Any info about having my gallbladder out??

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Hi guys, 

After finally being diagnosed with a rubbish gallbladder and a 2.5cm gallstone theyve decided to take it all out! It all started a few years ago as they diagnosed it as something else!

Just a few questions, if you can answer them it would really help!

1. I live in the UK, what was everyones waiting time for the op? (should i go private?)

2. The gasses they put in, i'm assuming you fart them out? (sorry!)

3. Keyhole surgery, do you have scars?

4. Can you go back to eating all/nearly all food straight after, is there foods i should avoid?

5. How long did you have to take off work? I work in manual labour and do a lot of lifting etc

Sorry for the list im just so curious! 

Thank you xx

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    (1)  If its not to much of a problem wait and take an appointment they give you. I had complications so the consultant did mine not a registrar.

    2 Well Iv not noticed any difference (wind wise) so normal for me smile

    3 I had keyhole and I had 3 little scars oh and my belly button didnt look that good after the op. I have now 3 little marks on my body , not a problem. 

    4 I asked my consultant if or what should I aviod food wise and he told me I could eat anything but in moderation . 

    5 I think its about 8 to 12 weeks depending what work you do. Do go back to work to be a hero . Let it settle down first . Do what they tell you to do thier the experts. 

    I do hope this is usuful . Kevin 

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    5 should be Dont go back to work to be a hero etc etc 
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    Hi Katie

    Sorry to hear your having problems with your gall bladder,I know this is very painful ,I too had problems and had mine taken out in 2014.i had a stone that got stuck in duct and then got pancreaitus.i think your making the right decision by getting it taken out.

    I didn't have to wait too long,about 6 weeks,this was partly due to letting the gall bladder calm down after being infected as its harder to remove.i had key hole and I have 3 tiny scars so don't let this put you off,they really are hardly noticeable.

    I got bad pains in my shoulder for a about 1 to 2 days after from the gas,I must say it was very uncomfortable and kept me awake but soon wears off.

    With regards to diet I have to still be very careful,stay away from fatty foods,which most people will say.dont be fooled to thinking you can eat anything and everything.i still have pains but luckily not often but I'm now wondering if I have syphncter of oddi dysfunction which the dr s are looking into.but without a doubt I'm pleased I had mine out,it was a case of having to really.

    I had about 2 to 3 weeks off as I too have a physical job,but I felt ok,just don't rush back to work.i also live in the U.K.

    Good luck with everything x

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    1) I wasn't in the UK but I've heard that the wait times can be horrendous sad

    2) No, I don't believe you fart them out. You may fart as your digestive system starts back up but it actually goes upward into your body, which is the pain in the shoulders/neck that a lot of people talk about. I definitely had that pain, but the pain meds take care of that - took about 3 days to go away.

    3) I'm 5+ weeks after my op and I can still see the incisions so I'm not going to be a good person to answer this question at this point smile I had one in my belly button which I can't even see anymore and 3 under my ribs. One is about 1" long and the others are much smaller. From what I've read, they're barely noticable 6-8 months after the surgery and hard to even find after a couple of years. I've been putting lotion with cocoa butter on mine - supposed to help prevent scarring.

    4) Straight after, I would suggest a low fat diet. It helps your body get used to not having a gallbladder. I was instructed to stay low/no fat for 4 weeks. I only lasted about 2 weeks. I've been able to eat anything and everything so far. I've read that a lot of people are told to eat whatever they want afterwards - but I think regardless of the advice, some people have issues and others don't. If you do have issues, go low fat and slowly introduce. Seems to help a lot of people.

    5) I have a desk job and I was back to work in less than a week. I was told to not lift anything over 10 lbs for 2 weeks so I had my boyfriend do the laundry (oh darn! smile ) and you can lift 5lbs more every week after that. I was told 4-6 weeks for full recovery but I would be certain to ask your doctor since you do manual labor. DEFINITELY better to be safe than sorry!

    Good luck!! <3

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    Hello Katielouise

    I'm in the UK.  I had my gallbladder out about 3 years ago (maybe 4, time flies!).

    I found the waiting time to be OK, didn't have to wait long at all.

    I didn't have any trouble with gasses personally so I can't really say about that bit wink

    They keyhole surgery do leave scars, yes, 4 of them but I can barely see them anymore.

    I'd take it steady with foods to start off with, keep it to simple basic non spicy non fatty foods til you feel well again.  I personally struggle with foods, I get the "dumping syndrome" as it's called ever since I had my gallbladder taken out.  I'm one of the unlucky ones though, I know a few people who can eat just what they want after gallbladder removal! 

    I am a housewife so can't say smile how long to take off lol

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    I have mine out on 3 December and waited 7 months from seeing the surgeon. Had.the mri and ultra sound way before that. I did ask about going private and the cost is £6000.unless you're insured. Glad i didn't now. I'm so pleased you asked all of your questions as the answers that everyone have put have been really helpful to me as.I've only 4 more days to go and didn't have a clue what to expect. Hope you don't have to wait too long.


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      Aww god! That's the wait time that I'm dreading! Really happy for you that you've finally got it! I have pretty good medical insurance that my work pay for that would cover it but I wanted to wait and see what the NHS would offer first. It's helped me a lot too, I like researching and to know as it wierdly calms me haha!

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