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thathumanbeing thathumanbeing

Asthma? Or not asthma?

Several years ago I went to my doctor about having some difficulty breathing and they very quickly outruled asthma and said it was hayfever allergies.

I went back last year as my breathing was getting worse. I was prescribed a Salamol (blue) inhaler and a Ventolin 100mcg (brown) inhaler. They both appeared to help me for around a month or two but then stopped working.

Went back to the doctors and said it could be allergies so they gave me allergy tablets. These made my breathing worse and irritated my throats.

My breathing has increasingly got worse again since the beggining of this year. I get a tight feeling in the very top of my chest/the bottom of my neck/throat and I have to breath in as I throw my head backwards otherwise it is difficult for me to breathe (all of this happening since I first went several years ago).

Any help would be greatly appreciated because the doctors can't seem to figure what's wrong with me and my breathing is getting increasingly worse.

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  • melissa53667 melissa53667 thathumanbeing

    Look up silent reflux. My breathing issues got so bad last summer to the point I was convinced I had lung cancer. My doctors eventually found that I had acid coming up my esophagus and I was aspirating it into my lungs- causing asthma like issues. I am only 30 years old, not overweight, and this happened out of nowhere. I never had heartburn or any other symptoms- just breathing issues and occasionally having to clear my throat. Worth a look.. good luck.

    • thathumanbeing thathumanbeing melissa53667

      Thank you, I will definitely look that up as it does sound like it could be that from just reading what you wrote as I have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

      Doctors seem to be terrible at finding out what you have nowadays.

  • lynn3005 lynn3005 thathumanbeing

    I would go back and ask for referral to the asthma nurse who are sometimes more knowledgeable than Dr's on this. If the chest pain is in your neck you can't rule out heart conditions. I'm unsure of your age but my mum had angina and it was in her throat or it may be anxiety related. Rule one thing out at a time and firstly I'd see the asthma nurse who will do tests spirometry, peak flow, and try to establish if it's allergy related or not.

    • thathumanbeing thathumanbeing lynn3005

      Oops, I thought I wrote about seeing the asthma nurse in my original post but I forgot.

      I ended up seeing three different ones all at different times. The first one said yes definitely asthma as family members have previously had it, the second one, which was a checkup, I was told that if the inhalers are no longer helping then it can't be asthma, and by the third, again a checkup, told me that she didn't know what it was as the inhalers only seem to work for me occasionally.

      Might be worth me going to see the asthma nurse again to see what is said this time as I know of a friend that had asthma which would be troublesome for a couple months and then would essentially disappear again for a few months but then come back.

  • Kberaun Kberaun thathumanbeing

    The blue inhaler doesn't start working for at least 2 weeks. It is an anti inflammatory. Needs to be taken forever. Gargle after use to help prevent through irritation. Stay on it and it may work long term.

    • thathumanbeing thathumanbeing Kberaun

      I've been taking the blue inhaler for the past seven months and it has now seemed to stop helping me at all. I was advised by one doctor to stop taking it however I was told by another that I should still keep taking it. Not too sure what to do

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