Bad week, feel like crying

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I'm having a crappy week.  Monday I had appt with ENT for dizzness and did testing which made me so dizzy i flipped out and since then I've been dizzy, I know anxiety makes it worse,  Then tuesday went to chiropractor cause my left arm is hurting all the time, of course thougt it was heart, but he said shoulder and upper rib in back was out., but it still hurts.  Thursday went to endocrinologist becaause been having problems with my thyroid levels being off.  Had to adjust meds again.  All this is causing me stress and anxiety,  My job is making me stressed to,  I'm not a people perosn when it comes to constant caos, but customers are the worst.  I haven't been able to concentrate so well today either so thats not helping.  My anxiety was awful this morning, had a dizzy spell when i sat down and i just about lost it, i'm so tired of being dizzy and this is a big part of my anxiety.  I'm going to be doing vestibular therapy for it but it doesn't start for another month.  

I have so many things going on sometimes i just think i must be sick and they are just missing it.  I'm dizzy, arm hurts, neck aches, headaches, can concentrate, don't sleep so well, hotflashes (post menopausal), worry all the  time about every sensation i have.  This all started in july when i had the first vertigo attack.  I can't stop thinking about the dizzienss and all i do is watch for it and wait for it.  I'm afraid most of the time.  last week it was ok, then this week has just been awful. 

I think how stupid i seem, cuz there are so many people who are really sick with disease and here I am acting like this.  

I have xanax .25, which i take if i have to, but i don't want to take it all the time, plus it makes me depressed.

Well I think i've complained enough, but thanks for listening.


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    Get all off your chest its good .I empathise have these things as well try go with it however bad not to fight it .I just talk to myself thru it . at home relax and do anything for yourself that u enjoy .good luck
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    Hi patty

    Just had to respond to you as I know exactly what you're going thru. I've suffered from vestibular disorder since 2010. The dizziness and loss of balance really gets you down. I've been to vestibular rehabilitation which has helped. But the constant worry of having a dizzy spell has resulted in my now suffering from the most horrendous panic attacks. So you're not alone. You will get to a manageable stage - try to be positive and take each day as it comes. CBT, medication and the help of neurophysio helped me. But it does take time. Some days are better than others and it's a slow process but you will get there.

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      Hi Sabrina

      Thanks for replying, I'm sorry your going thru this. It's awful to have whatever this is.

      Do you have sizzinezs a lot almost daily when it first started? Did you feel depressed and afraid of the dizziness? I'm scared to death of it and frustrated to the point of no return. Today I can hardly look down without feeling it. Do you have slight headaches with it and neck pain?

      I find its all I think about, I'm constantly watching for it. Although it's daily but sometimes I get a few hours if not so bad. I've noticed when I sit back especially I feel like I'm falling, this just started recently, could you please tell me what it felt like to you. What did you do to not worry so much?

      Thanks for all your help and support

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      Hi there Patty. I've suffered All those symptoms you described - so I really do know what you're going through. I worry about my dizziness everyday from the time I wake up and have done for 5 years. I'm getting better with the help of medication , CBT, balance retraining and with a bit of self acceptance that I might not ever be "back to normal". I too felt that I was falling backwards, I've had to readjust everything I do - all normal daily tasks. Housework, shopping, showering - everything. It took over my life. I paint a pretty grim picture but it does get better - it can take time and you need to push your GP for proper treatment. I've had a few Epley maneovoures which help, several sessions of balance retraining which does restore your confidence. I'm just now dealing with panic attacks which I think have been brought about from constant worrying about my balance/dizziness. So it's more pills and CBT. Some days are better than others. So many people suffer from it and there are support groups where you can meet face to face - if you can manage to get to them!! Take care - try and stay positive and calm it can be hard but you'll get there
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    Hey patty, know all what you are saying to well. Unfortunately as i like to call it my little friend eric seems to come out of the blue and want to take control. Ive went through it that much now i am fully aware that there is nothing serious going to happen. Eric and i have our disareements and it seems to think that by throwing these awful symptons my way i might go mad. Truth be told when eric decides to do that then thats when me and him go down memory lane and i remind him that he has tried this on numerous occasion and each time i have closed the door on him. Head up, stay strong it took me a while to finally learn the weapons and techniques that we have at our disposal. Your life is an open book you write your own story. But just remember you might have a friend with you but that friend like all thing in life can be controlled. I hope reading this helps.
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    I know exactly how you feel, I have been feeling awful for the past 2 days, really anxious, don't normally feel it all the time, but it seems every time I come back home from somewhere the symptoms start.  I woke up 3 times last night with a pounding heart and really hot, then I do some heavy breathing and then the symptoms subside, but am sitting down now and that's all that is on my mind in my heart, used to be able to control my feelings but it's getting harder x
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