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Hypermobility Syndrome

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  • Nikki1982 1

    Sports/Exercise with Hypermobility

    I consider myself to be a fit and healthy 34 year old despite dealing with having to manage pain in my knee joints for the past 12 years, being told by my doctor that I had to give up a lot of the high impact sports I enjoyed so much took a hit all those years ago, but I have managed with lower

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  • d11912 2

    Does hypermobility spectrum disorder run in families

    Hi, I've recently been experiencing problems with my joints, and have just been told that my sister who I don't have contact with has this disorder, along with severe osteoarthritis. Does anyone know if this could be relevant, and whether this condition runs in family?

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  • andriea12 1
  • helen49831 2

    Re-occurring transient synovitis/ rheumatoid??

    Hi again, Iv already posted once about sons hypermobility , but now he's having re-occurring transient synvonitis of the hip which consultant has said is quite unusual , he feels it maybe more likely to be rheumatoid but my question is does anyone's children have r/a without stiffness, his only

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  • caroline1309 2

    Hypermobility and shoulder subluxions

    Hi, I was just wondering, has anybody subluxed their shoulder blade? If so, what did it feel like? I've got joint hypermobility syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome, and since Wednesday I've had a sharp, very uncomfortable pain in my left shoulder blade, much worse than the typical knots I

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  • FlopsyFlo 2

    Recently diagnosed - what can I do?

    Hi all, I'm 22 and just been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome by a rheumatologist. I've been struggling with achey joints for around 3-4 years and recently been starting to have back and abdominal pain. After years of visiting the GP for this and them being absolutely useless, I found a

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  • lidia1028 1

    help me please.!!

    a year and half my daughter (5yearsold)was diagnosted with hypermobility syndrome (doble joined) she started feeling pain in one rib and then in the other one i took her to her doctor and they said it was "growing pains" but it was getting worse she started with pain in the other side , neck, stomach,...

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  • Molly Rose 1

    Hypermobility Problems with Period.

    I have recently been diagnosed with Hypermobility, only after going to the doctors with pain several times with no explanation until my knee dislocated while I was walking to school. The doctor was useless and knew no answers to my questions, and hasn't bothered to do research and my

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  • lisab13 1

    HMS, pain in chest and possible misdiagnosis of asthma

    My 19 year old daughter has hyper mobility. She has had a lot of the 'normal' complications - dislocating shoulder, back problems, had keyhole surgery on her wrist etc. She, like many others, is an ex gymnast and still likes to keep fit but quite often experiences severe chest pains in her

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  • StarryNight95 1

    JHS Getting worse and Nobody Understands

    Hi I was diagnosed with Chronic Joint Hypermobility Syndrome as a child and in recent years it has been getting progressively harder to cope with.  I struggled with my education to the extent that I had to drop out of college and have attempted to work many times but have always found that my

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  • natti82 2

    confused and desperate hms and fibro

    Hi, Im 34 have hms, fibro and a list of other illness. My Dr is unsupportive and just getting a referral to the rhumatologist is a story in itself. Turns out it wasn't all in my after diagnosis she told me to exercise, like Pilates to ease my pain. But even after minimal exercise I'm

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  • dawn84888 1
  • TheresaG1991 2

    Slight Swelling and Doctor Problems

    Hello all, I was diagnosed with HMS a year ago after a shoulder injury. Now I do physical therapy and whatever I can to prevent myself from getting injured (now that I know what the problem up until last year it just seemed like I general joint pain especially in my shoulders and hips).

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  • helen49831 2

    Sons hypermobility pain

    Hi everyone My 10 year old was diagnosed with hypermobility roughly about 5 years ago , he has always suffered with some Pain but recently he's been suffering a lot of hip knee ankle and finger pain. To cut a long story short after being admitted due to the pain he has seen a physio today whose

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  • kelly728 2

    Just been diagnosed at 35

    I've been suffering from shoulder pain for over 5 years now, and have been with so many Physio's trying to solve my pain, with no luck. Finally after going to see a muscle skeleton person they said I have Hypermobility syndrome. I scored an 8 and said I'm in the highest level. They have told me to

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  • Sunride 2

    Confused!! Hypermobility/ EDS

    I have just been diagnosed with hypermobility, I'm very confused has to what the correct name to use.( Hypermobility or Eds type 3.) Can anyone explain the difference.

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  • stooshiecat 2

    How to get a diagnosis and what happens next

    I've been suffering with joint pain and subluxation in multiple joints for a few years now.  The first person to mention hypermobility to me was a podiatrist when I went for plantar fasciiatis.  A couple of years later I went to physio for tennis elbow and shoulder subluxation.  The physio said I

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  • sarah97675 4

    Cold and muscle tightness

    Hi, A couple of times now the air con at work hasn't worked so the office has been freezing, people have been wearing their coats.  I dressed warm, had a hot water bottle but was so cold that I stiffened up. The first time I had to take a day sick as my shoulder blade locked onto my ribs (which I

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  • Debs70 1

    Symptoms of BJHS

    Hi I was diagnosed with BJHS recently and it explains a lot when I look back at my symptoms and injuries over the years. Does anyone have numbness though? I have widespread patchy numbness / altered sensation all over my body and pretty much everything else it could be has been ruled out.

