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  • kerry18162 2

    Could these be lipomas?

    Hello! I have multiple (somewhere around 8 or 9) solid masses on my back. They feel rubbery, firm, and dome shaped, not a full circle. They do not hurt...some are big and some are small. I noticed the first one about 5 years ago, and my PCP told me that he was sure they were lipomas without really checking...

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  • Guest M

    Lipoma on lower left back

    I found a lump on my lower left back about 4\" up from my hip last Monday. By Tuesday it, or certainly the area around it, had vastly grown in size (from spine right round my side - about 8 or 9 inches); giving a deep grumbling kind of pain and a very queezy sickly feeling. It was as if the thing...

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  • ann11881 2
  • lala15551 1

    Could this be lipoma?

    About 6 years ago my ex-boyfriend gave me a hug and said he felt a lump on my back. Because of the location (between shoulder blade and spine I attributed it to tight muscles. I'm always stressed and feel it on my back and shoulders. Pretty sure I went to Dr back then and he gave me muscle relaxers....

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  • elizabeth43600 2

    Can lipomas been seen on an ultrasound?

    I had an ultrasound done of a lump on my chest and rib cage, my doctor thinks they can be lipomas. When we did the ultrasound the tech kept having be change angles and I could tell her couldn't see anything. When I was leaving I inquired to him about it, and he said often times there are things called...

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  • Careful1 3

    Lump in rib area, ER said lipoma but doesn't fit very scared

    Hello all, I am a 35 year old female and scared out of my mind. A couple weeks before Easter while in the shower I noticed a lump under my left breast to the end of my ribs to the far left. I called for appointment with my PVP only to be told I was assigned by my insurance to a different Dr, has to go...

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  • Pandacake 3

    Firm Lump under the skin near Belly Button?

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm sorry if I do anything wrong. I was just looking for some help identifying a lump under my belly button. It's just under the skin, in the fatty tissues, yet it feels firm, like a green bean, say. It's longer than it is wide but it's not very big. Maybe two fingers long, and...

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  • carter58 1

    Chest wall lipoma

    Hi all.....have been told that I have had a chest wall lipoma for the last five years, which has now grown to 8.9cm x 2 cm. Chest guy was very blase about it...... Can anybody tell me if they have any knowledge about this sort of lipoma. I have had breathing problems for a few years now, have not had...

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  • Guest M

    I have a large lipoma on my lower back. I've had a MRI, ...

    I have a large lipoma on my lower back. I've had a MRI, the doc looked at it and said nothing to worry about. I'm a nurse, I'm on my feet and at the end of my shift my lower back is pounding, my hips are hurting and my lower back will spasm. So in the meantime i take Naproxen, flexeril. These no longer...

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  • aubrey59758 1

    Multiple lipomas growing back after surgery. I need help.

    Hi. I am at a loss so I am looking for any guidance as to what is wrong with me. I had , what my doctor described as, two deep tissue sarcoma lipomas on my lower right back. I had them removed in September. they measured 6cm and 4 cm. In February I found two more, identical to the first two but on the...

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  • debrasd 1

    Lipoma in spinal chord

    Hi, I'm new. I have been dxd with a lipoma in my spinal cord by MRI. I have been experiencing weakness when walking, pins and needles, back passion and measly, double incontinence. My Neuro said the lions was in exactly the right place to be causing these symptoms and sent me for nerve conduction tests...

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  • ascena 2

    Lipomas .."I have lots of them"...some characterstics

    it all started with one small "egg" on dorsal side of my right forearm when I was 16 i guess. Gradually, I started to increase in size...was bit scary...but eventually I realised..It stopped. I was happy for  a while till i discovered another on mirror copy on left forearm. I dont know why? I have a...

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  • Katastrofee 2

    Are the lumps harmless?

    Hello I've had niggling lower pack pain for 6 months, and movable lumps under the skin on my left lower back - almost ping pong ball size. A few weeks ago, my back totally went, I had sciatica and have been diagnosed with herniated L5S1 through an MRI. I asked the doc if these lumps had anything to...

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  • jayne 29683 1

    Small lump

    I have a small white lump on my back only slightly raised from the skin, it's been there for years and an MRI hasn't raised any issue, what could this be? I have muscle pain in my back when I press but don't know whether the two are related

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  • mwight87 2

    Could this only be Lymphoma? Ache after drinking beer.

    hey all, I have a swollen lymph node under my chin about 0.9cm. i have seen a ENT specialist and didnt have much concern after looking at it and putting a camera down my air ways to look for other swellings. To give you a bit of back ground on me, i am basically a hypochondriac and have massive health...

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  • Skitkid 2

    20+ lipomas through stomach region.

    First off, I am obese and have been all of my life. I'm 31, female. I have had these lumps throughout my stomach since my teenage years, however now there seem to be more and they hurt. Basically anywhere you press into my skin, it's tender-stomach, legs, arms, lower back. It's also lumpy and full...

