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Leg Ulcers and Pressure Sores

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  • rsdbike 1

    91 yr old informed mother with foot wound that keeps growing

    My 91 yr old mother is in a wheelchair or in bed. She cannot walk or move. Last year she developed a pressure wound on the inside of her left foot between the start of the big toe and halfway to the heel. It has been going on for almost a full year now. It is 8cm x 4cm now. Adding to this, her left leg...

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  • ZeeS1977 1

    Ankle Ulcers

    I hope there is somebody from Canada who successfully is treating this issue. Since 2009 I had 4 ulcers (3 on left ankle and one on right). In beginning there was 2-3 years between ulcers but since May last year I got 2 and one one right ankle was for first time and I had the most painful experince....

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  • kelly 30287 1

    Help! Leg ulcer for 3 years! Not sure what to do next

    Hi, my sister has had a leg ulcer for 3 years now. It seems to clear up and then takes a dive and gets worse again. She also has lupus which won't help the situation but takes medication daily for this. She is in compression and has been since the start. She's only 39 so realistically this should be...

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  • Guest M

    I started suffering from a leg ulcer, just above my ankl...

    I started suffering from a leg ulcer, just above my ankle, about a year ago, I visited my GP at first, who refered me to our District Nurses Clinic, who treated my condition well, and it nearly healed but I was then refered to an hospital specilist, by my diabetes doctor. The specilist said it was exmah,...

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  • mark85547 1

    VAC treatment

    As anyone used vac treatment on pressure ulcer- i'm using treatment couple of weeks so far the dressings are changed evey 48 hrs except at wkend try to go 72 hrs - any one have any comment positive or negative

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  • Rady 2

    Has anyone any advice to give on Ulcers ?

    I have an ulcer 1" below my ankle bone on the inside of my foot, Ive been having it dressed by the local nurse at our surgery, Ive now had it 3 months and its not healing, Ive had dry dressings and used an antibiotic cream given by the doctor, this has progressed to honey patches and a dressing ontop...

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  • martin41811 1


    Hello everyone, i have joined this group because i dont want to get ulcers. I am 55 years old and got veri close veins 38 years ago, but have never had any problems. I think they may be about to happen. My lft leg has always been half again bigger that my right leg below my knee. its above my kne to ...

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  • jon70310 1


    Hello everyone! So ive has this wound on my coccyx for about 7 years and now the doctor says it's most likely I'll have to do surgery. the recovery time will involve six weeks of 24-hour lying down. I can't even sit up to eat or go to the bathroom. Has anyone else in this situation maintains their sanity?...

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  • louise31888 1

    Suffering with extreme ankle ulcers, I need a quick remedy.

    I was diagnosed with eczema on my ankles and was given all creams nothing worked. Went pack to my GP and an intern said I have a Venus Stasis Ulcer. Put legs up wear compression stockings. After awhile an open wound burst on my right ankle. My medical doctor, took a culture lost the culture and the wound...

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  • Terrycafe 2

    Venous ulcer. We need support.

    I have had a reoccurring venous ulcer on my left ankle for the past few years. I have it wrapped each week for months. Then, it sometimes comes back. Last time, it healed, then within a few weeks it came back. It has caused pain, and worry in my life. I work and stand on my feet at work. I wear...

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  • Twinkle Toes 2

    Leg Ulcer Treatment Advice Needed?

    Hi  I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or suggestions.  I am 36 years old female and have suffered from a non healing venous leg ulcer for just over 5 years now and have attended leg ulcer clinic twice a week ever since.  It started as a small scratch on the front of my left leg after...

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  • deanakay 1

    Advice for skin ulcers

    I have suffered with skin ulcers all over my body for years now. I have been to countless doctors and specialists. I had one that was so bad it caused a tendon to rupture through the ulcer in my arm and I had to have tendon transfer surgery to repair the damage. (Only got 75% use back) I even had one...

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  • denise030559 2

    help needed due to leg ulcer problems

    I have had cellulitus then came leg ulcers, the ulcers take a long time to heal and now i have furtrher problems where my top of foot around the toes is now extremely sore, painful - the district nurses have been cleaning daily and as it is so painful i am having oramorph to help the pain. i have not...

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  • tasha79266 1

    I want to take some preventive measures to avoid pressure ulcer

    Hi all, I have a 70 year old grandfather. Recently had a stroke and now he's almost completely paralysed. Most of the time he is lying on the bed and he is extremely skinny. Given his status, I am worried he might develop bedsores/pressure ulcer. He lives with me now, but since I am working I dont have...

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  • marc12308 2

    leg ulcer diy treatment

    hello , i have a venous ulcer on my lower leg just above my ankle , it has been very painful for over 3 years now , could anyone give me advice on how to treat it at home by myself please

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  • ebjb 1

    Compression bandages severe pain

    Second time I have tried to cope with compression bandages. Second time I have felt increasing pain from the blue material underneath the bandages which I feel is rubbing the ulcer when I walk. Is this normal? I was always in pain before the compression bandages were put on but this is 100 times worse....

