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Hey guys and gals.....Danielle again, listen, does anyone know if its Propranolol stopping me from getting to sleep because if it is im going to go throw them at my doctors head wise if anyone has any idea of an alternative medication i could take that would ease the symptoms of a panic attack yet allow me to drop the f**k off on a night i would very much appreciate a response and i look forward to hearing from you.

sorry if in any way this message sounds crude or improper but i am rather tired and a bit miffed to be honest......i haven't had a decent nights sleep in almost 6 days.

As always

Love Danielle xxx

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    Hi Danielle,

    Its Lisa here. I was going to reply to your other message a bit later but I feel I have to answer this now. Yes unfortunately propranolol is unlikely to help you to get to sleep it is not a sedative. In fact if anything it is likely to disturb your sleep. I wanted to say this to you earlier when you stated that you were taking it but I didn't want to make you feel worse. It just isn't a drug that is used as a sleeping aid. It is more likely to help those with stage fright if anything.

    I know you're going to the doctor tomorrow. Are you in the UK? Because if you are it is very easy to just go to a different doctor in the practice if you are not getting anywhere with your current one. But obviously you have the appointment with this one so better make the best of it for now.

    For gods sake just say that you need a sleeping pill that's what they are there for. It should be prescribed in the short term i.e. 2-4 weeks while you are waiting for your anti depressant to kick in as I know that you have only been taking it for 2 weeks.

    Explain your situation fully cry if you think it will help. It is unhealthy for anyone to go without sleep as long as you have and any doctor worth their salt should know this and prescribe you what you desperately need now. You need either temazepam or zopiclone something like that. Even prescribed at a low dose you would get some relief.

    I really hope your doctor is more compassionate tomorrow Danielle and that you get some results.

    I will reply to your other message later.

    Take care and good luck lisax

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    Hey Lisa, yes I'm in the UK, West Yorkshire actually, if i don't get something to help me sleep tomorrow i am going to throw a paddy on the floor I'm that tired.

    It just really p...annoys me because they told me they would help me sleep......i think they just wanted me to stop asking for things maybe..... Or lack if sleep is making me paranoid, not made my mind up which yet.

    Its hard for me Lisa, I'm really not confrontational, if the doctor tells me i need to give the tablets more time i just sit there and nod, i ask for a sleep aid, they say no, i sit there and nod. Just not got any fight left in me.

    but like i said, I'm gunna either throw tablets at her or sit on the floor like a petulant child and cry my heart out.

    thanks again

    Danielle xxx

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    Hello Danielle

    Propranolol made my anxiety worse and especially at night I had sleep panic attacks oh and some hallucinationsnice. I refused to have them for the bad patch I recently went through and doc put me on amitrypline 10mg. Its almost the lowest dose and its used alot more for pain and treating children who persistently wet the bed. So in low doses it's a relatively safe drug. I have it additionally to sertraline and other than feeling a bit drowsy It doesnt give me any bad side effects. I found it v calming and v helpful. So I would recommend giving up thd propranolol and asking for amitriptyline. My doc wanted to change me to venflaxine cause she said they work well together and less interaction and more sleepiness. I take my meds at night by the way so induces a better sleep. I was on sleepers but they tend to make you feel like you havent had a normal sleep found them a bit unnerving in that sense. But if they wont prescribe the trypt then I would at least as for the sleepers.

    Take care


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    Hi Danielle,

    Propranolol is a rubbish medication for anything other than making you feel worse than what you already are a complete waste of time,these tablets are a throwback to the 70's and 80's when a certain Canadian snooker player called Bill Werbenieuck used them in place of his usual 16pts lager and booked his place in the quarter finals that year,god knows why they're thrown around at real anxiety sufferers suspect its cost.

    However mirtazapine,pregabilin,remeron,even amitryptiline,have sedative qualities although maybe amitryptiline is a bit too similar to Propranolol in my humble opinion,but may be fine for you.

    So,yes,throw the tablets back to your doctor and tell him you need a medicine that will help you sleep.I'm sure that such medicines do exist,and not necessarily sleeping tablets.

    Anyway will leave you to ponder,why don't you do more checking online there are substances out there that will help,I found one but am not allowed to mention it unfortunately,perfectly legal,but......

    Best Wishes Malky Malc

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    Malcolm, why mention it if you cant tell me lol especially when I'm sleep deprived....frustrating.

    Anyways i went back to my doctors and yet again they said there was nothing they could give me to help sleep, just changed my propranolol from 40mg x3 a day to the slow release 80mg up to twice a day, said he's not promising it will help me sleep but it might...

    But here i am, 1:20am and still no sleep, had to ask for another 2 week sick note aswel, i just cant go back to work the way i am at the moment. CBT doesn't start till the 26th, just feel like I'm wasting my doctors time if i go back though, asked 4 or 5 times now for something to help me sleep, they just keep saying no.

    What do i do guys, I'm getting desperate, this is every night, I just want to be able to fall asleep without the panic attacks, even though i don't get physical symptoms anymore, i still get the same shock and it wakes me up.

    Just down in the dumps, not at work, sick of panic all the doctors keep saying is " give your medication chance to get in your system" .... Right, but what do i do till then? And they have no answer.

    Told you Lisa, you should have come with me lol.

    Danielle x

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    Hi Danielle.

    I'm really sorry to hear that you are still having problems.

    If it makes you feel any better my sleep hasn't been great the past few nights either lol.

    So what reason does your doctor give for not giving you anything to help you sleep. Surely it cant just be no?

    I feel awful not being able to help you but I am honestly at a loss as I don't understand why your doctor is being so unreasonable about this.

    I still think it would be worth a try to speak to another doctor


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    I've seen 3 different doctors now Lisa (all in the same practice) and they've all said they cant give me something to help me sleep sad don't know why actually, i never thought to ask. Could be because of the propranolol though, it says on most sleeping tablet boxes you cant take them with propranolol, think its because these slow tour heart down and sleeping tablets do the same, probably a risk of stopping my heart altogether....that's my theory anyway.

    I'm sorry to hear your not sleeping so well either, is everything ok?

    Danielle x

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    Ok so I've just been reading through what CBT is and i really don't think its going to work for me because i know my fear is going to happen whether i want it too or not and its really starting to get on top of me.

    I'm scared of dying so i cant see a positive way of thinking about it, I'm sorry i just can't. This is why i don't think going to CBT is going to help, all these questions like 'do you think this fear is rational?' and 'is this fear going to actually happen?'.......well YES IT IS, so wtf do i do now?

    sorry for the rant but just reading through what CBT is has made me feel quite hopeless in the matter. Sorry.


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    Hey guys, one more question if you wouldn't mind answering another?

    Like i said before I'm on propranolol 40mg x3 daily soon to be the 80mg slow release x2 daily....i just wondered if you can build up a tolerance to it? As I've taken my full dosage every day since i got them and they've been working great apart from the past 2 nights, I've started getting a pain in my right thigh, like cramp, and no amount of stretching is relieving it, is this normal? And I experienced a rapid heart rate and a short burst of adrenalin when i had a little panic attack tonight, i thought beta blockers were supposed to stop this exact thing? Can anyone help please?

    Danielle x

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