode!

      do what you need to do though! doctors dismiss anxiety as a health problem, but it is! if you need tests even just for your own peace of mind, get them! just listen to the results! if you need a stomach examination, insist that you get one, and when theres nothing wrong find peace in it! 

      i wanted a brain scan, i was going to go and ask for one, but i think im going to try and believe in the anxiety instead and if the symptoms go great, but if they dont i will ask for one.


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    I'm going on holiday in June and I'm the same as you, I'm scared of being away from home and away from my comforts , I'm scared something bad is going to happen to me whilst I'm abroad sounds so stupid doesn't it? Lol,I just need to take my mind off it, the more I think about it the more I panic x
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      I tried to ignore my anxiety and it seemed to make it worse, but then I started thinking bout my anxiety and it seemed to help me accept it. So now when I get a symptom cause I'm so aware that I have anxiety it doesn't panic me as much (before when I was trying to ignore my anxiety and was in denial about it so I would assume it was from another illness) 

      im just hoping I can keep it together on my holiday! 

      It does sound so ridiculous but at least it's reassuring to know tier people (each other) feel the same way lol

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