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Calcium Channel Blocking Agent

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  • Huffler1 1

    Stopping Lacidipine

    Has anyone ever suffered from muscle fatigue/weakness whilst on Lacidipine? Has anyone ever managed to stop taking Lacidipine? Has anyone ever managed to stop taking Lacidipine and the muscle weakness clear up?

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  • Guest M

    Felodipine started having knee and joint pains

    I startd having knee and joint pains in my legs. At night I found it very difficult to sleep because of the pain in my knees. I was on 5mg then went to 10mg and it seems that this has worsened my joint pains. Also find that when I am lying down at rest, I end up having to go to the toilet. I feel miserable...

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  • Kizzie 2


    I have been taking 10mg lercandipine for about 6 weeks....about an hour after I seem to spend time going to the loo. Also I seem to have noticed that is affecting my tinnitus quite badly....anyone else having this. I also take low dose Bisoprolol 

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  • Killiebill 1
  • vanessa23455 1

    Calcium channel blockers

    Hi ive been on dilzem for 8 years for high blood pressure atrial fibrilation and raynauds, suddenly there is a manufacturing problem so ive had to change tablets to another calcium channel blocker so far ive had 5 different tablets all with bad side effects can anyone suggest a calcium channel blocker...

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  • andrene2626 2

    Verapamil Univer 240mg Prolonged Release Capsules

    I've just phoned Cephalon who deal with this medication and it has now been withdrawn!!  Do patients not matter!  I have been on the tablets since last May and keep getting atrial fibrillation fluttering with them, blood pressure drops and feel washed out.  I think it's shocking that a company can simply...

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  • Spiritmon 2

    Link between bp and exercise

    Looking for studies on link between exercise and good health. I feel most subjectively exercise assists greatly in hormonal balance and with that as we age and hormones are progressively depleted; Exercise enhances hormone production where symptoms of many vascular related desease do not come about.

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  • emmanuel81138 1


    Iam taking lercanidipine for my blood pressure and also taking levothyroxine for my thyroids.I feel depressed all the there anyone who can probably tell me if these drugs course fade up

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  • Spiritmon 2

    Drug test for diladin

    How long does deladin stay in blood for testing. I am on oxicodone prescribed. I had some old deladin (spell) . It was like 4 days to my appointment where I am tested each time. Doc said he sees deladin in test? Wtf.. took five #4 in two day period. Can opiate test differentiate specific opiate based...

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  • Black Widow 2

    Varicose Eczema

    Has anyone had varicose eczema ? This unbearable skin complaint started back in June with swollen ankles, assumed it was due to the warm weather, so every evening I sat with my feet/legs raised which helped. But, it seemed it was ongoing, when at the beginning of July put my back out bending, which then...

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  • turvell 3

    Lercanidipine not working

    Hi been on lercanidipine 10mg for 9 days and my average reading is still 160/90 so it don't seem to be working. What should it go down to on these? I've got an operation next Friday and they will cancel if it don't go down. Will going up to 20mg help me

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  • meditator54 2

    Blood pressure tablets Felodipine

    I decided to stop any form of blood pressure tablets.  I had been on lisinopril and chlopidogrel tablets before which gave me memory loss and severe fatigue.  I have been on felodipine for one week with the result that I suffered severe headaches whixch no painkiller would shift.  I am going to take...

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  • gill43753 4

    Anyone else struggle with night sweats on Lercanidipine?

    I've been prescribed Lercanidipine for high blood pressure. I've only just been able to get my thyroid medication and numerous other medications balanced enough to feel ok,and even stop overheating. Now put on these BP tablets, everything is thrown again, with night sweats, hot cheeks in the day, and...

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  • doris97260 2


    I have been taking lercanidipine for 2 months now and I have had headaches every day  they are like tension headaches. Does anyone have the same problem?

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  • davidg 2

    Amlodipine and dental problems

    I have been taking Amlodipine for two years due to high BP. For a similar period of time I have experienced dental problems and needed multiple fillings. Has anyone else had similar problems?

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  • jill73 2

    Verapamil - extensive side effects

    I started taking Univers prolonged release Verapamil 5 years ago when I had AF. I could not take beta blockers as I have asthma. After a successful cardioversion, my cardiologist told me that I would have to take it for the rest of my life. I'm 63. In April, this drug was no longer available. There was...

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  • naomi402 2

    Diltiazem Side Effects

    I have just recently in the last month had a huge increase in heart rate and blood pressure.  Tried beta blocker gave me insomnia.  Dr. just switched me to diltiazem.  I have been on it three days which isnt long but everytime I take it I get a escalation in heart rate and it isnt helping my BP at all....

