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Cholesterol Level

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  • Grossy 1

    Should I be worried about a cholesterol reading of 6.2?

    My cholesterol test came back with 6.2, HDL 2.8 and LDL 3.6. I am a 58 year old female who is notoverweight, does exercise 5 times a week (running, gym, swimming, tennis), has excellent blood pressure and eats a very balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg but which is perhaps a bit high in fat.

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  • anne98908 1


    I went for blood tests as my bp was high now on amolopidine 10mg a day and its come right down. I had cholesterol done and nurse told me i had really good fats in diet fruit veg etc but bad fats overall was 6.4% is this bad , she gave me script statin but not taken them as spoke to doctor she said

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  • rohit19405 2

    cholesterol levels at age 22

    I m facing the some issue I am 22 I used to 185mg/DL got afraid of having heart attack nd by exercise managed to decrease that about 120mg/DL still worried about are there any blockages vessels is there any was facing left Arm pain where I had ecgs,2Decho scanning,stress tests ,blood tests,

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  • mikko 2
  • eureka06707 1

    8.2 Cholesterol..eeeeek!

    Had my cholesterol tested and it came back at a whopping 8.2 which surprised me cause I Mostly eat chicken, salad, veggies and 2 boiled eggs every morning. The red meat is to a minimum. I do smoke and have more than the usual stress this give me such high results?  My LDL - 6 and my

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  • BeSS82 1

    Cholesterol Trap - Help/Suggestion !!

    Hi,   I need some advice from you as I had tried many things and seems I am not getting the result I was hoping for. I am 34 years old vegetarian, non-drinker, non-smoker. I do little/medium exercise occasionally (not rigid).I am watching my Cholesterol from some time now and tried to change all

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  • rizwan95073 1


    hi i do hope you are well, i want to ask you one question, i have bad cholestrol 226 & Triglycerides 535, 2 days before test whole week i was drinking vodaka, & i eat chicken with rice just 2 hours before test, i am not feeling any symptoms, could you please guide me about this situation, waiting

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  • shawlands 1

    Cholesterol levels

    Hi Recently got blood tests taken and here are the results: TRIGLYCERIDES 1.37 mmol/L 0.00 - 2.30 CHOLESTEROL *6.34 mmol/L 0.00 - 4.99 HDL CHOLESTEROL *1.88 mmol/L 1.20 - 1.70 LDL CHOLESTEROL *3.84 mmol/L 0.00 - 3.00  As a bit of background, I'm female, 49, 7stone 12, 5 ft 2, pretty fit and walk

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  • hotrocks68 1

    Test accuracy

    Hi all,  I am a 50 yr old male,pretty fit and work-out/eat well.  I today went for an NHS health check and whilst my blood pressure was 111/78, i was shocked by my cholesterol level.  The nurse did the test but suggested there was'nt much blood taken but,as there was no error report said the test

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  • lokesha79518 1

    cholesterol comparison

    Please see below table i was comparing my cholestrol level in OCt 2016 and Mar 2017. Was happy that TG  level reduced is increased to 136. IS tryglyceroid converted in to LDL??I was doing excercise and Diet control to reduce the Trglycroid since 3 months . I am wooried about LDL

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  • xizziz 2

    Cholesterol Triglicerides too high and HDL too low - what to use?

    I have been taking simvistatin for a couple of years and should have had my cholesterol levels tested sooner.  It turns out I have bad readings, yesterday were: Cholesterol 164 Tryglicerides 432 HDL 27 LDL 137 I do not trust my doctors recommendations as this med did not work, so I am asking to

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  • zutmanuk 1

    cholesterol 7.2

    Docs told me to make a few diet changes, so i thought i would start with cooking oils, wow how confusing can any one in the uk give me an idea of the best oils butters i can use (brands) i cant find any streight forward lists, im sure this has been asked before. any other tips would be good as well 

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  • sarahlucy12311 2

    Lipid panel results.

    So I'm 22 year old female. I'm 5'4 and weigh 174 I've been in the process of losing weight. I recently had my blood drawn and checked. I don't have any medical conditions. My HDL is really low all my other test are within normal ranges but it really scares me. I've read a lot online and

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  • WayneH 1

    Big Reduction since my last blood test

    Previously had high cholesterol and very high tri-glycerides since 2012. I've now been prescrive finofibrates which I’ve used most days for about 2 months. Other changes is i've started a low carb diets, lots of eggs, lean meats & some veg (not much fruit  Lastly I viewed another post where they

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  • saelg28 2

    SO frightened only 28 and cholesterol 5.8

    So frightened I got checked as high cholesterol and heart disease is hereditary in my family from the 30s I'm so frightened at this high number and worried I'm going to have a heart attack in next year. Please any advice or reassurance from others who have it this high?

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  • neville15284 1

    Cholesterol levels higher than normal

    I am a 64 year old who's cholesterol levels have always been higher than normal. This is since I started having regular checks from the age of 50, I have never been to worried about them, as my doctors have said that because I have no other health issues, it should be ok. However, as I age, and the

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  • annette92968 1

    Extremely high cholesterol reading

    My parter has just received results from recent blood tests and his doctor has called him in urgently as his cholesterol reading is 24! Everythng i read online shows that anythnig above 7 is high but I cannot find anything online for a reading as high as his. His GP has said its the highest he's

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  • TonyS263 1

    Lipid Tests

    I had general tests done, but of all, my Lipid tests are bit of concern. Fasting Status: non fasting Cholesterol: 5.7 mmol/L ( < 5.0 ) (High) Triglyceride: 4.2 mmol/L ( < 2.0 ) (High) HDL Cholesterol: 0.96 mmol/L ( < 1.00 ) (Low) LDL Cholesterol: 2.8 mmol/L ( < 3.4 ) Chol/HDL Ratio: 5.9 (< 4.5) (High)...

