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  • JoeShmoe 1

    Was this a Seizure?

    Hello there, last night i had a truly terrifying experience and wanted to gauge whether others think was a seizure and what my next course of action was. For context i am 44 year old father of 2, keep fit, probably drink too much and probably slightly overweight. I also had 2 strokes 10 and 8 years ago,...

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  • ros91178 1

    Autonomic Seizures

    Hi At the end of November , I stupidly accepted a piggy back after a few beers.... unfortunately I went straight over the top smacked my head on the floor. I don't remember what happened before the incident and I think I may have briefly blacked out. The following day I went to the hospital , had a skull...

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  • Dannies 1

    After seizure experience

          Hi everyone, I don’t know anyone can help, i suffer from Epilepsy and i have Tonic Clonic seizures, which means i black out and i shake. After i come around after a seizure, i feel very sick and my head is very painful. I understand i would feel a sense of exhaustion but sometimes i am violently...

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  • katie90x 2

    Did I have a seizure?

    Sorry I'm new to this but I'm looking for opinions on what happened to me the other day. I'm sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. I have spoken to my dr about this and he thinks it is just anxiety. As this has happened before. Yesterday I was sitting down with some friends playing a game...

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  • Veezavee 1

    Standalone 'Auras' - shared experiences?

    Hiya,  Background info: I was diagnosed with epilepsy 10 years ago, and it was successfully controlled my Lamotrigine (i.e. no seizures) up until a few months ago. I have since needed to increase my dose as I suffered several grand mal seizures whilst out and about.  Something else I continue to get...

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  • stephanie82533 2
  • Rotuns 1

    I've have epilepsy/seizure

    Hello, I've epilepsy and it all started when I'm 20 and I'm 36 years old now. no history of epilepsy in our family and neither did I had an accident or head injury. when it newly started, just happened and stopped so no body suspected epilepsy. months later it started again and I've been battling with...

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  • amy71414 3

    Lamictal - Seizure?

    Hey all so i was diagnosed with epilepsy at 8yrs old i am now 21 and last year i had some health issues which led me to change my medication from Epilim to Lamictal its been about 3 months now since i have fully swapped over to the new drug Lamictal or Lamotragine (same thing) and the other night when...

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  • monjanse 2
  • youngatheart1 5

    Recently told I had epilepsy as a child ?

    Hi, during a consult with the cardio a couple of weeks ago, he was going through my records and said that in 1996 I had epilepsy, EXCUSE ME, I am 57 and no one has ever told me that before.  He was really busy so did not press him for info but I have requested a copy of my notes.  I was in care at this...

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  • laura 1982 1
  • jodie1980 1

    Conceiving at 36 with Diagnosis of Nocturnal Epilepsy

    Hi There, I was diagnosed 5 years ago after a cluster of 40 Nocturnal Grandmal Seizures in a row and admitted for 5 days in hospital. After coming to I was also paralysed on my right side for 48 hours which was touch and go... I have come through that now and had no seizures since (5 years) as I am medicated...

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  • Sussexguy123 2

    Still in hospital with 22 month year old after a week

    Just some general pointers if possible please don't know where to start. Currently laying in hospital next to my son who 8 days ago had a seizure lasting about 30 seconds. Took him to A and E who at first thought this was a pain reaction as he had a virus and ear infection. Went home with anti biotic...

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  • kayla19404 3

    What are these symptoms?

    I have a cousin, teenage girl that had a seizure the other night. She blacked out and her family had found her unconcious before she started having a seizure. She had gotten a bad rash that started forming from her chest up which this rash later turned into darker pinpoint red dots instead of hives....

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  • emma45434 2

    2nd Seizure - Advised Medication Levetiracetam

    Hello, looking for any advice or anyone who has been in a similar situation. My partner has just had his 2nd unprovoked seizure at night and has been advised to start medication. He has no other co-morbidities and is in great health, these 2 have just happened out the blue (and I realise it's likely...

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  • kenatwood 2

    Pirepheral neuropathy

    Since starting keppra in the last part of 2015 to take harvoni for hepatitis c, I started coming down with some discomfort in my feet. I didn't think much of it but later on this started to get worse. I saw several doctors and finally got to see someone in neurology and they did an eng test for nerve...

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  • Acdc2222 2

    Scared I have temporal lobe seizures

    For the last month or so I have been experiencing strange dream flashbacks but I can't quite put my finger on these dream recalls it's abit like deja vu but not, anyway I also get slight nausea with this and a sort of adrenaline rush, the whole episode will last no longer than 30 seconds and then it's...

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  • john2414 2

    Any thoughts/advice re new medicatio

    Hi I’m hoping anyone may have any thoughts or advice on my current situation. After a car accident in 2014 – which I had not apparent injury’s but 2 weeks later I collapsed and after 3 week hospitalised – EEG’s EEG’s CT’s, MRI’s and finally a lumber puncture which all had no apparent results or reasoning...

