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Electrolyte Imbalance

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  • donald89437 2

    Just returned from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn

    I have been struggling with pain in my body since 2011. I have had doctors tell me I was vitamin d deficient and that was causing my problems. They stopped there until last year when a new endocrinologist actually diagnosed me TIO. At first, he thought it Phosphatemia but then confirmed TIO with

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  • lilly13 2

    low potassium

    hi does anyone else have low potassium? i went to the er for dizziness and weak legs lightheaded and they did blood work and said i have low potassium but also said its they have me two 1500mg of potassium its been 3 weeks now and im still dizzy i ate a banana and i felt better but still

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  • lucille 2

    Hypophosphatemia & oncogenic osteomalacia

    My condition, hypophosphatemia and oncogenic osteomalcia started about 3 years ago, however, was not diagnosed until six months ago. It started very gradually with body stiffness that over time worsened to bone and muscle pain and weakness. Was examined by all kinds of specialists who really didn'

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  • Elderberry 1

    Adult Hypophosphatasia

    Hello is there anyone out there in the UK with adult Hypophosphatasia. If so I would be grateful to hear from you as I am searching for support and answers. Many thanks. Elderberry.

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  • john98994 1

    Water intoxication

    Hi. I stupidly drank a gallon or so of water in a short period of 1-2 hours or even less. My blood sodium was low but I was given no treatment other than to restrict water intake for 24 hours. A second blood test was done 24 hours later showing my blood sodium levels were back to

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  • jacas 1

    Magnesium toxicity and stomach pain/bloating

    Hi, I've been taking magnesium bisglicynate supplement for a few weeks. Unfortunately it has severely upset my stomach (I have been taking two 500mg tablets a day as recommended on the pack, although I was silly to sometimes take it on an empty stomach or two tablets at night rather than divide

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  • youngatheart1 5

    High potassium

    Hi, had some blood results back today which show potassium at 5.3 (normal is 3.5 - 5.3), sodium 142 (normal 133 - 146) and creatinine 66 (normal 44 - 80), have been suffering with heart palps and flutters from 2 years now, all tests show nothing wrong with heart, but having googled potassium levels,...

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  • ramleg61070 1

    1.2 level of potassium.

    The most tragic experienced in my life when my Potassium level is 1.2. All i can say that i was just like a crypt. All i can move is my head from neck to down are totally dead. I can feel but i cant even move or control my body, arms and legs, very difficult to urinate because my stomach doesnt

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  • jlh1040 2

    Help! Low calcium, high phosphate

    I was getting treated by an endocrinologist for a benign pituitary tumour. Last July she did all these tests and it came back with low calcium, high phosphate and a high bone resorption marker (mine was 62 when it should be under 50 pre menopause). She told me it was a lab error and they will

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  • laura48798 5

    Anxiety & magnesium

    Hi, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and I read on an anxiety forum that taking magnesium supplements can help? I bought some tablets earlier today and took my first tablet about a hour ago. I now feel very lightheaded, dizzy and a feeling of dread!!! Am I supposed to feel this way??

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  • marco99766 2
  • galenolsonrn 1
  • rose24832 2
  • np 1


    this is a frightening condition in my case going from a few pins and needles to total paralysis of my body in approx 5 minutes. luckily in hospital as i could not even move my facial muscles to alert anyone. I am now on high doses of calcium to try and get calcium levels up but am worried about the

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  • niya54294 3

    Please help

    Hi, I'm 20 and I had some blood drawn November, 3rd before my cardiac abation and today I'm looking at my result today and my potassium is 5.8 and my Anion Gap Without Potassium is at 11. My magnesium is 3.4. My doctors didn't call me so I'm guessing it's not alarming to them? Any advice will help please

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  • minny 1

    Vitamin D high levels help with blood test results

    I went to the Drs with a lot of symptoms: fatigue, pain all over but especially in my spine, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting and increased tinnitus and excess thirst.  I had blood tests done which is showing Vitamin D levels of 160, albumin 51, organic phos 1.58, corrected calcium 2.36. Can

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  • katz31 4

    low potassium

    Hi guys, I'm a 31 year old woman and in the last 6 Months have been hospitalized twice with Low potassium, both times I lost the use Of my arms and legs basically nearly died Twice! My blood work show severe low Ferritin levels and high white blood cells Basically all tests have come back with

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  • Twiink 2

    Magnesium supplements

    I have a lot of health difficulties. I noticed that if I take magnesium supplements that I feel a lot better. I feel less tired, I think more clearly, I sleep better.  But the downside is that I get diarrhea if I take magnesium supplements. I already try to avoid the magnesiumoxide. Now I take

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  • vanessa45115 5

    Need advice

    Does anyone know if it is safe to take magnesium while on anti depressants and thyroid meds? My magnesium levels are within range but I wanted to start taking supplements like magnesium and B12. Will those supplements interfere with my meds?

