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Epidermoid Cysts

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  • Guest M

    Sebaceous cysts on bikini line area

    I have 2 sebaceous cysts on my bikini line area near my rear end. They have both gotten infected and I put ice on them to bring down the inflammation. When the infection was gone, I put hot compresses on them to help get them to form a head and when they started to drain, I helped by squeezing

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  • issy60566 1

    I have 8 cysts on my scalp...?

    i am 22, female and I have 8 cysts on my head. More and more keep appearing and the ones that have been there for years are growing. I hate They get in the way and I am embarrassed to ever get my hair done at the hair dressers. I don't know what to do ! I have been told the nhs won't remove

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  • Chibisaurus 1

    Sebaceous cyst removal - Aftercare help!

    So, yesterday I went to the doctor and had my Sebaceous cyst from my scalp removed. (It was located on the front, left side of my scalp), It was pretty large. I have stitches that need to be removed in about 2 weeks.  So, This is my first real "surgery" and I'm looking for some help wth after

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  • Guest M

    i'm 21 and have had 3 sebaceous cysts on my scalp for th...

    i'm 21 and have had 3 sebaceous cysts on my scalp for the best part of my life now. It's been that long i can't remember when it was i found them!lol!:roll:I am in dilemma as to what to do with them They are getting quite big and i keep catching them when i brush my hair :yikes: and yea it hurts!

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  • Guest M

    Puncturing a sebaceous cyst

    Can anyone advise if there are any major side effects of puncturing and thoroughly cleaning out a cyst hygienically? I've heard that this would most likely refill in time but I could live with that. I have one on the top of my head and am very concious of it but for cosmetic reasons I'm scared

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  • dan17606 1

    Absolutely Huge Sebayceous Cyst Removal yikes

    Hey just found this site after searching and coming up with nothing. Hope someone here can help. If you took a baseball, cut it in half and mounted it onto my back shoulder you have a good idea how large my cyst was. It has since been drained but all the antibiotics I was on trying to get the

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  • ande02349 2

    Think I have an Epidermoid Cyst.

    I've had this for many years. Probably since my early/mid 20s (38 now). Over the last few weeks it has become irritated and slightly sore to touch. Have made an appointment to get it checked out. Can anyone tell me if this is an epidermoid cyst?  

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  • szilvia95050 1

    Salicylic Acid 30%

    Hi All, I have HS in my groin area for 15 years (Im 30 now). I started using Salicylic Acid 30% (the strongest) 1,5 yeras ago. Since then all of them started disappearing and i never had inflammation again. Even if some new one shows up after using the Salicylic acid the will go away in about 3-4

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  • mcncheri 3

    Does soreness mean a cyst is going away?

    Okay, so I've had this benign cyst on my back near my shoulder for quite a long time now, almost a year. I'm 16, and at my last check my GP determined it wasn't cancerous or much of a threat. It was The past 2 days however, it's Not painful, just sore enough to be

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  • imelda16796 3


    hi I too have a cyst in my grion area for 3 wks, it was 2 cm now much smaller , on antibiotics for 1 wk. dr squeezed some from it but i have myself bruised from squeezing, nothing coming from it, would it be ok to sterilize a needle myself and stick it in it, do not have a bath just a shower and

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  • stacey53097 1

    Milia or Cyst?

    I have a small whitish bump on my face (cheek) for about 6 mths. One derm said it was milia, she lanced it but didn't work.  Another derm said it was a cyst that I could leave it alone or have it removed.  I hate this thing it's noticeable makeup doesn't cover.  Has anyone had a cyst removal and

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  • neha65856 2
  • mcncheri 3

    strange lump on neck, health anxiety

    So it's been atleast a week now since noticing this lump. It's on my upper left side of my neck, right under my earlobe. At first, it was red and bug-bite esque, and it eventually faded to the pale color it is now. While I am under immense stress, I worry this could be something harmful to my

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  • JRL 1

    Home Removal Sebaceous Cyst

    I successfully removed what my doctor said was a Sebaceous Cyst by applying Aloe Vera multiple times a day and lightly rubbing it in so it penetrated. It took about three weeks. At first it seemed to have little effect but gradually the cyst began to decrease.  The rubbing hurt a little at times,

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  • turvell 3

    Sebacious Cyst On face On Cheek Bone

    hi had this massive lump on my cheek bone for years. my doc told me it was a sebacious cyst. and to leave it. but its pretty horrible and so disfiguring. eventually he gave in and said he would burst it. which he did. hurt like hell and i looked great again. it came back 3 week later just as big

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  • deepika 64395 1

    After lancing a cyst

    I had a cyst under my right armpit which the doctor lanced last Saturday. I have had a packing change in it twice. It hurt alot, but yesterday the doc said I dont need to pack it anymore. Its been 7 days all together, and its still draining, very little pus mixed with blood. Some of the skin around

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  • olivia1594 2
  • jennifer23287 1

    Cyst on eyebrow, growing rapidly.