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  • jenniferjimmy 2
  • Janelucy 1

    I'm having pains since about 3 weeks

    my left leg swolled and got sores on my foot,when i was about 18 years. some doctors tried their best as they could, they even tried surgical operation.It couldn't get well as it was, somtimes i feel pains inside my foot and my ankle. so i went to see a doctor and he prescribe some medicine for me, Ive...

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  • laurab1489 1

    venus leg ulcer

    Hello I am seeking advice on behalf of my mother who sufferes a awful venus leg ulcer.. She has had many different treatments She has used many different dressings It is massive it's at the bottom of her leg above her ankle.. She has had countless infections, some of which has got into her blood...

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  • heywassup11664 1

    limping home treatment

    hi everyone i have been limping because i had injections and 3 weeks ago i had lack of oxygen cuz of waiting at hospital and one day  i was sitting on the floor i didnt notice how long it had been hurt i felt berumbed i couldnt step on it then fell 30 cm down ,is it temporary or permenant?how can i get...

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  • jessicaannr92 1

    Pressure ulcer?

    I was cutting out fabric pretty much all day yesterday and today while sitting on the edge of the couch and leaning over. Now where my right butt cheek and upper leg meets is sore and it burns. Im really not sure what's wrong, so I'm making a guess with the help of dr google. Can anyone help me?

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  • thomas62500 2
  • akila26 1

    leg ulcer

    My mother in law had leg ulcer near ankle..she has taken high antibiotics. the injury was recovered slightly but there s no formation of new cells in wound.. The 3 inch gap didnt get recover..

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  • janice 92861 1

    Janice lovatt

    my sister has had a venous leg ulcer for 3 months. She has been told by a tissue viability nurse to wear co pressie stockings for life. My question is has anyone had a duplex ultra sound scan and their veins operated on to cure a leg ulcer? If so has it worked. 

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  • melanie96335 1

    Spider vein

    Hi all,   Recently my father had noticed some purple veins in his right leg with twist and turns. He has swellings and heaviness in his legs too. While browsing, I got that these are the symptoms of spider vein, so we had decided to seek the help of a vein clinic which is nearby our place (Vaughan vein...

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  • tina1974 1

    leg ulcer

    I've had an ulcer on my leg for over 2 years now, it feels like my leg is on fire and also feels like needles are being jabbed into the ulcer because the nerves are exposed, I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to see a neurologist or a Chinese medicine doctor. I'm looking for anyone who has been through...

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  • christian 09210 1

    Leg ulcer

    I am a healthy slightly over weight 40 year old man. I have had and currently have an ulcer my left shin. It began over 4 years ago. I have been many times to many different doctors from Edmonton AB, Victoria BC,Vancouver BC, Toronto On. But yet no difference in healing. I maintain a good diet, socially...

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  • june76502 2

    Leg ulcer healing

    My venous ulcer is healing brilliantly with silver plasters given to me by my hospital nurses.  The silver cloth is expensive but surely less so than daily or weekly visits to a district nurse for bandaging. june76502

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  • june76502 2
  • noreenhelen 1


    Does anyone know how to cure a pseudomonas infection? I have had a large leg ulcer for seven years. Four years ago I had a skin graft. It failed and they gave me a pseudomonas infection. It has been the beign of my life ever since. It is resistant to all the antibiotics we have tried. Even honey...

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  • Yoda5 2

    Mum refusing compression bandaging

    I would really love some suggestions, if anybody has advice at all that they can offer. My mum is 84 and has 2 large painful leg ulgers on her ankles on both legs that have persisted for 2 years. She is adament that she does not want and cannot stand compression bandaging. She understands the theory...

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  • john73991 1

    toe ulcer for 18 month now

    My wife who is 60 years has a toe ulcer, 18 month later there seems to be only slight improvement. My main concern now is her mental state, The pain is so much that she has not been able to even sleep in her bed for over a year now, she spends the whole nite downstairs on the suite or just pacing the...

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  • jackie24578 1
  • yvette14144 2

    some help please

    I am not the one who suffers, it is my hubby.  A little background...He hit his ankle on a clutch pedal in a 18 wheeler, ended up going to the hospital for antibiotics every 4 hrs for 2 days..That was 13 yrs ago, it has never completely healed up in that time, always a small hole of sorts.  Seems to...

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  • JakeCasey 1

    Leg Ulcer on 91 yr old not healing

    my wife's 91 grandmother has had a leg ulcer for 8 months following a graze on her leg. It is getting worse rather than better. She lives by herself and isn't able to elevate her leg. Can anyone recommend an alternative treatment rather than the normal run of the mill treatments 

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