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Female Sterilisation

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  • vanilla27 3

    3 weeks after tubal ligation still bloated

    I had my mirena removed in March due to complications and had my tubes tied 3 weeks ago. I've had my period after my tubes were tied. The question I have is why am I still bloated? I feel like the bloating never went away from the surgery? My stomach looks like it does when I'm bloated from my period,...

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  • molly77377 2

    heavy periods after sterilisation

    I was sterilised last year and I've had these shooting pains since. Leaving me curled in a ball when I'm on. I had them clip things on my tubes. Just wondering if anybody else suffers from these pains or is it just me?

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  • ben11066 1

    How quickly female sterilisation is effective

    I am slightly puzzled by the information given after female sterilisation. The procedure in question involved clamping one fallopian tube and the complete removal of the other. The advice given by the NHS (and from a quick google search - lots of other authorities) is that another form of contraception...

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  • Guest M

    sterilised 2 years ago, nothing but pain since

    hi i was sterilised 2years ago but had nothing but pain since. i have been in and out of hosptail had test ,but still in alot of pain , the pain seems to get traped in the right hand side of my tummy i have taken mst codeine phosphate tabs. but does not help the pain, can any one tell me if...

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  • leonora 08480 2


    Bin sterilised 9 and a half years but last 2 years I've bin have really bad pains in my belly and periods r up down not took period now since January bin doctors they put me on tablets but not helping any advice

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  • natasha72777 1

    Heavier periods and pain during sex after been sterilised

    I was sterilised in oct 2015... since jan 2016 my periods are much heavier,, im in alot of pain .its painful on my right side when having intercourse with my husband (which we have only been married for 6 weeks). I never really suffered with my periods before been sterilised & they only lasted 3 days.....

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  • veronica76794 1

    ladies IM HEARING YOU

    My gosh You've all saved the day. My jeeeeez; I'm actually happy knowing I'm NOT going stir feckin crazy since I been sterilsed!!! Right I was done;:- ermmm I'm can't even tell you!. I'm guessing 7/8 years ago. My periods are sooooo bad; I've RUINED bed linen; underwear, furniture; sat in restaurants...

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  • lisa60147 1

    Essure in Ireland

    Hi, i am 38yrs old and married with 2 kids, 17yr old boy and 2yr old girl, we have decided our family is complete, i was wondering if this procedure is still done in Ireland and if so can it be done on the medical card, also where to go to get more information. Thanks very much in advance for any advice...

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  • Stylish 1

    How long should recovery take after sterilisation?

    Hi all, I was sterilised via key hole surgery a week tomorrow.  I'm a bit confused about how long recovery should take.  I was kept in overnight at the Hospital due to pain & had to be given Morphine.  I was discharged the following morning with no issue, other than being in pain from the wound sites....

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  • alice50394 2

    sterilization clips 1march 2013

    I was sterlised after my 3rd daughter 1 march 2013 and  within 3 /4 weeks i was getting discomerfert and i have had nothing but trouble with  my pain since i have had the doctors tell me that let the body resolve back as you have had a baby these things take time,  But i was pressured in to having this...

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  • steph16921 5


    Has anyone had a salpingectomy and suffered from breast tenderness? Ouch! I. 3 weeks post op also had rectocele repair

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  • Musicallife15 1

    We have been ttc this month..we did what the doctor ordered

    Hello my husband and i recently went to the doctor and she said after my period on May 11th-16th we should immediately ttc. So we did what she said on the 17th.18th.21st and 22nd.....on the 23rd early in the morning I went to urinate and on my tissue from wiping there was light red , the next time after...

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  • i60882 1

    Essure Itching

    I had pelvic pain and an added excruciating itchy rash experience at post essure 3 months. I am sharing this because I wish someone had shared their relief to the itching. I as all others started by my doctor attempting to rule out all other causes. She had me try LOTRISONE CREAM, treatment...

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  • pamela88037 1

    Essure - Itching

    Hi, After being on the Depo Injection for 12 years I was told I would have to find another method of birth control (although in actual fact I used it more for PMT). I had the coil fitted but after 6 months felt ill and so asked to have it removed - I was offered Essure (permanent sterilisation) which...

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  • karen35857 1
  • grace67636 1

    8 days late

    Hi I have be Sterilised for near 10 years my period is 8 days late b4 this my period would come every 26 days lasting 4 days last month it was 4 days late only lasted 2 days now am 8 days late with no sign off my period come like I always do need help on what to do

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  • loulou79 2
  • Guest M

    I got married in 1992. After having 2 children i realise...