    About 18 months ago I developed a small bump on my eyebrow (several mm in diameter) and went to see a doctor. They said it was a sebaceous cyst and sent me on my way. It went away and I didn't think about it again but it came back (at the same size) about 4 months ago.  I didn't go and see a doctor

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  • han1994 1

    Desperate to get infected cyst on chest removed, need advice!

    I've had a sebaceous cyst (which is inflamed and red) on my chest for at least 3 years or so. It's steadily got worse over the past year or so and I want to get it removed as it's so unsightly and sometimes hurts/itches, but don't know how to go about it without paying for a private service. I've

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  • sally13122 1

    Home care remedy

    I have been getting Cysts on my inner thigh on and off for 7 years or so, and wanted to share what i have been using on them that has been excellent they go away within a few days, I bought some soap called Neem soap with tumeric from a health food store a few months back and now use on a daily

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  • Thermos 1

    Removal of the cyst

    Just couple of weeks had my cyst surgically removed. But 3 days back noticed that it was slight bleeding and yellow pus like So went to doctor and he said it's an infection and put me onto Keflex table for seven days. But does one think its needs to be bursted and get the pus removed or what should

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  • Guest M

    Sebaceous cyst on face

    Hey everyone Just wanted to share my 'experience' of having a cyst. I have had severe image problems most of my life (I'm currently 19, soon to be 20), and at the end of last year was diagnosed as being body dysmorphic. Literally about 4 days later, I had a black, small flat dot come up on my face.

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  • ambee29651 4

    I think my son has a cysts on. His shoulder kn the muscle

    I think my son has a cysts on his shoulder muscle at top anyone jo anything about these I think it's a Unicameral bone cysts. Guessing one doctor said it was muscle cuz he uses that arm all time and other said could me muscle or tissue or cysts I'm. Confused he's 5 nearly 6 very active boy

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  • tennessee94 1

    Cyst just will not heal, advice or tips definitely needed !

    Hi I have no idea if i'm posting in the right place and i'm really sorry for the too much info but i'm getting desparate ! Firstly I had a cyst type thing sort of on my tailbone, I had struggled with it for years but I seem to have (fingers crossed) got it under control for now. During pregnancy

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  • kathy griffin 1

    Healing time on a lanced and drained cyst

    im hoping somone could shed so,e light on this for me, I had a cyst cut open, drained and packed out three weeks ago today. I've been going to the go ever other day to get it Redressed and packed out again which is a nuisance as it feels as though it's been going on for so long. The first eight

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  • donna10297 3
  • Alston 1
  • richard78254 1

    worried about further infection

    over the years i`ve had many cysts that have become infected and i normally rupture them and remove the puss, but i have one now at the top of my leg and when i tried to rupture it last night i felt it burst but it burst internally rather then external, and since then i have been getting slight

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  • ryan110 1

    Had cyst removed in january and still scab

    Hi All had one of these removed on my back in january and there is still a scab and the ehaling seems to be taking awhile. Just wondering if this is normal as theres no sign infection or anything painful or anything. thanks

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  • emma75525 1

    Sebaceous Cyst

    I have cyst on my breast bone just between my breasts. I visited my GP as it changed form and shape, softened and got larger. I am also getting pain in my left armpit but didnt get the time to tell her this as i was in and out quite quickly. She squeezed the cyst and a horrible smell came out

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  • juliachins 1

    cyst removal

    I have a cyst on my forehead and went to see my gp about having it removed. He referred my to the NHS but said it was cosmetic so they may refuse to remove it. Since then, I have noticed an awful smell coming from it, almost like an off cheese smell (sorry for tmi) anyway, Its not weeping but is

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  • giulia93 1
  • bill3 1

    Cyst removal, where? South West

    I visited my GP and he told me that i have a small Sebaceous cyst on my head, it is about the size of a pigeon pea, not very big I know, but as a bald bloke it feels like a conker! I asked him if it could be removed but he said that its cosmetic and as such would not be carried out on the NHS, I

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  • Rik1087 1

    sebaceous cyst

    Good morning, for years ive been suffering from these types of cyst's. Usually they are manageable, and are just hard red lumps under the skin, eventually a head appears, and i pop them, they always appear on my inner thighs. All that comes out is a small amount of blood and puss, and they

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  • cambtone 1

    sebaceous cysts

    These can be annoying and embarrassing and, if infected, very painful. They are caused by blockage of the sebum normally secreted to moisturise our skin. One bacterium, with the name Propionibacterium acnes, will thrive in this environment and cause inflammatory acne. This is why a solution of

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