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  • charcollins 1

    Hypermobility and choice of shoes?!

    Hi, I am a 23 year old female and just been diagnosed with JHS and mild scoliosis. At my last hospital appointment I was told I need to change my footwear and buy 'proper' walking shoes that support my feet. I experience a lot of knee pain and currently have fluid all around my knee. I tore my

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  • stooshiecat 2

    Problems with Physiotherapy

    First off I have hypermobility syndrome.  I been referred to physio for a few different problems.  My ortho surgeon said surgery wouldn't help with my MDI shoulder instability and said I'd need at least a year of physio so he referred me back there.  At the same time my GP sent in an urgent

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  • sophie27269 1

    Shoulder surgery with Hypermobility

    On October 20th I had shoulder surgery arthroscopic subcromnial decompression and bicep tendonisis. I have just reached my 6weeks post op and attended my second physio yesterday. I have never been in so much pain. I find it hard to get comfortable. I've always had hypermobile joints but as a child

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  • patricia40687 2

    Do we see a geneticist

    My daughter's orthopedic dr wants her to see a geneticist for hypermobility/EDS . She shows many of the signs, her rheumatologist also says he believes she has this. If it's not curable, than what are the benefits of having this in her medical records? She's only 15 will this hurt her as an

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  • patricia40687 2

    Pain on only left side of hip, that returned after surgery

    Has anybody with hypermobility syndrome have pain in only one side of hip? My 15 year old daughter has been having left hip pain for over a year. She had a bursectomy along with smoothing her trochanter bone and tendons this summer. The pain went away for almost five months, but now exact pain

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  • claire89572 1

    Help with school

    Hi. I was diagnosed with Joint hypermobility syndrome last year and im in leaving cert this year and finding it very heard. I am allowed to type my exams because I find writing difficult but I need to buy a laptop. I was wondering is there such a thing as a specialised laptop to make it easier to

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  • mink10369 1

    Hip and back spasm

    My lower back and right hip went into a massive spasm during the night over a week ago and it hasn't let go since. I can't walk (can just about stagger bent double from the living room to the toilet but the pain is incredible). Gp has given me tramadol and strong diazepam to try to break the spasm

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  • RN4KU 1

    Where to look for help for my 4 year old?

    I have an almost 4 year old boy, he did not walk until 22 months, still very clumsy and falls.  He did wear SMO's as a toddler, his knees appear very hypermobile.  His right knee hyperextends more than the left.  He seems to have lowish muscle tone in legs and seems to get tired quickly.  no one

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  • Sherry101 2

    Is it EDS or Hypermobile Joint Syndrome?

    So I've suffered from recurrent joint injuries since I was little. My whole life I've been getting aches and pains with little reason, and being put down to me just being moany! I became quite good at figuring out how to strap up an ankle or wrist on my own, and everything usually self ...

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  • seriousdj 1

    Hello, and some questions about exercises

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I was hoping that I might get a little advice from you. Sorry - this might be a bit of a long one! I was hastily diagnosed with JHS about 9 years ago in the UK on the NHS. I moved around a bit so I never really received very good care for my condition and I am only

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  • Alimate40 2

    my daughter has joint hypermobility can you help

    Hi can anyone help please my daughter is 7 years old and has joint hypermobility,it has always mainly been in the tops of her legs but lately she has been complaining of her knees,foot,arms and jaw we have always combated the pain with a hot water bottle and sometime ibuprofen,these dont seem to

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  • Treated 2

    Symptoms of joint hypermobility syndrome in children

    Hi my daughter was diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome about 18 months ago. It was just casually said as she was under paediatrician for other problems with bladder and constipation. They are also looking at possible adhd? What I wanted to know is what are the symptoms and when should take

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  • Princess17 1

    Dizzy spells when exerciseing

    hi everyone would love to now your options been diagnosed with benign  hypermobility some months ago but also suffer from anxiety depression and now dizzy spells which can lead to me passing out. These especially accur when excersise. Which is done under under supervision of a great guy who has

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  • SusieWoozy 2

    Availability of orthotic shoe inserts on the NHS

    Having very hypermobile ankles, I am wondering whether orthotic inserts are available on the NHS for adults and, if you have to pay for them privately, how much they cost.  I know my son had some orthotic inserts on the NHS a few years ago, but he was a teenager studying A levels at the time.  My

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  • seren81986 1
  • SusieWoozy 2

    Hypermobility and problems getting into and out of bath

    Hi - I have had hypermobility, particularly in my ankle joints, since I was a young child (I am now 52) and over the last year or so it has started to become a problem for me (soreness, fatigue, shortness of breath etc.)  However, I am recently started to have problems getting into and out of the bath. ...

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