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Hi, I was on  clonazepam last year summer for about 4 months .5mg. The doctor told me to stop becouse I was getting bad anxiety attacks from it. Before I went in this med. never had any depression or anxiety. So I stop e cold turkey.  Than they put me on remeron 7.5 mg in Oktober and after a month I started to get brain zap. I new that this is not a med for me. So I started to taper off (way to fast) and stopped after 2 monts. Had a terrible 1 week could not sleep shaking and crying all the time so went back on it 3.7 mg. now I tapering much slower but the brain zap Is getting worst. I can't function and had to go sick leave. Anybody has the same experience or any suggestion? I'm now 1.6 mg and had to go on clonosapin for 2 days for sleep and anxiety. 

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    My doctor want me to go on Prozac for brain zap. I'm scared.
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    Hi Eva

    So sorry for your suffering.  

    Have no fear, many have been worried been in a similar position not knowing which way to turn.  When you say you tried to taper "way too fast" - THERE LIES THE PROBLEM - the brain zaps are withdrawal symptoms, that is very clear, also you say "you stopped after 2 months" - again stopping Remeron abruptly caused severe anxiety and insomnia.  

    I'm not sure of your taper programme ?? there is no correct "one method suits all", but if you are getting brain zaps it may well be (and more than likely is) an indication that you are going too fast.

    The best way to taper is no more than 10% every 3 to 4 weeks, some prefer 5%, some can get away with 2 weeks - no sooner; it sounds like you are sensitive so you may need to see how you go, say 3 weeks?  

    I have been withdrawing from 15 mg Mirftazapine since late September and am very keen to avoid the nasty withdrawal symptoms that tapering too quickly can bring.  In my humble opinion, I would either stay where you are at the present time on the Mirt - did you say 1.6 mg?  Or take a little step back to the previous dose, what was that ??  And just WAIT ... it may take a few days or a week or so, but just wait for the symptoms to settle - this will be your time to try to relax knowing it WILL PASS, and it will, sure use the Clonazepam when you need to ... your rewireing takes time, and once the anxiety or nausea has stopped and you feel settled again, and you feel ok without the Clonazepam - only them will you be ready to take a little step down on the Mirt again.  No more than 10% each time, 5% may be kinder (that is what I do 5%).  

    You will need to make up a liquid method with the Mirt for a slower taper, but that is quite easy - hope this sounds helpful.

    Doctors love to chase one drug with another and offering you Prozac for the Brain zaps - well that is just not helpful, I wouldn't take another drug is I were you - I think you are right to be fearful of that.

    Stay with us, we can help, just go very slow, stay in touch, ride out the bad and the good comes through this horrible Mirt' withdrawal.

    Wishing you well Eva xx

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      Thank you Calmer and Betty. You are helping me more than I can say. I believe I going trough perimenapose I'm 55 years old and all my problem started with terrible nausea. Lost 25 lbs could not eat and sleep and I ask for a sleeping pills from my GP and he give me clonazepam. Anyway that was last summer. Now I'm tapering very slow 2.0 mg for 2 weeks, 1.8 stayed 2 weeks and 1.6 for 3 weeks. Right now I'm on 1.3-1.4 mg and zap abit better but still getting it all day. Maybe not as strong. Sleeping not good. Last night I did not take clonazepam ( I took it for 5 day for anxiety) I started with .5 mg half pill for a first night than after 4 night I took only .25 mg. I'm scared to take it every night.i don't want to get depend on it. I started to take some menapose support all natural suplement. Seems like is going to work. My only complain is the zaps and not able to sleep. Otherwise all the anxiety, dizziness, nausea saying spells is gone, thanks God. Going to see neurologist next months. Thank you both for helping me out with you advise. I will follow them. Sending a big hugs!
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      Big hugs back to you Eva, keep up the slow withdrawal, are you making up a liquid to get to those low doses???

      Did you see Evergreens post today where she recommends going as low as 0.1 mg, I recommend that also, this may sound too low but I think in the long run this will help.

      Did you see if Betty?  Take a look if not, this has to be the best way I believe.

      Betty may I also have a copy of the sleep advice please?  Did you intend to post it on here?

