Breathing obsession is back yet again!!!!!

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Hi again ladies

After writing my post about having a deficiency in folic acid I need help

I am constantly thinking about my breathing 

My chest is tight and I feel breathless or just struggle thinking I’m not getting enough air!!!

Now I have had this before in my 10 years of Peru

And I have just recovered from flu on top of everything else

I went to the doctor and he listened to my chest and said it’s all clear

But it don’t feel that way

And I have been to the doctor in the past many times and even had a chest X-ray and again everything is clear

This bout has got me not wanting to get out of bed for fear of moving around and not being able to breath!!!

This is causing my anxiety to be in overdrive 

Why can’t I believe nothing is wrong?

Mayb because these symptoms are so severe every day

Ladies I need reassurance x

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    Hi Michelle, fatigue can cause you to feel breathless as can lots of things.  I used to feel like this when I had ME. I think peri causes this symptom also as I have it a lot. Peri also causes us to obsess about things and this may just be another phase of your hormone imbalance 

    If I were you I would get out of bed and go for a couple of gentle walks in the fresh air, try and distract yourself from obsessing about symptoms, I know how difficult it can be but take heart that your doctor has checked you out and there’s nothing to worry about

    Let us know how you get on


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      Thank you I know I can always count on you for good advice

      You have helped me a lot over the years 

      You helped me when I was withdrawing from mirtazapine I don’t know if you remember?

      I’m out of bed currently waiting to start a new job so I think having nothing to do is giving me more time to focus on my problems 

      I had to resign from my care job five weeks ago due to back problems 

      But that’s another story

      I will try not to focus on the breathing and I am taking gentle walks every day

      Thank you again for your support x

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      Aww Michelle I must have been drawn to reply to you today. Sorry I can’t remember you withdrawing from the meds but so glad that I helped you

      It’s great your getting out and about and not focusing on symptoms I tend to do the same then you become overwhelmed

      I hope you continue to improve, I think you will

      Just give me a shout if you need to talk

      Lots of love to you xx

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    I’ve had same crashing down inside my chest. Was convinced it was a heart or lung issue. I’m being told by many ladies in Peri Menopausal link here that it’s Hormone imbalances. I’ve never been a

    Panicked person...but I think & feel like it’s panic attacks. I try and try to tell’ve been checked by Drs, heart is healthy, lungs r clear, it’s ok...I tell myself over and over and over. 

    I cry a lot, and early early morning & if I sleep when I wake up are my worst worst times for anxieties.  

    Get full Hormone testing done. Answers help calm the mind and gut...I’m thinking mine and maybe yours is all due to HORMONES!!!’  Geez being a lady is soooo wonderful!??

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      I know right 

      It’s been a very very long journey for me

      I think the thyroid surgery has kinda set me back a bit

      I’m not very good with things like that

      Thanks for replying x

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    You hun, have answered your own question. Your anxiety is in overdrive. Thats why your breathing feels funny and your chest feels tight. Its all hormones playing their nasty little tricks on our minds. If the dr says your lungs are fine then you must believe that - they are fine. His career would be over if he missed something as obvious as a breathing problem. I am going through this crap with asthma and angina so you can only imagine what happens when I get a panic attack. The nebuliser goes on, my gt spray comes out and I drop a diazepam and wait until I begin to calm down. I know whats happening and because I know whats going on, I can now control it to a point. You must tell yourself that nothing is wrong and change your mindset. Convince yourself there is nothing seriously wrong and that it will pass. You can purchase cans of pure oxygen from large pharmacies get yourself one and have a blast of that when you feel really bad it contains no drugs and will not hurt you if you use it sparingly. Overuse will make you lightheaded but it passes as soon as the oxygen goes into your blood. But you dont really need it, you already know what you need and that is to get your anxiety under control before it totally controls you. Here for you anytime hun. XXX
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      Yes I agree it can totally control you

      I said earlier I’ve been going through this menopause journey for 11 years and it’s been very difficult 

      I feel that my thyroid surgery sort of put my anxiety levels off the charts again 

      And then having to resign from my job due to back problems then flu

      It’s all happening 

      The surgery brought on a period after 13 months😡

      Thank you for taking the time to reply x

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      You are so welcome hun. I have been in peri for at least 10 years and ovaries and hormones finally crashed last December after long period of stress. My mum passed away holding my hand in October last year and things began happening soon after and to such an extreme degree that my gp came out to see me, took one look at me and said you are going on hrt and you are going on it NOW. Then he looked at my other meds I am already on prescription strength vit D and folic acid and B complex shots but he told me to take a high strength meno multivit and extra B, and evening primrose oil for sore breasts. He also put me on low regular dose of diazepam as cant tolerate SSRIs anymore due to severe long term use effects. So is this process s**t or what? I've had some really bad health issues in my life but can honestly say I've never experienced anything like it in my life. What more are us women meant to cope with. Here anytime for you hun. XXX

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      Omg you poor thing 

      But I know exactly what you mean!!!

      I’ve had five kids all grown up now always worked been married 30 years

      Had a hard childhood 

      But all that in comparison to this hormones hell is nothing

      I used to be able to tolerate any kind of stress

      Now.... any little thing sends me over the edge!!

      It is just so crazy

      The fact that it’s lasted so long makes it all worse

      I’m 50 now and I’m just praying it ends soon

      My surgery in August brought me to a quivering wreck 

      Years ago it wouldn’t have phased me

      Thank you for reaching out I really appreciate it x

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    Get your iron level checked too! Also look up breathing exercises to help calm you. There are several out there so find one that works for you. I like the 4x4 technique which is breath in for the count of 4 seconds, hold for 4, breathe out for 4, hold for 4. And then repeat four times.
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    Hi Michelle, you poor thing I get this so bad too its so awful and so very scary, the breathless feeling like I can't get that deep enough breath.. Mine eased up for a bit but its been back also for me this past week and its not fun!!! All I can tell you is it always passes for me , I try and keep myself busy and when it does happen it truly always feels like its trapped gas and when I finally burp or belch it does relieve it somewhat and I tell myself there its just gas and now I'm getting my deep breath again. I think that when its happening I panic anxiety then kicks in and that makes it all worse, I start to think the worst like omg could this be an asthma attack or something worse is my bronchial airways closing up, I start to think all kinds of crazy crap and then I make myself relax sip some water or something to make myself belch and that unusually works.. Try and breathe slow deep breaths when happening. And keep busy until the feeling passes if at all possible. I know for me I started thinking I had this bad last spring summer and was it aggravated by the trees and grass , I'm not really sure but it does always pass but yes indeed very uncomfortable while happening.. Hang in there, and if doc listened to lungs and all clear from your flu that should ease your mind a bit that its just this crappy menopause . also lots and I do mean lots of foods feel like it brings this on, and even if I don't eat certain things , I get this sometimes first thing in the morning I could be in the shower and it happens , then I panic and have to hurry and wash up and get out, its a crazy symptom and and awful time in our lives , but you are not alone I feel this too, and it sucks...

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