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Keloid Scar

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  • ronnie1024 1

    any advice please ???

    I am now 15 years old I've had keloids since I was about nine or nine. I was attacked by a pit bull on a late night on my breast and my leg. After I went to the hospital they gave me stitches and medicine to take as I healed. I couldn't walk or sleep on my stomach or left side for nearly a month. While...

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  • cindylonghmmc 1

    Keloid Scar Hurting and Growing

    Hi, My name is Cindy. Im 17 years old and i have a keloid scar on my left shoulder since i was a baby. I went to alot of skin doctors and hospitals to see if there is any way or any treatment to get rid of this keloid. All of them said that there is no way to make it go away, because if they preform...

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  • karencanbbttr 3

    Scars, post-op

    Hi. I am 10 wks post op from a tib/fib break. They had to place a rod down my bone thus opening up my knee. The scar is about 4 inches long and is healed but it's thick and ugly! I'm using bio oil and rubbing it twice a day. No change. Any suggestions? Karen

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  • ryann67938 1

    Keloid keeps getting infected

    I have had keloids on my chest since I was nine I am 35 now.  I have done everything I had laser surgery when I was 14 and the keloids came back. I gave up. Now I keep getting infections in the keloids. The doctors are advising I have surgery and then do the radiation. It sounds like the have had some...

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  • Guest M

    Keloid Scar on chest

    I had a small mole removed fom my chest, but the stitches split and have left me with a huge keloid scar. I'm so self-conscious of it as it right in the middle of my chest, so I can't wear any low cut tops, or if I do I wear a big necklce to cover it. I had steroid injections and laser treatment a couple...

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  • chrystal gale 1

    scar cone lumps either end of scare

    I tattoo removed 7 months ago and i am left with cone like lumps either side of scar.  Surgeon said it's cause he tried to make scare short and has since given me steriod injections to flatten them, but 2 weeks on cannot see any difference. Has any one else had the same problem and does steriod injections...

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  • Guest M

    Keloid - Cortisone injections

    I am 22 and have had keloid on my upper left arm since age of 15. I had my injection against Tuberculosis whilst at high school and I noticed about a week or two later that it had developed into a round red lump (about the size of a pea) I went to see my GP who said it would heal with time. There was...

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  • helenyunis 1
  • imi2014 1

    engage with others with keloid scars

    Hi I'm 24 and have had keloids on both my ears since I was 16 from piercings . I have had 2 surgery's and multiple injections on ears for them to be removed and I stopped injections a year ago and they have stopped growing at the excessive speed they was and I'm slowly gaining my confidence back. I...

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  • repcosy 1

    Is this a Keloid Scar?

    Hi Everyone! I recently went to the Dr's as I have an unusual bumb on each ear lobe, these developed under my piercings for over a year... I thought I should get them checked out... they didnt irritate me they more upset me on the appearance, he told me I am allergic to Silver, so I swiftly changed...

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  • michelle 6 1

    7years old keloid suggest removal solution

    Hello, when I was 14 years old I got a pimple on my left shoulder which later developed into a keloid. It became 5times the size of an usual pimple so I was taken to a doctor and he injected the area with cortisone 40ml injection. With three sittings in three months I was left with a big depth in that...

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  • koby62004 1

    Is this a keloid forming?

    I got my ear pierced about a month ago and I noticed for a couple weeks now I have this little bump on the back of my ear lobe yesterday I pressed on it and a little pus and blood came out of e piercing hole I was wondering if this was a keloid forming or just a infection

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  • DbJyc 1
  • ZoyaAli 2

    i have a chest keloid..i need help plz :(

    hey.. i have a keloid on my chest for almost 15 years now iam 21 y/o girl..i haven't tried any surgery or steroids for its removal yet cause i have heard all the negative things about these. so please tell me is it useful? n sorry for bad english its not my native language.. cheers

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  • Sopeap73 1

    Keloid Experience

    Eight years ago, I squeezed a tiny pimple on my chest and a keloid scar has formed. As time went by, my keloid grew larger. I saw a few dermatologists in Toronto and had eleven level 40 steroid injections. It didn't really help, as a matter of fact, it only made my keloid grew larger and more sensitive....

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  • jec663 1

    injection administered incorrectly

    Recently had a keloid scar under my right breast injected with steroids, the consultant was rather rough and caused bruising and a blood blister to form under the keloid. Not only did the consultant miss injecting the steroid into the keloid he also over injected the keloid causing it to burst and ulcerate....

