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Chest Deformity

Also known as Funnel Chest, Pigeon Chest

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  • My grandson has Pectus Carinatum

    My grandson has pectus carinatum and I have tried to find a group helpline of people who have the same problem as him. There is a patient chat line in America but it would be good if he could get feedback from someone in England. Most of their post is from sufferers with pe not pc as well. He will be...

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  • Post Surgery Concerns

    Hi, im 20 yo and i had surgery for pectus carinatum one year ago. It was performed by one of the best medics im that area and im not overall happy about the results. I was left with a very noticable horizontal scar, 0 sensitivity in the chest ans pretty uneven ribs. Can anyone who had the same surgery...

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  • chest is concave

    my right side of chest is straight and is normal while my left side is inside, i mean like its concave. im too skinny and the shape of my chest can be seen easily. Is it some kind of disorder or disease or only an imbalance of my chest. will it get fixed with doing body exercise or joining a gym?

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  • Pectus Excavatium

    I'm 15 years old boy and I have pectus excavatium (sunken chest). I don't see any health problems, but it looks unattractive and I feel very uncomfortable when I'm not wearing shirt in public (which is rare). Is there anything I could do to make it look a bit better, any exercises? I'm...

  • if like to find out more about bracing for pectus carinatum

    Hi, my son is 13 years old and is beginning to show a more pronounced chest protrusion. I don't like the sound of surgery, and would like to know more about bracing. Has anyone had it done? Where did you get it done? Was it costly/is it provided on the NHS? I would really appreciate any help with...

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  • experiences of corrective surgery

    My chest deformity first came to my attention when i was about 12 years old and i have been living with it ever since (I am now 21 years old). it consisted of a depression on the left side, with a protrusion on the right. I undertook corrective surgery in the summer of 2009, around 6 months ago. The...

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  • pigeon chest

    Hi I am looking for some support and advice about my 14yr old son who has a prominent chest deformity. We have yet to go to a doctor as myself and son are scared and I have been trying to convince him it will all be sorted as quickly as possible once we get on with it. My fear is that his heart is...

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  • I am suffering from pectus carinatum

    Hi my age is 23. I am suffering from pectus carinatum. I want to get cured. Please recommend any doctor. I am hoping for surgical treatment & how to assure that it can be cured or not?

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  • pectus carinatum

    Hello, I am Mrs Atheel. Before one month i noticed that my son (10 years old) has a pectus carinatum. i did x-ray for his chest. the doctor told me it is fine and no need to be worried about. but i am still concern of this goin to be wors when he grown up. please can someone assured that?

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  • I have got man boobs :( How to reduce it

    Im Anirudh And my age is 20 Now . Upto Age 12 , everything looked normal . After That my nipples started growing abnormally . They started to puff. Now they totally looks abnormal . When i press them or rub them or take bath , the puffed nipples goes back to normal nipple , Rest of the time they were...

  • Pectis Carinatum - what to expect after surgery?

    My son is 14 and we have just seen a consultant regarding having his pigeon chest corrected.  He is on the list to have the Ravitch (I think thats how its spelt) procedure.  He is however very nervous and worried about the recovery time as he plays lots of sports.  Has anyone had this...

  • can anyone help?

    i am a 13 year old girl and i have only really started to notice my condition when i lost a lot of weight due to having glandular fever, i have recently had chest x-rays and been confirmed that is pectus excavatum . i am being referred to specialists does anyone know what happens next?? i live in...

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  • I think I suffer from pectus excavatum can you help

    Hello I'm George and I'm 16 years old. For the last two, three years I have really bad chest pain in comes and goes. I chest is sunken below the beasts and yes I am a male. I get really tired really easy when I do sport or even go up the stairs. I have gone to the hospital with it and all they...

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  • long-term chest discomfort

    Hello all, I'm new here, and was hoping I could get some opinions from you guys. So, about 1 month ago, I began feeling a slight discomfort in my chest, not localized to one area, but mostly on the left side (although it does show up on the right). It's not a lot of pain, and it hasn't increased,...

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  • jub jub

    pigeon chest clarification

    I am 21 and have noticed that I have a large indent in my shest (I always thought it was normal) if you think you could help with suggestions if it is or is not pigeon chest please reply so I could email some photos ... 

  • Pectus Excavatum

    45 years old and I've just discovered I have Pectus Excavatum! I don't mean my chest has suddenly sunk, but that it is a recognised medical condition and other people have it too. I feel like I've come out of the wilderness and joined the human race. If you're reading this because you...

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  • Update from Bing

    I've been using the Vacuum Bell for a couple of weeks now and the early signs are very encouraging. It's very simple to use and doesn't cause too much discomfort. I've read of a study where patients used the device for 30 minutes, twice a day, taking the air to 15% below atmosphere. Well,...


    Elevated Left Side Of Chest

    A few weeks ago I had a chest infection and noticed that the left side of my chest was elevated. I just put this down to having a chest infection even though the doctor said it was my right lung which was the problem. Now 4 weeks on and the left side of my chest above my breast is still raised up and...

  • Im almost 16 and i have lived with funnel chest, it has ...

    Im almost 16 and i have lived with funnel chest, it has restircited my life in many ways, i have been to embarresed to go swimming and take my top off in any situation such as going on holiday to the beach. at the moment i have been going to the gym and developing muscle which has helped in my self confidence...

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  • I am 26. I was also never able to take of my shirt at th...

    I am 26. I was also never able to take of my shirt at the pool, missed every swimming carnival and constantly woried about my chest. When i was 19 I hit the gym hard. I have since put on 15 kg and am alot happier with my appearence. Every body and i mean every body just thinks that my chest looks good...


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