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  • celiaruth 1
  • sanju84081 1

    Epilepsy or some other cause

    Hi, Past Medical Issue : I had migraine at the age of 15 to 20. I am 34 and I do not have migraine at all. At Present : From the age of 21, I started fainting down unconscious. This only happens as soon as wake up, brush my teeth and I head to the Kitchen. If I hold a spoon or plate, it falls down...

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  • LizUK 3

    Vagus nerve injury - can it lead to migraine from flashing light?

    Aged 36 years, while unconscious, I was dropped onto my front from a height of about 4 foot. Consequently, a disc was seriously prolapsed in my neck (C5/6), Right jaw joint dislocated, likewise Right shoulder. For the first year, migraines resulted whenever I was exposed to flashing lights, even for...

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  • Guest M

    I am currently taking Epilim Chrono (900mg) and Lamitrog...

    I am currently taking Epilim Chrono (900mg) and Lamitrogen(125mg)which was prescribed by my neurologist and it seems that i appear to be losing my memeory and it is getting worse, I keep forgetting things that happen at work (say 3/4 days earlier), also I have never been early regarding going to bed...

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  • lindsey1212 2

    Lamictal and decongestants

    Hi all, I do not suffer from epilepsy, but could only figure out how to post a forums about lamictal here. I used lamictal as a mood stabilizer. I am suffering from severe head congestion. Mucous, sinus pressure, headache, ear problems (all of it!) I have looked things up about lamictal and decongestants...

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  • nancy96002 1

    Help for 8 year old

    New to seizures, Eight year old child had a 6 hour seizure, twitching arms and legs, Typically what most would think of as a seizure. This is at least The second one he has had. His mother refused to give him the Meds. He had trauma at birth causing cerebral palsy. From my Reading, I believe...

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  • Alfielefoo 3

    Night seizures or sleepwalking?

    my daughter is 10, ige epilepsy, photosensitivity, abscence seizures. She takes 25mg lamortogine twice daily. she has episodeswhere she sits up in the night, she can answer questions, but is not with it. She will the pick and pick and her covers probably lasting less than a minute. does this sound like...

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  • didekonomi 1

    Epileptic seizure or something else?

    My brother (22 years old; 180 cm, 6 feet; 90 kg, 198 lbs) and I returned in the gym after 2 weeks absence due to flu. He ate around 5 hours before the gym. He lifted weights of 60 kg (132 lbs) and this weight is not something that he usually lifts. He felt dizzy, was very pale and was breathing shallow...

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  • danna48754 1

    Eyelid Myoclonia - I can't find ANY explanations

    Hey, I am a 20 year old female and am searching for answers regarding eyelid myoclonia without absences. 4 months ago I developed a series of symptoms and was diagnosed with vestibular migraine. About a month ago, I developed eyelid myoclonia and no doctor I see has any idea what is going on and just...

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  • michaelwilbur11 1

    VNS Model 106

    Does anyone have any information on the vns implant about the hoarseness if it will always be like that or if it goes away I would really appreciate all the information i could get thank you

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  • becca46081 2

    Conserned about my lamotragiine dosage

    I am wondering if the problem I have been experiencing is from to little of a dosage. I will be seeing my family doctor in just under a month but would like to know if anyone else has experienced this Last week I experienced tingling in my hands it starts in my left less funtional hand then the right...

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  • becca46081 2

    Is this a symptom from lamictal?

    I'm in my early twenties and have taken lamictal since I was six. been experiencing pins and needles also sweating in my hands. In only on 100 mg of lamictal. Are these problems related to lamictal. I have been experiencing this for almost a month now. Please help.

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  • Shelly0069 5

    Lamictal 25mg tablet.

    Morning, I have a few questions if anyone can help me out????? so my daughter who is 15 has epilepsy and on this medication, my question is how long before we start seeing any improvement ? She does still have seizures and MORE if anything however her consultant is worried about her and upped her dosage...

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  • Atom75 2

    Lamotrigine making me feel different....😢

    Just wondering if anyone else has these symptoms on Lamotrigine?... Really bizarre dreams sometimes nightmare not associating real life with dreams don't know of im dream g things or they are really happening. My memory is horrendous & I'm soo forgetful I used to be doo good. Also I'm spending money...

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  • sharon95366 2

    Horried side effects of Epilim

    My mum (78 yrs old)has had her epilepsy medication changed from Phenobarbitol and Epanutin - (GP cock up- too long to go into here).  To Epilim which she started last Autumn.  Since then my mum has developed the following symptoms: ​Deafness; hair loss with new growth being curly; increase appetite and...

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  • anne92030 4

    question on lamictal

    hi everyone, i m not epileptic but i have been prescribed lamictal for a resistant depression , i m at only 50 mg since three months, i would like to know if you experience dizziness, cant really walk because of vertigo , constant eyes muscles like they are sleeping, i mean when you move your eyes if...

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  • tammy01624 2

    My 3 year old daughter has focal epilepsy

    My daughter was diagnosed with focal epilepsy in April and since  then she's been on medication to try control the seizures. The dose was put up 4 weeks after starting due to the medication not stopping the seizures but it did reduce them. it seems now after around 4 weeks that the seizures are becoming...

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