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  • xizziz 2

    High triglycerides - what to do -

    I had been taking simvistatin for around 2 years.  Didn't have my cholesterol checked as i assumed the drug was doing it's job.  Well the cholesterol number was normal, however the good cholesterol was extremely low and the triglycerides extremely high.  Not sure if the statin drug is or is not

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  • Rosieroo17 2

    Coming of statins

    I'm just looking for some information regarding a family member who has been on statins , I'm not sure which, for a good number of years for high cholesterol . They have decided to come off them and try the more holistic approach , they saw a therapist who gave them advice on things to take

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  • sambang 2

    Cholesterol level + chest discomfort

    Dear Friends, 4 months before my cholesterol level was high Total cholesterol was 272, LDL-187, HDL-36 & Triglycerides-237 and I started taking 10 mg statin tablets and i am doing regular excersize. after 3 months i checked all my tests are normal  Total cholesterol was 157, LDL-87, HDL-40 &...

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  • tina85432 2

    Borderline high cholesterol. Put on statin. Is it necessary?

    Hi guys. So my doctor told me I can't do anything about my cholesterol levels and that I would have to be on statin for life. Is this even possible? I have changed my lifestyle and I actively exercise prior to this finding. I took 4 blood tests this year. I am 31 and weigh 121 and am 5'2"female 3/29/

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  • sue 63828 2

    Nausea and rampiril

    hi does anyone who takes rampiril feel sick ( nausea ) my hubby have been taking statins for several years but he. Been suffering muscle problems and digestive problems . I wondered if anyone else have these problems 

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  • missaka32252 1


    Please help srilankan and 35 years old. This is the first time i foung that i have higher level of Total chol-255, HDL -55, LDL- 169, VLDL-30.2, Triglyceride-151. My fasting blood sugar-86. Pressure - Normal, Im slim person. Problem Im a consumer of Butter and chees.. very

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  • david00697 2

    Understanding blood test readings

    After receiving two different views from two different doctors, I hope someone can clarify the correct position.  In assessing cholesterol I have been told that a triglyceride reading (2.0mmol/L) is above the level it should be (given as 1.7mmol/L).  This is not in dispute.  I was also told that

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  • darlene88042 2

    Anyone having success with natural remedies?

    Hi I am a healthy 54 yr old female, workout 3-4x weekly, eat healthily but have famial High Cholestrol, I'm wondering if anyone has had good results from natural alternatives? before I go down the statin route I'd really like to know that i've tried everything possible. I'm currently trying

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  • john80670 3

    High Cholesterol and blood pressure age 31

    Hi just after some information if i can for my doughter. She is 31 and told she has High Cholesterol and blood pressure and put her on statins, but was wondering what's the best thing she can do to lower it I.E diet / exercise.

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  • carter62016 1

    Eating eggs and cholesterol?

    I am 27 years old, run 30 miles a week, eat little red meat, have a 11% body fat percentage, eat 2000 calories a day and according to my DR very high cholesterol levels. I have started to eat 36 eggs a week however for 3 weeks leading up to my physical. Would it be likely that this is a major

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  • DaveyEbb 1
  • holly75952 3

    does cholesterol change over lifetime?

    I feel a bit like an idiot asking this but I'm genuinely not sure. ​I have been told that my cholesterol is 'really good'  although the doctor didnt tell me the actual number which is a bit annoying. ​Will my cholesterol stay this way or will it change?

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  • Babycakes83 1

    High Cordasol Levels

    Hi i had my cordasol levels tested twice, both showing high reading, i am really worried and told can take up to 6 months before im seen for scan above kidneys and brain scan. Im even more worried as ive had symptoms for around 5 years now and was pretty much tired and back aching 6 weeks now and

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  • paul77865 2

    High Cholesterol - Can't take Statins

    I am a male of 56 yrs. Four stents in cardiac arteries 15 months ago. Familial hypercholesterolemia. Last Cholesterol test 7.4 after a month off statins. I can't tolerate the statins. I get headaches and muscle/joint pain. Since stopping the last statin I feel good physically but advice (BHF) is

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  • vincent3 3


    Cholesterol you know my new doctor wanted me to come back in to talk about cholesterol 74-year-old man and I've had high cholesterol level all my life so I heard about it all do this do that my NO. are t. Cholesteryl  200 294 HDL36  Cholesterol 164 what to think

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  • john19542 1

    Low Triglycerides?

    The results of my cholesterol test were: Total Cholesterol:  3.98 mmol/L HDL:  2.22 mmol/L LDL-Calc:  1.68 mmol/L Triglycerides:  0.158 mmol/L My doctor didn't say anything about it, but I'm wondering if my Triglycerides are too low or if this is normal.  Maybe an odd question, but what should I

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  • Pushka 1

    Mrs J Smith

    My Cholesterol reading is 6.2 after coming off statins for two weeks, it was 4.4 before - the LDL was 2.6 and the HDL was 1.68 then. This time with a 6.2 reading the HDL is 1.87 and the LDL is 3.78 do I need to be concerned? my doctor has taken me off statins for 6 weeks because my muscle blood

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