Biggest panic attack yet last night. But i'm positive.

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So yesterday I was subconciously thinking about my Panic Attack that I had Monday and I guess I worked myself up as by the time I collected my wife from work it kicked in big time. 

All of the common symptoms that everyone speaks about on here, Hypoventilating, Heart beating out of chest to the extent that I could see it in my eyes and feel my body moving with it. Real sense of dread.

The wife drove me straight up to A&E as I failed to control my breathing properly and I nearly passed out. I had the usual general observations, ECG's and Bl;ood tests and they all came back normal. It was an absolutely terrifying experience when it happened and I somewhat feel ashamed looking back at it now even though I couldn't help it at the time. 

Today I am doing my upmost to use the experience to my advantage in beating panic attacks. Knowing how bad I actually felt now but more so what the doctor told me about me having a perfectly good, strong heart and great lungs etc. I know now and I am going to keep this is in my head whenever I feel anything triggering. I know I am ok, the doctors have proven to me that I am ok. This is all I need to remember. 

I feel for everyone who feels how I did last night, I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I'm determined that I am not going to allow this thing to get it's grip on me. I am generally strong in will power and I am not about to stop now. 


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    Hello Matt,

    That's must have been a really terrifying experience. There must be a reason for what you are calling a panic attack. Keep in mind that when we cannot get air, we panic. It is normal for everyone...for example when a person gets the wind knocked out of them, they panic.

    Have you had your thyroid checked? And your hormones? There could be a physiological, (as opposed to psychological) reason behind such an attack. If I were you I would have a complete blood workup. 

    Not to frighten you, but an acquaintance (age 52) was having what she thought was a heart attack and went immediately to A&E. She was extremely agitated, breathing heavily and in a state of panic. The doctors examined her, did blood tests and concluded that it was a panic attack and gave her a tranquilizer and sent her home....where she died of a heart attack!... 

    My personal experience with what could have been considered a panic attack was during my first pregnancy. I discovered that after drinking something hot or cold, my heart would start racing and I had trouble breathing, felt very weak and my extremeties would tingle from not getting enough oxygen. I would have to kneel down and lean over a low table until it passed, concentrating on breathing in and out as slowly and deeply as possible. My doctor said not to worry (!!!) and that it was the vagus nerve being stimulated by the hot or cold drinks...and to make sure my drinks were at room temperature. That worked.

    I really don't think that a panic attack comes out of nowhere. There is some medical reason. Hormones, vagus nerve like I had or an overactive thyroid, arrhythmia which I did develop later on btw...something. Maybe the side effect of some medication you are taking. 

    Delve into it more deeply and keep track of when this happens. Never leave any condition up to doctors to figure out. YOU are the guardian of your own body and YOU have to do the investigating. A doctor doesn't have time for that and he/she is not with you all day. You alone can be a real detective observing your own symptoms and when and how they occur and what they could be related to. We are lucky to have the internet nowadays which can help in medical investigations. Bouncing ideas off your wife can also help as she could have some input. A lot of these medical issues can be resolved with common sense. I am sure you can get to the bottom of this disturbing issue and then with your doctor's input, do tests and develop a treatment plan.

    Please let me know if and when you DO discover what is causing these problems. 

    In the meantime, stay away from any stimulants such as coffee, even tea, chocolate, colas which all contain caffeine.Even cigarettes which are also a stimulant. Avoid alcohol; maybe one glass of wine?...or not. You have to gauge... Perhaps keep away from anything hot or cold... Eat well (6 - 10 fruit/veggies per day). get plenty of exercise (at least a good long walk every day, rain or shine), engage in activities you enjoy and try to relax and not worry. Keeping busy, maybe volunteering can keep your mind busy. You will know what helps. Listen to your body's advice. Good luck, Matt.

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      Good advice Robin.. I think u covered a lot of med reason for panic attacks. Stress is my trigger for panic attacks.

      Mine are generally caused by stress. This in in turn is from a hormone in the brain that reacts to, to much cortisol in the body when too much is manufactured in the body from stress factors in my life.

      Thats why anti depressants help my panic attacks they produce various stimuli in the brain to produce dopamine and other calming hormones. Therefore generally controlling my panic attacks. In turn less anxiety & better quality of life.


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    Hi matt

    yespanic attacks are alarming,and there is not always a cause why it happens if there was we could find the cure,I havehad them and quiet a few on here have  that is why there is this forum.They are not life threatning never as anybody died from a panic attack,some deep breathing And don't  fight it just go with it,tell it go away don't want you today,if you are hyperventilating breath into a paper bag and then inhale it back while you are concentrating on this you will calm down,You have proved they go but none the less are alarming.I was taken to A E once withpaibs n chest down left arm suspected heart attack nothing but panic attack,so keep telling yourself all was clear and they would not of let you go if not ,more than their job is worth trust them

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      sounds like a painful panic attack to go to the ER. Trying to control it is like u said nearly impossible.. It's best to relax & go with it not thence up it will pass easier.

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    they can be so unnerving. I take meds for mine. It's nothing to be ashamed about.. A large percentage of the population has them & most don't know it.

    i have very few since on meds for panic attackers sure made my life a lot easier.

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      Good for you glad they gave help sometimes we have to have them for a period and can come off them,if I did not be so allergic to them and could find one that works I would take it .

      Good Luck

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      Perhaps allergic was the wrong word,I just get like a zombie have tried them all so have been trying without but it is hard I have a lot of physical things as well. 
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      maybe the dosage is to high at first.. Zombies r usually on tv  not fun in daily life..LOL. It does take the body time to adjust to the level in the blood stream... Usually the increase of dosage is necessary the body builds up a tolerance for the meds to work efficiently after time.

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