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  • warnie 7 2

    lipoma help

    been taking tumeric for joint pain for 4 weeks and my lipomas have shrunk by half. Can"t believe it. Have had many removed by surgery but won"t need to any more if they keep shrinkig. hope this helps someone else. no guarantee it will work but well worth giving a try. had multiple lipomas since i was...

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  • Guest M

    large lump shoulder/neck

    hi, I found a large lump on the back of my neck/shoulder. Doc said it was a lipoma and referred me to a dermatologist. Had ultrasound and he confirmed but recommended removal by surgery as was quite big and causing discomfort. He doubted my word that it had appeared over a couple of weeks but when he...

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  • Guest M


    My first lipoma was removed when I was about 16, and it was situated between two spinal discs, so caused a lot of pain. My second was in my thigh, right where the change hangs in your pocket, so that was uncomfortable. These were the only two I had until I hit 20 and then I exploded with these lumps...

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  • mitch16467 3

    Negative Ultrasound, could it still be a lipoma?

    I've had a soft moss on the back of my knee for some time now. Proably 7 or 8 months and it doesn't hurt unless I walk a lot of stand for long periods of time. It hasn't grown, at least not that I have noticed. Went in for an ultrasound and nothing showed up. How is that possible? I'm scared that it...

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  • Guest M


    I have about 30 lipomas all differing in size and texture on my arms and thighs. I have had a noticeable one on my forearm for about 7 years that I had surgically removed this year. The rest have appeared over the last 4 to 5 years and are mostly small. I have been on \"Lipotropic Factor\"...

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  • joey31525 1

    Disappearing lipoma?

    My 14 year old son had, what I believed, to be a lipoma on the side of his neck. I'm quite certain it was not a lymph node. This lump didn't hurt, was soft, moveable a bit. It seemed to not be a bother to him at all. I saw it on accident because he didnt bother to tell me about it and said that it had...

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  • evie649 1

    dercums disease

    Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with dercums disease after many years of suffering and doctors putting the symptoms down to other things ie underactive thyroid (which i have ) and the menopause, I am currently doing research into this disease to find out if there are any common links, so i would...

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  • bill38615 2

    Walking difficulties

    Over the last few years my symptoms have been getting steadily worse. I continueto hold down a full time job however walking is now getting more and more difficult. After the last MRI scan showed little spinal issues I again feel that the medical profession look at me as a Freud! I have no diagnosis...

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  • sarah1364 1
  • tewelde92270 1


    I have large lipoma on my shoulder on the right side my hand doctor sade to surger it and i havent enough money i want sameone to help me?

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  • alex51121 1

    3 lumps on thighs

    The other day I found these lumps on my thighs, one on the outside of either thigh and one on my inner thigh. They're maybe a bit less than 2inches diameter?? They're painless and can be moved easily and don't seem to be growing, at least not noticeably quickly. Does anyone have any idea or reassurance...

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  • mellissa8113 1

    Pregnant have had these lumps on my body for years.

    I noticed my first lump when I was 12 and I'm now almost 26 and there are tons of lumps on my body that have developed over the years. They don't hurt but they are kinda squishy. Sometimes if I forget its there and I scratch it or I push it or hit it it turns into a bruise but the lump is still there....

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  • Sheri10301962 1


    Lipoma sound pretty dead on , am I right for thinking that? the rest of my text vanished lol anyway I have a large fatty lump aprox 3"x3" on lower rightside of my back. It doesnt hurt . When i bend over it feels like a taught ballon. When i stand straight up it mushy. No pain at all. Would this be a...

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  • lisa08367 3

    Can limpoma turn cancerous

    hi all  to cut a long story short I was told a few years back that I had a limpoma on the back of my thigh just below my bum cheek. At that time it was no bigger than a pea but has been growing slowly. So I just ignored it thinking it was ok. I recently took up swimming again but have become very self...

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  • Guest M


    I am not surprised that this article does not metion Dercums Disease.. a syndrome that some here may have. very little is known about the disease and because of that it is very difficult to get diagnosed. I have 70+ lipomas, many painful, and am quite delibiltated, however it is virtually impossible...

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  • paula65561 1

    Fatty lumps that hurt

    I have had fatty lumps for years, about 20 I had one removed coz it started hurting most of them hurt, I also get very painfil pain in my thigh bones, it never stops hurting , my drs have said they souldnt hurt but  

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  • hayleyleela 2
  • poonam16828 1

    Lipoma affecting pregnancy

    Hello there, I was wondering if you could give me some information about  lipoma's effect on the bump during pregnancy. I have a lipoma on my left side of waist of almost a golf ball size. Its been there since 2 years. Lately, I experienced pain in that area especially while yawning or hiccups or taking...

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  • philip5800 2
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