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arsenic poisoning

Several years ago my spouse poisoned me by lacing food with arsenic. I have undergone

several procedures: chelaton, dietary, herbals, Rife, biofeedback,sauna, now doing a homeopathic regimine with a Canadian homeopath. Does anyone have experience with a successful regimine? Would love to hear from you. Recently, I met another victim of attempted spousal murder by arsenic, -We would appreciate any information. Thanks

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  • dee53012 Toad

    Hi Toad,

    WHat a horrid thing to have gone though, I'm sorry!  My gf was posioned by her H with Roundup and she had exposure to many chem's from living downwind of a military base as a child. My friend has done many of the things you mentioned above.  It has been 7 years since she was poisoned by her x, and is doing better then she has in years. She juices daily with a concoction of greens. Nasty to drink but she does it.  

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