Anyone anxious because of an existing condition?

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Well, I won't say it's the sole reason for my anxiety, but basically when I was 15 I had a seizure out of the blue, I had a couple more in my teens and then for 6 years they went away. I thought I'd grew out of them and lived life normally. Then all of a sudden last year I had another big seizure and subsequently got diagnosed with epilepsy and since then my life is controlled by anxiety, mainly the big "what if I have a seizure when I'm alone, what if I'm in public etc"

I can't ride a bus to work alone without panicking, and it's only a short journey. I constantly question every feeling for a sign of a seizure, hate going out and leaving the house.

Since the big one last year I've had a small one roughly every two months. I was offered to take medication but I'm too scared of the side effects. I felt like since they weren't that often or severe the side effects of the medication probably outweighs the seizure effects.

I just need to try and accept this is part of my life and move on but I can't! I even cancelled a trip overseas to Florida because I couldn't face the plane journey. I hate to think that I'll never feel comfortable flying again.

I do push myself to go out but every day is a struggle, I have to work so I manage to get here but I'm constantly uncomfortable until I'm home. I feel so useless, I used to be so independent and now I don't want to go out unless it's with my boyfriend.

Anyone else live like this? Anxiety due to an actual condition you have, rather than the usual thinking you have something you don't.

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    Hello smile I think you have every right to feel anxious over your condition. I think it would make anyone so and would destroy their confidence. You have my sympathy! One of the things that anxiety alone can do is make you feel as if you are not in control of yourself. This, combined with what you are dealing with will make you feel so ten fold. But... I just wanted to let you know that you are in control. If you choose to take medication one day, or not - this in itself is a choice. Talk with your GP and discuss all your options. I have a friend who has seizures and she doesn't want to take the medication and so has special lenses in her glasses which help her.

    I think acceptance is important... Sometimes we are dealt a bad hand through whatever scenario and we just have to accept 'our lot' even when we don't want to. Fighting something increases your anxiety and fear...acceptance lets you tackle it smile you have every right to feel anxious and afraid. X

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    Anxiety is terrible, the best advice I can give is to stay positive and try your best to focus on positivity. Push the negative to the back and focus on what the now and not the what might be later. I know this is extremely hard and took my months to be able to do it but with focus and dedication it is possible, now with the seizures you might have a trip to Denver Colorado in the US in your future, they are having amazing results using canabanoids and CBD where some people no longer experience a single seizure any more the results are 100% mind blowing
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    Thanks for the kind replies everyone.

    As far as medication goes, the reason I've chosen not to go down that route right now is because some of the side affects can be life altering in themselves, not to mention people can experience a permanent increase in seizure after taking certain meds in some cases. This at the moment isn't a risk I want to take, if they get worse then I think it'll be something I have to look into.

    Silly mop - Thank you, it is all about control with me and I do feel out of control, be it with the anxiety or epilepsy. I am trying to get into the mind frame of i am in control, this is only a small aspect of my life and I can let it stop me from living but since I had anxiety before epilepsy I've got so many of the bad habits already ingrained into me. Thank you for the encouragement! Unfortunately for me my epilepsy isn't photosensitive (it's not triggered by lights) so that wouldn't work.

    Cody - I've seen a lot of people have had positive results with CBD. It's definitely something to consider, I don't like the thought of taking it but I guess it's going to be less intrusive than man made medicines. A lot of my existing anxiety is around health/meds so it's hard for me to take anything. I didn't think that at the age of 26 I'd still be weary about things like this rolleyes just he other day I saw an article about how Ibuprofen may increase the chance of heart problems and now I won't take that either lol, it was probably a load of rubbish but once something's in my head it's really hard for me to forget it.

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      Remember you can use this forum any time to release your thoughts and feelings. It's nice knowing that you have somewhere to go and sometimes I find just writing about it is a small release in itself, I hope you find some comfort in it too smile

      Yes I am afraid I have little knowledge of epilepsy sad I suppose I thought that if she had a non medicated option that perhaps you may, too. I really hope you find something that helps you feel better in control. The other thing you could do is join a group, be it online or locally. There is power in numbers and perhaps others could offer advice and guidance from a more sincere perspective than say a GP. Just a thought smile

      Yea, your epilepsy is part of you - but it doesn't define you. You have the power to choose how to behave and what values you hold dear. In my mind, how we treat others defines us. Being a good person is more important than anything else. You can choose your own path in life and be happy in yourself.

      Many great people in history had epilepsy! It didn't stop them, some even drew on it for inspiration. Good luck to you and I wish you all the best!!!!

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      It is true that epilepsy medication has a lot of side effects.

      However best to discuss this with your neurologist and decide on a safer drug.

      I do not think a dr would recommend cbd to someone with epilepsy.


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    Yes me. It stinks! Waiting on science. But not relying on it.

    In terms of the epilepsy get a medical braclet and wear it. Then you can go out they will see the braclet and know whats wrong. Many people live with epilepsy and function. Its the anxiety disorder that coexists that takes you down. Also, on a different note look into kinesiology. 

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