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  • Black Widow 2


    just started taking Tildiem - Calcium Channel Blocking Agent and have been woken up several times with heart beats loud in ears and through the whole of my body, together with complete body aches. On eventually getting up feeling of being general unwell feeling. Has anyone the same effects, helpful advice...

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  • lisahelen 3


    Hi are there any people who take lacidipine?  Ive been on this tablet for about 4 years and have recently been told by gastrologist that my constipation/ stomach issues are more than likely because of ccbs.  Was wondering if anyone else suffers similarly.

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  • jill73 2

    Not able to get Verapamil prolonged release

    I have been taking Univers Verapamil prolonged release capsules 180mg for 5 years after having an allergic reaction to an insect bite. I had a successful cardioversion 4 1/2 years ago. My pharmacy are currently unable to get these and I have been prescribed standard verapamil and will take a 80mg tablet...

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  • roger04254 1

    Taking Lercanidipine tablets

    Can I take after breakfast instead of before (as recommended) as I have problems with taking tablets on an empty stomach. Any advice welcomed..

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  • ounsey 2

    blood pressure

    My husband has been taking a generic lercanipine since march.Drs gave him zanidip(a one off).Has anyone taken this pill and had any side effects

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  • ounsey 2

    for 6 wks been feeling abnormally unwell

    Husband has been taking generic lercanidipine since march 2015,no problems whatsoever.BUT was given zanidip because that was drs had in at that time.Has been suffering with lightheadedness ,sometimes dizzy spells leading to on3/4 occasions  nearly passing out.Fells like he is on another planet or he...

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  • sue2208 2

    Lercanidpine and bad taste in mouth

    Hi I have been on 10mg Ramipril for a couple of years but recently my blood pressure shot up causing palpitations so my doctor put me on 10mg Lercanidipine as well.  No serious side effects just flushing, constantly going to the toilet which are fine but I have noticed a bad taste in my mouth.  Has anyone...

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  • maureen90045 2


    i have been taking amlodipine for  blood pressure for a year - does anyone get earache while on this medication 

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  • Glitzy 3

    Anyone been prescribed Dilitizem

    Hi been on a few sites but this has got me pondering I have had atrial fribullation for about 2 years now I was on the dreaded Bisropolol horrible drug causing many bad side effects anyway of fun hat now I'm still on Dabigatran but the last 5 months I've been put on Dilitiazem the same time I came down...

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  • k99200 1


    Hi I'm 30 years old 3 weeks ago I woke up to a fast heart rate went to the er and first they put me on Metaprolol and it caused me to have severe panic attacks , dizzy and my vision was messed up and chest pains went to er a couple days later they told me it was just anxiety and heart burn. Then my...

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  • Guest M

    Felodipine and Palpitations

    I have recently been changed to Felodipine after many years on Co-tenidone. I have no other side effects except palpitations whenever I am sitting still. I get them for a few days and then have a few days free of them. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Guest M

    Felodipine burning legs

    I get burning legs and flushing, it becomes relly painfull in the joints in my legs and takes a few hours to settle. I get night sweats as well.

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  • morten13561 3

    Whats Verapamil and Isoptin like?

    I have Inapropriate Sinus Tachycardia and POTS. I need a drug to calm my heart or I will simply become very dizzy when I stand up, or even pass out. Ive taken beta blockers but they give me nasy side effects, especially neurological. Is Verapamil and Isoptin effective for tachycardia and what are some...

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  • sonia07046 2

    Raynards syndrome

    I've been taking feledipine 2.5mg for a week. I have now gone on to 5mg! It's only been two days but yesterday I had a really bad headache, and today I feel like my stomachs bloated, I'm hoping this is going to pass in a few days! Anyone got anything positive to tell me about this medication and if it...

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  • panda22 2

    calcium channel blockers

    I was put on calcium channel blockers for my coronary spasm. I have now been put on vitamin D3 as well. Will these medications work against each other. I'm confused

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  • Guest M


    I hate this stuff I have pains in my knees when I take it. Twice I have taken myself off it and each time the knee problems have gone away. I have decided to insist on being taken off it on my next visit to my GP.I had my concerns dismissed last time. After reading other posts here I won't let that...

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  • Guest M


    In 2204 new doctor changed my old bp tablets to felodipine and another one,(cant remember name)no reason given for this change.I was 46 yrs old ,since then I have suffered terrible migrains,joint pain,swollen ankles and had to stop work and have had no social life at all.None of thes symptoms were linked...

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  • Guest M


    Seems to act as a diaretic on me, ie taking it in the evening I have to go to the toilet up to 3 times in the night. Tried not taking it, and I dont!

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