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  • youngatheart1 5

    Does Magnesium cause increased heartbeat

    Hi, I am having several tests for randon fast heartbeat, nothing showing at present. I know this is sign of low magnesium and the fact that I take esomeprazole and ranitidine for GERD and read that this caused low magnesium I asked my GP for magnesium blood test, she said no as it is hard to be low in 

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  • anne54405 2

    slow sodium

    My daughter has been prescribed 5 slow sodium tabs twice a day, and this seems a lot, can anyone reassure me? She was previously only taking 1 tablet a day. She has had more chest pain than usual since taking them this morning and I wondered if this was the cause?

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  • MorganNicole 1
  • Guest M

    I was diagnosed with moderate hypokalaemia three months ...

    I was diagnosed with moderate hypokalaemia three months ago, probably as a result of inadvertantly eating a low-potassium diet for a couple of years overseas. I was advised to eat foods rich in potassium, which I have. I can find information on the potassium content of foods (usually in grams

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  • Guest M


    The information presented in this website is brilliant ! Now at 59 I find this when I have complained, oh gosh, at least for 10 years, and to at least 10 or 12 different doctors that my body does not retain potassium, AND that I consistently get leg cramps when I do not take potassium pills on a

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  • Sonny296 1

    Hyponatremia SIADH

    I have had been treated chronic hyponatremia for 2 years.  The treatment has consisted of salt pills and demeclocycline. The results have varied with being hospitalize twice.  Samsca was used in the hospital to bring my sodium levels up. Last time I went to the ER with SL 122.  No underlying cause

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  • charlotte48265 1
  • Yammy1 3

    magnesium aspartate

    Ive just purchased some magnesium aspartate, I was told it could help with anxiety, I have just started hrt and was wondering if anyone else has taken this and what were results 

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  • ida95461 1

    Hyponatremia fluid restriction

    I've a question: it's my second time having hyponatremia. It's much milder this time (133mmol/L) compared to last time (118mmol/L). My sodium level self corrected back, about 7~8 hours after peeing hourly. I didn't go to the hospital but restricted my fluid intake to ~1.5L (from both food and water)

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  • Elijo 4

    Urinary Symptoms, Foot and Ankle Edema, Shoulder Muscle discomfort

    Does anyone have urinary frequency and/or urgency since taking pred? Like getting up every 2 hours during the night, and other times.    Also swelling of the ankles & feet?  Also stressful discomfort  over the upper back and shoulders?  Myi ankles have become quite edematous, I avoid all added salt.

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  • cynthia89958 5

    Non diabetic hypoglycaemia with hiatus hernia & gallstones

    Not diabetic according to tests thankfully but have suffered low blood sugar episodes since gallbladder attacks started up a few months ago and eating well has become compromised. Had the paramedics out on one occasion as thought might be heart attack. Can manage but may need gallbladder removal

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  • kay13011 2


    Hi, am wondering if anyone can help me. I am currently in the process of being diagnosed with primary hyperthyroidism and am looking for help and advice. I have not heard from the hospital and it's almost impossible to get an appointment to see a gp. I want to be proactive and have questions such

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  • kat06492 1
  • carole04122 1

    atrial fibrilation

    i found thattaking supplements of magnesium have practically stopped my episodes of atrial fibrilation

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  • CDM2 3

    Wondering about possible electrolyte imbalance

    Hi.  I posted a version of this to the atrial fibrillation forum. I have PAF (paroxysmal atrial fibrilation) ... and am on flecainide (50mg), verapamil (180) and 325mg aspirin.  I'm also on 5 mg of Crestor. I had the worst summer ever.  I developed hyponatremia.!!  (Low sodium).  I don't usually

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  • alex16839 1

    health anxiety and weight loss

    I have some defree of health anxiety. I know that. If there is some health issue that comes along, even if it is a minor thing: like stomach doesn't feel right seem to dwell on that and think it is possibly something really serious. I have had medical test and all seems to be well even

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