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  • coshamdoug 1

    Doxazosin side effect

    Ive just been prescribed Doxazosin 4mg for my high blood pressure, within 2 days of starting I passed out, once at night and a few days later early in the morning. Iver passed out in my life till now. Ive stoped taking the tablets even though they really improved my blood pressure 125 over 80. Im pretty...

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  • peter 11838 1
  • catspaw 1

    Doxasocin (I hate it)

    I've had headaches every morning since starting on the doxasocin, and I can't say its brought my blood pressure down that much. The headaches feel like sinusutis, and I take sinutabs which help, although I'm not supposed to take decongestants. I frequently suffer from nausea as well as the headaches....

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  • liz57 2

    doxazosin and bladder problems

    Hello I have had high blood pressure for 30+years ,I am 70 .It was well controlled on 2 x 25 mg atenolol plus 2.5mg bendroflumethazide for years .This last year it has gone a bit haywire Bottom line usually good ,top averages at 168 but is usually about 153- 180 .GP added felodopine then ramipril neither...

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  • Guest M

    \"Stress incontinence\" Ladies only!

    I'm a middle aged woman. I've been on beta-blockers for over 30 years. Three of years ago, I was prescribed doxazosin in addition to atenolol. Originally I was prescribed 4mg taken last thing at night of the slow release form and had little trouble with it. However my GP changed this to 2mg of a generic...

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  • tim82248 2


    Been on 4mg Doxazosin as well as 3 other meds for last 9 months. Had to stop taking in the day because it was making me too light headed, so I took it at night. When combined with the other 3, my BP came down to about 135/85 for about 4 hours in the day going back up to about 170/95 for the rest of the...

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  • Guest M


    i was prescribed this drug on 24th August this year at the same time as i was being treated for a damaged knee cap. Within a week i was experiencing gout like symptoms in both feet which went on to unbelievably painful feet and ankles. Thinking this was somthing to do with my kneecap i attended weeks...

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  • Guest 2

    Missed dose

    I'm goin to miss taking a otal of 3 doses (1mg) due to unforseen shortage. What's the best course of action?

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  • pooney67 1

    Doxazosin caused me sexual dysfunction for 8 months. Help

    Took drug call doxazosin, which is a generic for Cadura. Was taking it to help me urinate better. I did not have beign Hyperplasia. Just was prescribed this drug to help me urinate better. It has cause me lack of orgasm. Lack of libido for 8 months. I believe it is permanent. These antihypertensive drugs...

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  • mark55070 1

    Coming off Doxazosin

    I have been on 4mg Doxazosin for 4 years for relief of an enlarged prostate. My side effects include constant headaches, runny nose, painful neck and extra tiredness. I had surgery on my prostate two weeks ago and I am waiting for the side effects to disappear. Can anyone who has come off the drug please...

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  • gwennym 1

    prescribed Doxasin

    :evil: I felt as if I was facing death in the face. Only tookiDoxazosin 2mg for a fortnight and I felt dreadful. Dizzy, sickly, confused, shaky and jumpy. My doctor prescribed it to help my breathing Alright it did help but it made me feel like death. He was only trying to help. My water works and bowls...

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  • sonia72000 1

    Help on type of doxazosin please

    My mum is 75 She has diabetes, high bp and cholesterol level of 6. She's on 10mg ramipril, 10 mg amladopine, 100mg atenol and simavastatin for cholesterol. Her bp has been fluctuating at around 151 /80 and 158/88 over the last few weeks. Doc prescribed her indamipide a few weeks ago and she reacted badly,...

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  • sally-ann1967 1

    coming off Doxazosin

    Hi I have been on8mg  Doxazosin for over 10 years and after losing weight my bp is significantly down and consultant says to stop this tablet. I still take two other tablets for bp/kidney protection. I have been experience really sleepless nights and wondered could this be a result of comming off the...

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  • claudia31691 1
  • jean07211 2
  • nellgywn 2

    Horrible mouth pain, muscle pain, anxiety

    Hi, I was put on doxazosin after a period of great stress (xmas), and although it's lowered my BP, I've had horrible side effects.  I've had the racing heart, swollen ankles, breast pain, chest pain (muscular), sore throat, sore jaw, headaches, anxiety, etc. I was on 4mg for one day and my right leg...

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  • john23035 2

    Doxazosin Tablets 2mg

    I have been on this tablet for one month and recently my urologist ask me to increase dose to 2mg but I still having problem pass urine during the last 2 days

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  • jean07211 2

    anxiety over High Blood Pressure

    why do doctors scare you . (felt fine till I seen the doctor) suffering terrible anxiety since told blood pressure was high and I could have a stroke. anybody know any way of getting it down without drugs

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  • mike07975 1

    Doxazosin - avoid this mind altering drug

    I have only been on a 1mg doseage for three months but luckily a cardiology consultant has told me to stop taking these pills. The constant headaches and dizziness were bad enough plus the pins and needles in my hand but it has been the anxiety that has really shocked me. I am hoping that the anxiety...

