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  • aussiemom 1

    Amiodorone and afib

    I was put on amiodorone 5 years ago do to afib. I started at 400 mil a day and ended up on a half a pill every other day. I exercise and eat well and very physically active. Aftr drinking two diet cokes on saturday sunday morning woke up in afib. Its minor no heart racing but heart is skipping and

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  • allen30205 2
  • kadri20986 1



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  • laurie75424 2

    Amiodarone and kidney function

    Has anyone had amiodarone effect their kidney function? I had a heart attack that led to a cardiac arrest in May and another cardiac arrest in June. I have an ICD implanted and was shocked for vfib and vtach numerous times in October so I was started on amiodarone. I had my loading dose in hospital

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  • NewAnxiety 2

    Are they ANY success stories?

    Been reading a lot about people experiences with Amiodarone on here and majority of it have been negative. As I've heard this drug aside from it's many side effects actually does is job are there ANY good success stories? There has to be a few people on this forum who have had a good experience

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  • Littlelegs 2


    hi i had a icd/ pacemaker fitted at the freeman newcastle on jan 6th this year ,everything fine .i am now waiting to go back in for alcohol ablation as i have hpertrophic cardiomyopathy and was woundring if anyone on here has had this done and how did the feel after wards thankyou mary

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  • triciamar 1

    Breathless since taking Amiodarone

    I am unsure of my mother’s diagnosis (she will not ask her doctors!) but she was a very fit 85-year-old who just prior to having a pacemaker fitted, in January, was able to walk two miles a day and dig her garden. I believe she may have ventricular arrhythmia as well as atrial fibrillation, but I

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    I have been put on Cardarone after complaining of palpitations after palpitations have stopped and hence wish to know if I can stop the after stopping whether I will get back the palpitations? Plaese help. Thanks

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  • stephlightfoot 2

    what to do?

    Is this drug as bad as am reading because it could be my only option internal cardioversion failed waiting a ablation which i pray works. If it dont looks like a life of being  tiredness and breathless or risk going blind

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  • paul93583 2

    Icd implant soon

    Hi Guys I am soon going tohave an icd fitted as my cardio thinks i couid devolp arrthmias. Obviously i have concerns about it. One of which is the effect of Stage size an even domestic loudspeakers has anyone had any experience of any adverse effects to there device. I uderstand has on fitted so

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  • phyllis4 2
  • margaret54741 2

    Post Ablation

    Is there anyone who has had a successful ablation after previously being treated with Amioderone. If so how long did you stay on Amioderone following the ablation, if at all?

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  • stewart79639 2

    My little heart job.

    Being an ex nurse, I should have spotted this ages ago! Have fast AF for 10 years+ Mostly it never hapens, but when it does, it is an hospital case.   My meds have been Sotalol worked fine for ages. A statin is still on the PX, but asprin has gone. Amiodarone , last choice, as digoxin

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  • kathleen63747 3


    i have been on this drug for One month prior to going for a Cardioversion in 2 days, my blood was taken on Monday.I have just had a phone from my doctor,to say my renal function has reduced quite a bit, I have to go to the surgery to get some blood for most checks.i have never had kidney problems before,...

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  • kathleen63747 3

    More about Amiodarone

    i was put on this awful med, prior in for a Cardioversion , i have never been so ill in my life, it was strong dose, three a day, then two a days for second week then one every day after that. Since the first day I was nauseated,ulcers in my mouth, old sores at the corners of my mouth I lost 1

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  • denys91543 1

    i was amiorodion for over 10 years

    this drug  was being on viagra bad drug i stopped taking 2years ago my mental health affected my heart consulten warned me it will kill me i suffed bad losed my vision i lost my family because side affects.i suffod stroke in2007 had to learn to speak again ,read and write again i cant name the

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  • derek76 6

    Warfarin and Amiodarone warning

    This is a paragraph taken from drug warnings on NIH (National Institutes of Health) an agency of the Department of Health. Anticoagulants: Potentiation of warfarin-type (CYP2C9 and CYP3A4 substrate) anticoagulant response is almost always seen in patients receiving amiodarone and can result

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  • steven6951 1


    I have taking Amiodarone 200mg for about 35 days  for my AF .However, I still get irregular occasional especially after taking hot food. The improvement to my condition is marginal. Can anyone advise me if I should continue with Amiodarone. Also,I have been on warfarin for the past 3 years . Due to

