Anyone else suffering from Unknown Parasite? Told Morgellons? Told its a delusion? READ THIS!

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(please bare with my typing, grammar, and spelling as I have to do all this by phone and I try to catch how my phone changes things at time but wont always)

I have been suffering from unknown parasites for nearly 9 years now. I have been to almost every specialist there is. Somehow through it all I have gotten no help. The doctors in the US now seem to treat only individual symptoms. They handle each symptom as though it is unrelated to the other. They live in fear of treating us due to the "addict epidemic" in my personal opinion. So if you present with symptoms outside of the common cold you are a suspected NARCOTIC abuser, a drug seeker, or a Meth head. It makes me sick that our government has ruined the standard of care we once had and replaced it with a healthcare field saturated in fear, suspicion, poor doctors decision making based on the fear of losing their license, stout privacy policy which is a joke as now you dont have to sign for one doctor or pharmacy to view detail or prescriptions from another!!!

Through it all what does this equal for me and you? … We get no help!

I I have a parasite that is now coming out of my skin, at each day at about sunset they move A LOT and it burns and itches and makes me crazy!!! They pop up through the skin. If you get scratched or cut they IMMEDIATELY come up through the opening and begin to cover it almost appear to be an instantly formed scab. (intelligence??)

They keep you depleted of trace minerals such as IRON




VIT' B (especial 3, 6, 9, 12)


They cause chronic dehydration and keep your blood and blood iron low causing both ANEMIAS!

They make you so very very ill, my earliest symptoms were:

SUDDEN onset of constipation then onset of what seemed to be intensified allergic reactions like: itchy eyes, clogged up ears: immediate reactions to foods, smells, chemicals, perfumes & colognes were UNBEARABLE!

EXTREME histamine release every time I ate or drank ANYTHING. (I was told it was food allergy but it was so so sooo much worse than that!)

Began smelling bacteria like you smell at a fishing lake after nasal rinses. My sinuses were horrible. FINALLY I began adding baby shampoo to my sinus rinse for months and it broke what ever was set up in my sinuses!

SYMPTOMS spread to include:

SEVERE headaches



inability to stay asleep

problems retrieving memories

problems storing short term memories

my reading vision suddenly became blurry - then the next day fine , back and forth until finally gone! NOW I wear reading glasses and they are worsening FAST!

onset of food allergies


extreme shoulder pain

constricted esophagus

CANDIDA Esophagitis

constant mucus draining AND coming up

feeling sick after eating

later, inability to finish a meal

craving sweets

later was NAUSEA for no reason

sudden depletion of energy


	 Allergy meds dont work, stomach meds dont work. inhalers are useless, probiotics are a joke!  what helps me a little is very exact and cannt be substituted,
	 Quick disolve ZYRTEC (40mg)
	 B.C. Aspirin (800mg pakchet)
	 Alkaseltzer original
	 AND ONLY COLD WATER fr drinking
	 I take those a few times a day to be able to somewhat function.
	 So, after the ENT,  2 GI's, Infectious Disease, Immunologists, Dermatologist, a surgeon and stomach surgery, and whatever else I may have neglected to list  The above coctail which I discovered all alone, is the only small relief I have had.  
	 Finally 2 months ago I decided to re-mineralize and began taking all natural unprocessed trace mineral salts from REDMOND.  They help,  but they also began driving whatever was in me crazy! These things started crawling under my skin especially at dusk. They bagan popping out of my skin and EPSOME soaks pull many out that are near to the surface of the skin..
	 So, I went to my PCP who was out and I saw her fill in Dr who covers ger patients.
	 This lady, Edie, asked me to drug test.  I of course complied though insulted, Then expected to return to the room for a treatment plan. NO!  She sent me hone with nothing and said she would call.  She never did. I called and found out the results had returned and scheduled another appointment thinking jow she wiuld treat me or perform testing.  I paid yet again to see ger and ahe said it was all in my mind and thw only referral I would get was a PSYCH REFERRAL.  So now I AM REALLY insulted.  FIRST she is sure I am some crazy crack fiend, when she is proven wrong then I am just crazy???? WOW.  
	 I leave, make appt for when MY DR returns and now have been tested for parasites and awaiting the labs. 
	 However,  the salts began driving out larger and larger ones and finally what started as white spects popping up, and small seseme looking seeds on the bed have developed in large things, black things, sharp shards sticking out of my neck and arms and more.  Good point being this...
	 I CAN FINALLY IDENTIFY THEM! ( or at least some of them! 
	 BELOW you will find example images followed by images of things from either my legs, arms, neck, mouth, throat, face, sinuses, or tongue!!!
	 ID image:
	 more ID IMAGE:





I have magnified these on my iphone only.

BUT its obvious to me these are FLUKES.

How horrifying. the cream and orange ones are cleak or skin tone until dead. the lay flat on our skin and attach like a leech!!

Here are a couple other images! I hope this helps others!!!



these live in our tongue, tonsils, chin, and throat!


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    Hi I really don't like to talk too much about it because it's been driving me crazy for a long time but I have the same thing I haven't gotten anywhere with any doctors just want to let you know I feel your pain

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    I replied to you yeterday. My comment was deleted by the moderator. Not sure why???? The last time i responded to somebody on this site they deleted my comment then also. I thought this site was here to HELP PEOPLE...

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