    I got married in 1992. After having 2 children i realised that my husband was an alcoholic. It put alot of pressure on our marriage and so i deceided not to have any more children. He wouldn't get a vasectomy. i had tried all methods of birth control and nothing suited me. So i oppted for sterilization...

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  • richmundel 1

    Is the pregnancy mine

    My girlfriend cheated on me with another man, and we had sex a day to her mentrual period so she took postinor 2 capsul the next two days she tested for pregnancy and its positive, she went for scan and was told the pregnancy is one month two weeks old. Is the pregnancy mine? Please help

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  • ScottF2016 2

    Female Sterilisation : Laparoscopy

    Hi, This is my first posting and I'm completely new to this forum but I'm after some advice. I'm a 38 year old dad with 2 kids (aged 8 and 5) A few months ago the topic of contraception came up and we started to discuss all the various options, as it stands right now we are simply using condoms for...

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  • chel07190 2

    No feelings in vagina

    im 44 years old and in a new relationship I have the mirena coil fitted due to heavy periods the problem I have I don't have much feeling when making love 

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  • kesha83478 1
  • JenLC 1

    Excruciating pain after sex. Sterilised for 18 months

    I had intercourse earlier. Nothing out of the ordinary for us and we have regular intercourse. During sex I felt very sore then immediately after I had excruciating cramping through my lower abdomen and lower back. The only thing I can compare it to is contractions that are continuous. I also feel bloated...

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  • julie38920 1

    ill health, is it from my clips HELP..Advice ..

    Hi, I was sterilised when I was 26 years of age, and since then, I have had numerous back,stomach problems, I have had pins & needles, numbness down my right side, I have seen various doctors, had scans,mri etc, I was told I had kidney stones, or it could be MS, I was referred to various doctors, as...

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  • molly77377 2
  • Oliv22 1

    thinking of being sterilised

    I'm 27years old with 5 children and I don't want anymore child.I really need to be sterilised.any advice?will that be possible through the gp?thanks in advance for any advice

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  • gem35179 2

    heavy bleeding after sterilisation and c section help!

    Hi I was sterilised during my 3rd c section 7 weeks ago and haven't felt the same since. I have had constant dull pain in both sides of my pelvis (tubes where cut) swelling in lower abdomen, constant feeling of wanting too be sick. Bloody discharge on and off and then 3 days ago I think my first period...

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  • louise87671 2

    pains in my left side after sterilisation

    Hi all I got sterilised over 18 months ago, and I've had nothing but pains since in my left hand side, I've had scans xrays and a CT scan, and nothing shows up!! I've been only like this since I had that done, has anybody tried to get their clips removed as I think it may be the cause, but as usual the...

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  • chel07190 2

    marina coil

    i am onto my third coil now, i am sterilised now for 20 years but had really bad heavy periods and overian cancer cells removed, i now have loss of sensation when having sex and sometimes have a bleed afterwards any advice please x

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  • kayleighAmoroso 1

    can I be sterilised at 25

    For my own personal very valid reasons and having 2 children I am wanting to be sterilised does anyone know if they will even touch me. .. I've been doing a lot of research and says they can't deny it to me through age, but read somewhere else they like to operate only on women over 30 

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  • ianbabyyy 1

    One child at 21, no more?

    So I have a beautiful little girl, who just turned one. I'm 21, and though I love her dearly, she certainly wasn't planned. I've always loved children, and it was always my dream to have some of my own, but I certainly didn't intend on having any this early. However, I didn't personally consider abortion...

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  • lisa1982xx 2

    sterilisation reversal

    hi ladies I'm finally getting my reversal done next month and can not wait although it's costing £4250 it's going to be worth it in the end. I'm so excited words can nor discribe. All me and my bf wanted was a baby together and it's finally happening there is light at the end if the tunnel.

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  • lisa1982xx 2

    ive been sterililsed since 2006

    I've had nothing but pain in my sides bad cramping pains like a stabbing pain hurts to move. I'm 17 days late but done a test and its negative I've read on here a guest had hers done on the NHS due to medical grounds I would like to know how you managed that you can pm me I would so like a baby with...

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  • robertsrascal 1

    should i get sterised? advice wanted.

    i am currently a 29 year old woman in a very new relationship. i had 13 years previously in a very bad relationship, in which i had two children-a boy and a girl. during both pregnancies i suffered severe pre-eclamsia which resulted in them both being two months well as that, i had suffered 5...

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  • gemma2103 1

    sterilised 6 weeks ago period 9 days late

    Hi I was sterilised 6 weeks ago by clips I had a period 2 days after the op im now 9 days late I did a hpt when I was 5 days late and it was neg im feeling very sickly tired and have pain in lower abdomen can anyone help please

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