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  • missrachael 2

    Home remedies for scars

    So, I have keloid scars on both ears. Right ear is the main problem, I had surgery and radiation also needing a skin graft in late 2014 and recently they have started to grow, becoming very painful and red. I don't want to go back to steroid injections just yet (pain, cost, they don't really help anyway)...

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  • rothgambia 1
  • Guest M

    what's left to try?

    i had surgery on a small chest keloid 15 years ago and it grew back even bigger and has now continued to grow in length, depth and height. it has a partner below it which was caused by a really girlie punch by an evil ex. i have tried: steriod injections, hydrocortisone cream, haelan tape, dermatix,...

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  • kimla10 2

    Keloid pain relief- ice pack

    hello all, i found out from another Keloid site years ago that applying ice, frozen peas to a Keloid soothes the pain! and it works!!  the only thing is what kinda ice pack can i use at work when i'm on computer typing and i need ice on my keloid. And the keloid is on my shoulder. Any ideas? is there...

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  • joseph83372 1
  • rohit 61463 2

    keloid prevention

    hi guys, can anyone suggest me food intake that should be prevented to avoid itching and increasing of keloids, i am suffering from last 3 years and its jus kept on increaing i dont know how? what are the best remedies to prevent its growth. 

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  • missrachael 2

    Ear keloid post-op advice

    A little over a year I had 3 keloids removed from my right ear, one that was quite large and required a skin graft. Post surgery I immediately had radiation therapy on my ear. 12+ months post-op I am still having itching and pain symptoms from the scar and extreme sensitivity and peeling which I'm told...

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  • missrachael 2

    Keloid scar thoughts

    I've had several keloid scars on both ears from piercings (out of 15 piercings I had 4 keloids) they are several years old. I have a small one on my upper left ear cartilage that has not been treated or excised. I have had 3 removed from my right ear (op: sep 14) where I ended up with a skin graft on...

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  • allie33 1

    Just got a steroid shot into keloid

    I just got this shot about an hour ago and I was really expecting it to hurt, but it didn't! It just itches right now and I want to know if that is normal for it to itch? She said the itchiness of the keloid will be taken care of, but she didn't say if it would itch after the shot.

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  • kimla10 2

    keloid starting in navel

    What should i do about keloid on navel? i had keyhole surgery absolute years ago for Fibroids. But this has only just started. what does this Black paste do? i am keeping an eye on this keloid in the hope of banding the bloody thing!. i have a keloid on my shoulder and thats my main one. i don't want...

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  • hollyocks 2
  • Garry K 1

    Chest keloid with steroids

    I have a chest keloid also, I'm a 41 year old male, this developed out of bad acne a few years ago that I just couldn't leave alone, I went for the steroids a year or so ago thinking they were the cure. Now know for fact there just a treatment(short tem), very painful and I now have a worse reoccurence...

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  • dipsb 2

    Does anybody have keloids on their fingers?

    Heya to you all=). I am so glad to be able to share my keloid experiences with other sufferers. It can get so lonely at times, facing it alone. I have around 19 Keloids ranging from my back and shoulders to my finger. 

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  • derek76 6

    Ridge formed on old scar tissue

    I have scars on upper back, right arm and foot that are 78 years old. I was scalded by a pan of boiling soup, I am now 80 over the past 15 years there has been some pigmentation on the scars on my back that have been monitored. Suddenly over the past two days a thick ridge has appeared across my back....

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  • mits123 1

    Cut on nose

    Hi! I recently got a large cut on my nose about 5 weeks ago, it has left a large scar, it is raised and rubbery and i think its a keliod. What should i do to treat it? it having some negative affects on my self confidence.  Thank you

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  • mark68494 1

    Swollen scars

    Hi.. I had an accident 20 years ago in which I fell of a bike and took the skin off just below the thumb, it was a small hole about the size of a 10p coin. Anyway I think it still contains small stones from the accident and healed over, as there was a dark color to the scar. The other week I went outside,...

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  • aksingh 2

    how to remove keloids

    i have keloids on chest and shoulder which have grown  in size and spread over the years. is there any way to subside them?

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  • elaine78618 2
  • joe41823 1

    Can i Steroid injections aswell as using creams

    Hello, I have keloid scars on my chest which im having steroid injections for, ive had 2 treatments so far and they are going well and showing a difference but ive recently done some research and seen products such as, steroid inpignated tape, silicone sheets, merderma and aspin tape. I wondered if anyone...

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