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  • michael75323 1

    Question concerning an Amiodarone side-effect

    Hello, I've been taking 300mg of Amiodarone for about 1,5 years, taking my last dose on december 16th after undergoing my third ablation. I was largely side-effect free except one thing that I'm fairly certain is attributed to this drug because nothing else makes sense. About 10-11 months ago,

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  • Stokie1 2


    Have now been taken of Amiodorone tablets and prescribed Sotalol 40mg its early days but surly nothing could be as awfull as Amiodorone would appreciate comment from anyone on Sotalol. 

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  • patient patient 1

    amiodarone - not bad so far

    I have been taking Amiodarone for 2 months now for cardioversion as I have AF. I have been told that it is unlikely to be successful but that I might as well give it a go. So far I have had no problems at all - I take 200mg daily. I will be on it for a maximum of 4 months so my specialist says

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  • janet29002 1

    Hysterectomy ,pain relief

    HI to all you girls out there, I'm new too this forum, I had my op 4th feb and was discharged less than 24hrs, I was poorly during the night with a Bp 75/40 and pulse 40, they sent me home with no pain relief , only laxido, they told me to take paracetamol , the pain was so  unbearable , I had to

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  • Stokie1 2

    Amiodorone problem

    Help amiodorone started on a dose of 400mg three times daily mistake by hospital  reduced down to. 200mg daily. Side effects are dire. Extreme fatigue, over active brain unable to sleep, head aches,weakness in hands and legs. Given for Atrial fibrillation / offered were

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  • Cazrelda 2

    Productive coughing after taking amiodarone.

    I've been prescribed amiodarone since being diagnosed with Rapid AF with flutter, after serious sepsis. A nurse in hospital told me amiodarone is a particularly nasty drug, so I was not keen to take it. AF became almost constant and my cardiologist said this was the best treatment. AF stopped as

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  • nak 1

    How Long before Amaidrone is flushed out of the System

    My father was on 400 mg of Amaidrone a day for 6 months for Atrial Fibrillation. He is 62 years old. On the 30th of January he had a CABG done and was fine for the first 3 days post-operation. On the night of the 4th day he developed severe bronchospasm and hence was sedated and put on the

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  • carrie44641 1

    Blinded by Amioderone

    My mother was prescribed Amioderone for AF five years ago. She lost the sight in one eye within two months and most of the sight in the other a few months later. The sight she had left has slowly diminished week by week since then and she is now very nearly toatally blind. They did find a drug that

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  • sonia93544 1
  • Enchev 1

    Amiodarone is not MEDICINE it is POISON!

    I am 34 years old from Bulgaria. About a month ago I found premature ventricular contraction (PVC) in my heart. I go to the doctor cardiologist and he prescribed me Amiodarone 200 mg (Cordarone 200 mg). "You do not worry - probably minor viral infection that has affected heart. Take one pill per

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  • roger1948 1
  • Mick S. 1
  • Enchev 1

    To admins of this site...

    Please check the IP addresses of people that say things like: "I'm on Amiodarone from 13, 20.. and so on years and NO SIDE EFECTS!" If these comments are coming from hospitals - tell us to start appropriate legal action against such doctors. This site is not a drug dealers HOME, is it?! Consult

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  • Guest M

    i have been taking amiodarone 200mg a day for three year...

    i have been taking amiodarone 200mg a day for three years because of a heart beat of 180 a minute. it has stoped my thyroid from working and i have gained over a stone in weight. now i am having to take an iron tablet every day,and now i have been told i am short of vitamin b12 and may need an

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  • Guest M

    Amiodarone Toxicity

    I post this to alert anyone checking these boards about the dangers of amiodarone. My father was given this drug for a minor arrhythmia, while he was hospitalized with bronchitis. It killed him in just 4 weeks as a result of sudden, irreversible pulmonary toxicity. If you or anyone you love is

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  • David Norman 1

    Amiodarone side effects

    I have suffered from AF for the past 15 years. It got steadily worse despite medication (verapamil) I year ago I was put on Amiodarone and after about 3 months developed the following symptoms. Numness in both my legs above the knee as well as a burnung sensation on the skin. Weight gain. Sleep

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