      Wishing you both well ~ what dose are you on now Betty?  I'm at about 5.4mg ... going ultra slow ..... ugh


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    Hi Eva,

    You said that you have been on Clonazepam for 4 months at .5 mg.  You are probaby having withdrawal symtoms from that, not the Remeron.  I have been on Clonazepam for 5 months now and am trying to get off of it and it is very hard.  I am down to .25 per day and it has been terrible.  I am also on 7.5 mg of Remeron and it helps me sleep, which is wonderful because without it, I don't think I would sleep at all.  You should never go off Benzos cold turkey, especially Clonazepam.  You should only try to get off one at a time.  There are a lot of methods to wean off (Ashton Manual)

    Good luck to you!

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    Hi, thank you ladies all the good advise, I feel is helping me more than doctors telling me. To Betty, can you tell what kind of tips you have for sleep? I'm taking Advil some night to sleep, or if I'm really in bad condition take .25 mg clonazepam, drinking every night organic camomile tea.

    To Calmen ... No I'm not making liquid form bc I have no idea how to do it. I have a scale and will measure it until my scale able to (.05) than I will take one day out for one week then 2 day out for one week.... So on. I'm not sure  why I'm so sick is it remeron or clonazepam?  I know I had a very happy life before and now is all suffering. Some day the brain zap is so bad I can't function. Most days are I feel painfull tight had, and burning scalp. I have to put ice on my head, and my scalp looks red where ever is the pain. They recommend me to get off all the vitamins and fish oil for a month or so to see if is help. I'm right now taking only 1 mg remeron treating today. Will see how is going to be. I'm scared. Big hug for you ladies. God help us.

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      Hi Eva

      I see you have gone from 1.6 mg (9 days ago) to 1 mg, that is FAST !  I would think you would feel more withdrawal effects after that taper, so I would go slower, and if youu get many symptoms just stay at the dose you are on a while longer.

      This is what I would do if I were you, and I will follow this when I get down to 1 mg also.  

      You will need a 1ml syringe with markings on at 0.1ml intervals

      A pill crusher (available from Amazon)

      A clean medicine bottle or small jar

      A small accurate measuring jug or medicine cup with measure on. 


      • Crush up 2 x 15mg (or 1 x 30mg) Mirtazapine pills until they are a fine powder (although the outer coating does not grind up as fine as the white Mirt’ powder that is inside, but that's fine. So long as the white Mirt’ is a fine powder.

      • Then measure 30ml of half water and half maple syrup (or something else to your taste) and pour into the medicine bottle.

      • Then pour in the powder and shake it vigorously. So 1ml of the liquid equals 1mg of Mirtazapine. N.B. Mirtazapine is not soluble in water and so you must shake it vigorously every time you take out a dose to ensure you are getting an accurate measure of Mirtazapine.

      • Also you should store it in the fridge. It is recommended to keep it no longer than four days, but a reliable source kept (her) each batch for two weeks without a problem.

      So from the 30 mg / 30 ml draw up the syringe what you require. 

      1 ml of the liquid = 1 mg.

      This has been tried and tested and works very well. Just make sure you shake it very well before drawing up the syringe.

      Credit to Evergreen

      So stay at 1 mg for 2 weeks, or until you feel stabilised, less nausea or less headache etc. 

      Then for a week each, or slower if necessary, go to

      0.9 mg/ml on the syringe

      08 mg/ml








      I know this may sound crazy, but to get to zero safely, and without too much suffering this seems to be the best way.

      Look after yourself xx

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      Thank you Calmer. I will stay longer on 1.3 mg you are right I'm going to fast. My husband say the same thing. I just want the get it over to see if I stop completely after the brain zap would go away. Right now dos not matter how slow I'm going I'm sick even afte 3 weeks and zap never goes away. But I will slow done even more maybe will stay on 1.3 for 4 weeks to see. Keep in touch. Thank you again.
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      Yes I would stay at that dose to see if you stabilise.  I get the brain zap but only about one every 2 weeks but I am going much slower than you have been.  I hope yours settles down now.  I have heard the lower you go the more severe the symptoms if you rush, so fingers crossed for you.


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