Both Knees THEN HIPS?

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I've had one TKR with my second scheduled for October on the other knee.

I am experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain now IN MY HIPS!

I put Icy Hot roll-on on my lower back and hip area which helps some. I am curious to hear if anyone was in the process of getting KNEE REPLACEMENTS or part finished getting knee replacements when THE HIPS STARTED causing pain and discomfort.

Honestly, I am beginning to wonder if having ONE SURGERY just set the ball in motion for EVERY JOINT I have to become the squeaky wheel and want the attention!

Anyone have HIP SURGERIES not long after KNEE SURGERY?

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    Yes I had 5 joints affected all at the same time from a scuba diving accident. 

    I think if your hips were okay before then maybe hopefully they are just compensating for the knee you had done.

    when you say your hip hurts where abouts does it hurt?

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      Hi Mary!

      A Scuba diving accident...sounds very scary! So sorry that happened to you! That must have been awful having all your joints reacting to your accident like that!

      I feel this ache inside where my hip joints are. As I walk I am aware OF my hip joints. Honestly I never really THOUGHT about my hip joints!

      Prior to my knee surgery I felt a sciatic nerve pain on the right and also my right hip joint hurt. The left was OK. My knee surgery this time was on my left. After surgery the sciatic nerve issue seemed to leave on the right.

      Now, BOTH HIPS are aching. I put Icy Hot on them and my lower back which helps some.

      I had some good breakthroughs at my last physical therapy, and we DID go shopping two days in a row getting things for school. My husband teaches part-time at a local college. Maybe with the rain, shopping, physical therapy my body just said, "Hey now! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!!?"

      I hope BOTH of us will be feeling much better very soon!

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      Hi Cheryl, 

      get you Physio to check your gait and muscles etc. Usually hip pain is felt in your groin, deep inside the groin, that's the general rule.

      so hopefully it's just a compensating thing.

      my scuba accident, was the bends causing avascular necrosis in both hips both shoulders and a knee...I didn't go to the chamber..that's another story..

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      Goodness, Mary! That sounds SO SERIOUS! We're you in danger of DYING?? I am so sorry that happened to you!

      Hmmmm! No, my pain is on the inside and also, I think, where my muscles are on my outside HIPS. When I flex the muscles they HURT.

      So, that is GOOS NEWS for me!

      Thank you for relieving my worries, Mary!

      I hope you are feeling well tonight!

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      My hip pain started in my groin too, which is what the surgeons askbwhen I have my annual check up.

      If you can feel your hip flexor working while you working you are fine.

      I could feel feel my good hip working while the other one was seized.

      The ache you are feeling could be the ITB which runs outside of the knee to the hip.

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      It IS my hip flexor that is hurting, I think! At PT I did this exercise where I laid on my back and moved my leg from flat to bent along this board that was on the table. The PT had added an ankle weight which was too much and caused me pain as I tried to move my leg. She took off the weight, and I continued. It STILL was painful, but I continued because I wanted to do what I was given to do.

      Could THIS one exercise out of the MANY I did that day have been the BIG PROBLEM and reason for all my discomfort these last three days???

      What is an ITB?

      THANK YOU for the great info!

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      Oh MY! How blessed you are to have recovered from such trauma!

      You probably have a completely different concept of PAIN, discomfort, and difficulty than you once did!

      The body is an amazing thing, and medical treatment that is possible now is incredible.

      It is wonderful to hear that you are now feeling good!

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      The IT band is the muscle that runs from the outside of your thigh down to your knee, and is often an issue with hip and knee surgery.

      there are many exercises you can do, if you google it they will come up, the most common thing to use is a foam roller , going up and down the outside of your leg.

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      So glad to hear that you have good support from your family. When you can't move well or at all and you are feeling helpless, it is a great feeling when family carry your through on THEIR shoulders, so to speak, until YOU can do it for yourself.

      Keep up the POSITIVE attitude and the hard work! Thanks for helping ME understand about the whole recovery process, too!

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      Thank you! I will do that!

      Never really THOUGHT about muscles! There is SO MUCH involved with recovery from this surgery!

      Have some HOMEWORK to do!

      Thanks so much for the guidance!

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    Yes , after my first knee, whilst waiting for second, my hip on same side started really playing up, and I thought the same as you, but four weeks ago I had second knee done, and now laying in different position , walking different again, pain in hip has gone, so I wouldn't panic, it is proberly just compensating for every thing your going through, . I'll keep fingers crossed that that's all it is for you. 😀💐
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      Awwww! Thanks!

      Yes, I am realizing how poorly I have been walking, and seeing my X-RAYS PROVED to me that I have been terribly out of whack!

      Our bodies are probably trying to figure out what just happened and are TRYING to get back to normal.

      You have helped me be less apprehensive. Thank you!

      Best to you as well!

      Any tips for me as I head toward TKR #2?

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    Hi Cheryl

    When I had my left knee TNR op in January I had not hip or back pain but 9 wks ago I had my left knee TNR op and recently suffered pain in thigh first and now my lower back.  I know in recent years I have slipped a disc and faling down stairs hurting my left side below my cox's,  Physio, doctor and my surgeon don't seem to be concerned so just hoping that as the knee heels the back will as well. At the moment fighting a battle of resting the knees yet standing or walking to help the back.

    Roll on next year!!


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      I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing additional issues after your surgery. We all hope that once we endure the PAIN and discomfort if SURGERY, everything ELSE will be OK. It doesn't always work that way I guess!

      Here's to BOTH of us (ALL OF US!) feeling much better, no new issues, AND getting PAIN out of our lives!!!

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      Thank you.  I know in time it will all pass and I must always remember I don't have the arthritic pain anymore.  I have 0 straight and 110/120 on bend so not bad and only taking paracetamol.  I know there is a lot of people on the forums that have worse issues than mine so should be grateful.  Nobody tells you about the after op experiences.  I only found this webiste after my first op and found it very re-assuring. 

      Yes, I agree with you and wish for everyone to feel better and not always be thinking 'knees'.


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