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  • adam35204 2

    Doxazosin what it hasnt ruined

    well my bp its done really well to keep that down ..whilst ruining my life . I must of got every side effect this drug has now the aching back and ,back pain the feeling i want to urinate all day without any real flow,the neck ache the head aches the night cramps wind bloating random muscle pains fuzzy...

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  • jean07211 2

    Blood pressure

    trying natural ways of lowering Bp. Beet root garlic fruit walnuts . Feel great but not  lowering Bp anybody had good results naturally  

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  • tanpopo 1

    Doxazosin-related (?) leg problems

    for some years, I have had leg problems ; swelling of ankles, and perceived heavines of lower legs (as if filled with molasses) making walking very difficult. I had difficulty persuading my GP that his could be a side effect of anti-hypertension medication: I have been taking a range of medecines for...

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  • rona ellen 1


    I have been on 2mg of doxazosin for 2 years now. Does anyone have posture problems causing discomfort in the back of their neck causing them to stoop .

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  • vsb 1
  • annie255 2

    Cardozin XL 4mg prolonged-slow release (Doxazosin)

    I am still doing the rounds so to speak, of trying different BP meds. by my GP. This is the latest one which I have been on now for about 12 days. I have had so many adverse side effects from the others I have tried (see my comments under the amlodpine forum discussion) I wonder if any one else on this...

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  • kenneth19138 1

    Influenza side effect with Doxazosin

    Taking 2 mg tablet for 8 weeks mid September to Mid November 2013. Had severe shortness of breath and flu symptoms plus about 10 other listed side effects. Stopped tablet mid November and reported to Doctor. After 1 month still had bronchial feeling in chest and infection plus flu symptoms. Doctor put...

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  • Discojojo 1

    Doxazosin - problems, problems, problems!

    After a brief and failed stint on perindopril my cardiologist suggested doxazosin 2mg to treat my early onset hypertension. Initially I felt ok on them, a little flu-like perhaps, but nothing major. However, week on week I began developing severe sinus/head pain that felt as if my head was going to pop!...

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  • manga 1


    I have used this drug for over a year Since Christmas I have been suffering from a tension type headache & severe nasal congestion especially in the morning Suspecting sinusitis my doctor prescribed an antihistamine arranged an Xray and laterly tried an antibiotic to no avail After reading this forum...

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  • Diamond Dog 1

    Heart attack symptoms after 2 months of Doxazosin

    I am 57 and have had high BP peaking (180/110) although I was prescribed Losartin this didn't have too much effect and a different doc prescribed the dreadful Doxazosin. I immediately had headaches after only 1 mg per day but was told this was normal and would relent which it did. I had been on the...

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  • johntimson 2


    Been on 4mg of this terrible drug for 4yrs ,wish I had refused it at the time.Am now trying to come off it,ruined my life!! . JOHN 67yrs old

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  • MarleneB 1

    it's been prescribed...input please

    I have had high blood pressure for 27 years every tablet i have been on has given me bad side effects....... ......settled on nifedipine and been on that a long time but my bp is now rising and i first tried ramipril[dizzy.burning skin.etc.etc)then losartan[dizzy.joint pain etc.etc)now as a last resort...

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  • johntimson 2


    As you know I have been on 4mg of Doz for about 5yrs now plus 4 others for high BP .Doctor told me to take Omega 3 fish oil about 6 months ago for a blood problem .I find now my BP is dropping very low and have nearly fainted due to 1000mg of fish oil.Cant win if I try to reduce Doz dose I feel dizzy....

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  • Grandma anne 1

    Doxizosin - I am now off it - never again

    I have been on the above for about 9 weeks. Over the past couple of weeks Inoticed I was forgetting conversations, feeling as if I had gone back into the change/menopause and chronic tiredness. Another problem was not making the loo in time. I took myself off them 3 days ago even thought I only took...

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  • ellie58 1

    doxazosin not for me

    I have been taking 1 mg of doxazosin for 2 months before my neck shoulders and arms started to ache. It was like a flu pain. I had difficukty sleeping and also was sluggish and fet hung over in the mornings. Also had difficulty walking any distance due to breathing problems. Soon after the depression...

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  • charlieferret 1

    Doxazosin I take 4mg 4 times a day help.

    I have been taking Doxazosin since November 2010. I started off with 1mg a day know I am on 4mg 4 times a day for high blood pressure since starting tablets my breathing has gone worse to the effect that walking and central heating makes it impossible to breath. I suffer with chest complaints...

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